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Ini adalah dunia yang berbeda dengan Royal Beast sebagai arus utama.

Pada saat itu, setelah Yu bepergian ke sini dengan buku ilustrasi keterampilan dan membudidayakan sekelompok binatang peliharaan yang aneh, ketiga pandangan master binatang itu hancur…

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Judul Singkat:MNB
Judul Asli:不科学御兽
Author:Light spring
Weekly Rank:#304
Monthly Rank:#346
All Time Rank:#2133
Label:Absent Parents, Beast Companions, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Evolution, Hiding True Abilities, Lazy Protagonist, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Pets, Transmigration,
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45 komentar pada “Mysterious Noble Beasts
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  1. The novel is a bit shaky at first but after a few chapters its fucking gold i love his interaction with his pets they're common pets but will evolve into superr op kind

  2. Is it good? Usually in this kind of novel its all about pet at the beginning but somehow some strong man or mc find another way to make him strong without pet and after a while jst become cultivator shit again

  3. It's good. This author actually wrote 2 great pokemon fanfiction before this but it seems he finally wrote an original novel. Their names are: the 1st is named Pokemon Court and the 2nd is Pokemon Masters which I highly recommend.

  4. Funny outrageous monster tamer and his pets which is full of sarcasm and trying to be cool lol. The kaster and the pet sure have such interesting personality.

  5. I'm a little surprised, is it normal for you to meet famous people in your city, places like famous stores or something? My life is so monotonous that I only study and read here to escape reality and seek comfort, I don't know what normal people's lives are like, and I'm seriously shocked that all the ordinary people in these novels have such breadth of knowledge. If you drop me off in a corner of town, I just don't get completely lost because there are people to ask and bus stops. Is this normal or am I weird?

  6. I say this because I find it strange what "ordinary" people say in novels when the author uses it as a mechanism to tell us something.

  7. I don't know the way here in my home too cuz I'm always reading at home and I think my mind is kinda dumb cuz I can't have some common language with my classmates cuz they have different taste I'm kinda lost

  8. Dont worry bro, i think the same, but at all its just fiction, and if the book was all according the reality you will boring and that stories will be so "monotonas" (Idk in english this word), so just enjoy the book you thinks.

  9. Yeah man, all roads look the same, if i am not near my home, i don't even know sometimes how to get home. But that's just for me, because i have sometimes seen a few people who know most of the nearby locations but only a few people. Best would be to ask a taxi driver though.

  10. An old man once ask me for directions. I was so distracted that I even pointed him the wrong way. The old man looked tired already and the weather that time was very hot so I have been feeling guilty since that time and would always consult Google maps before pointing directions again. BTW, I also knew the place the old man wants to go to and I don't even understand how I pointed him to the wrong direction.

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