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Terlahir kembali sebagai harimau, dalam keputusasaan, membangun rumah, seorang istri, dua anak harimau, tetapi istri ini sepertinya ada yang salah, bukankah itu reinkarnasi dari dewa agung? Tapi tidak masalah, dia tidak bisa mengalahkanku.

“Kamu tidak bisa mengalahkanku, kamu harus mendengarkan aku!”

“Woo ~!”

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Judul Singkat:MFTW
Judul Asli:我的母老虎
Author:Stellar Rain
Weekly Rank:#1897
Monthly Rank:#2338
All Time Rank:#1554
Label:Absent Parents, Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Cultivation, Cute Children, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Early Romance, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Lack of Common Sense, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Nationalism, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Politics, Power Couple, Pregnancy, Racism, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Reincarnated as a Monster, Strong to Stronger, Time Skip, Tsundere,
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  1. Mc is hypocritical, it's not clear why the title of the wife is fierce and there is no sense of animal, it's like a monogamous human

  2. Did you even read the novel? The wife has a fierce personality. And she is a reincarnated white tiger whilst he transmigrated into a tiger with no bloodline. She looks down upon him first and also hated him since he basically r*ped her (normal in animal world and he thought she was a normal tiger with no Intelligence)

  3. Sama gua, gk ada rasa ras binatang ada monogami dan rasa bersalah nyentuh wanita lain padahal istri gk pernah cinta mati sama mc nanti ada ntr

  4. In my opinion this is so good butits hard for me to continue reading because he lies SO DAMN MUCH. Lying isnt a big deal but he overdoes it and does it in a really distasteful way. People lie, no problem, but mc lies way too much and acts angry and makes his wife actually feel guilty for accus6him of things he does and then dodges all responsibility for it. At this point, mc makes her belives too much false deeds. After she recovered and they really and truly were together, I didnt see a reason for him to lies so much. Everything else about this i love, such a good novel. I only think that with a name like "My fierce tigress wife", it should feel more like watching a relationship than a lie. That's my thoughts.

  5. And one last thing too. There us no point in putting "fierce" in the novel name. He pretty much doesnt let the wife do anything that showcases her strength. When she was the one to get to third realm after him I was like OH DAMN, op couple...psyche, nope, she dont really do shit with that power.

  6. Recommend starting with contract pets. The relationship isnt any main focus but it's done really well. Mc actually like a person and not a scumbag. Can be tempted but doesn't give in. Trusts her. She's second to only him and actually proves it, they fight together. Honestly it's really good and feels like everything this could've been (well minus certain aspects since the entire world concept is different) has good action, story, relationship, friendship, evil guys, actual crime. Starts kinda slow but it's very enjoyable

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