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My Fantasy Comes to One Billion Years Later

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Di sepanjang miliar tahun, Lin Tian telah menjadi roh penjaga seorang wanita cantik satu miliar tahun kemudian, dan dapat dengan bebas bepergian di antara dua era.

Zaman kuno adalah aturan zaman ini, dan semakin kuno latihannya, semakin kuat kekuatannya setelah satu miliar tahun. Lin Tian, ​​satu miliar tahun yang lalu, mengatakan bahwa era ini didominasi oleh saya!

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Judul Singkat:
Judul Asli:玄幻之我来到十亿年后
Author:Meng Ran
Weekly Rank:#1577
Monthly Rank:#1982
All Time Rank:#478
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Past, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Okay Imma stop reading after the earth arc and reincarnation arc of his. I smell that this novel will gradually become a factory of plot armor and coincidence and luck which is a typical xianxia. The first part was good, it has a good plot twist. But going another world, fight for opportunity yaadaah yadahh yaadahh then become the strongest. What's fucking new.

  2. Even if this comment doesn't pass the moderation I have to hate on the mc for being an unloyal little d*ck, as soon as he is free he dumps the female lead for another one.

  3. Chapter 650+ The MC has not stopped being the guardian of the FL and not long ago, he confirmed that they were lovers in his previous / future life

  4. Chapter 750+ The MC became the strongest in his universe, but his universe is low-level (typical Chinese cultivation novel), he married FL, they had a honeymoon of 3 or 4 centuries (no children) and now he goes to travel to a higher level universe; the FL will stay in the original universe

  5. Man I hate when CNs pull sh*t like that. I love that it's not Polygamy but damn don't discard characters like that. Work with that material and make it interesting!~

  6. Was a long time ago so I don't particularly remember but I might've been a bit emotional and mis-/overinterpretated some things after binging 880+ chapters. Was probably mainly because the mc left his wife behind and got close to another female.

  7. It just the typical mc route of China xianxia almost every time the mc leaves for a higher plane he abandons the current female lead, and gets into a fling in the next plane. Just think of it as changing your under wear, leave your emotions outside or you will get scarred by the typical China novel theme.

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