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Prajurit Pertama Bumi dijebak selama misinya dan terlahir kembali sebagai Su Han, pangeran dari Negara Bagian Qingzhou Su, dan menyalakan sistem terkuat dan memulai jalur sebagai kaisar yang sombong!

Su Han bersumpah bahwa dalam hidup ini, pengkhianatan tidak akan pernah diizinkan.

Jika dunia ini seperti naga, saya akan membunuhnya!

Jika dunia ini keruh, saya akan menjadi jelas!

Jika Buddha dari semua makhluk di dunia ini, saya adalah iblis!

- Deskripsi dari MTL


Judul Singkat:MGES
Judul Asli:玄幻之神级帝皇系统
Author:A long eyebrow
Weekly Rank:#2931
Monthly Rank:#1427
All Time Rank:#487
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  1. Mc is just plain stupid, extremely cruel at the start and just barges into every situation. Acts like a single celled organism with no intelligence and the whole hating 'betrayal' thing he sure does forgive people alot that betray him literally going against his whole belief.

  2. Dont expect good things from a chink novel. If only jp novels arent fccking monologue I wont even bother reading a single chink novel.

  3. Honestly, from all the JP novels I've read I can say for sure besides a small amount most of them have indecisive and weak personalitys for main characters with a hypocritical thinking. Like massacres innocent monsters like nothing because they are not human but wont kill or even seriously hurt the humans who are the real scum and dont get me even started on the fact on the pervertness I cant stand it, and atleast in chinese novels the male has some backbone but in JP they are literally the incarnation of 13 year old child in an adults body

  4. This mc keeps pissing me off, his relatives kept betraying him over and over and he's always like "next time you do it you're dead" bullshit. everytime they do it he just spares them, novel is good but sadly the mc is garbage.

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