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Captain America: "Komandan! Komando menderu sudah ada di tempat! "
Iron Man: "Kamu ayah baptisku ?!"
Wolverine: ……
Legenda Malam Gelap, Avatar, Ruang Bliss, Peretas Transendental ...

Bepergian melalui dunia film fiksi ilmiah, dan diam-diam mengubah dunia nyata
Mekanisme gelap perlahan mendarat di platform

"Bos, konferensi pers akan segera dimulai."

- Deskripsi dari Uukanshu translation


Judul Singkat:MIS
Judul Asli:我的钢铁战衣
Author:Steel Battle Suit
Tipe:Web Novel
Genre:Adventure, Mecha, Sci-fi
Weekly Rank:#26
Monthly Rank:#5
All Time Rank:#19

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7 thoughts on “My Iron Suit
  1. I don’t really recommend this shitty novel.
    Mc is just a bystander and sometimes he just want to be a hero and help everyone lol. Fvking idiot. Author keeps mentioning he is smart but no!!
    he’s just a stupid asshole that want to be a hypocrite hero .
    And 300 chapters mc doesn’t even have a girl yet. He is freaking gay lol fvking waste of time. Drop this trasg

  2. Genre doesn’t say romance. Comments section: Mu-mu-mmuuhh romance me want hump my bodypillow but theres nothing to fap to ;_;,,,,

  3. Estou agora no capítulo 385 e ate agora a história esta muito boa, e sim ate agora não tem romance, mas quem ta falando mal porque a história não tem romance se souber ler talvez poderá ver que o gênero da história não tem romance Isso indica que a história não vai concentrar em romance ou não tem romance.

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