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Natural Disaster Apocalypse

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Di ujung dunia, yang terkuat akan bertahan.

Kembalilah dari kelahiran kembali, raih kesempatan, hanya ingin bertahan di akhir zaman yang tanpa harapan.

Tiga bulan sebelum Mu Nan kembali ke kiamat, dia menjual semua tabungannya untuk mengumpulkan perbekalan, menimbun semua yang dia bisa timbun seperti hamster, dan kemudian meringkuk di rumahnya sendiri dan menjalani kehidupan sederhana, dengan hati-hati menunggu kiamat akan datang selangkah demi selangkah…

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Judul Singkat:NDA
Judul Asli:天灾末世行
Author:Nan Shu
Weekly Rank:#561
Monthly Rank:#701
All Time Rank:#2513
Label:Apocalypse, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Childhood Friends, Cohabitation, Cooking, Doting Love Interests, Fantasy Creatures, Farming, First-time Interc**rse, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Post-apocalyptic, Second Chance, Survival, Time Travel, Weak to Strong,
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  1. aku mencari novel yang seperti ini dan mc shou dengan nama ning, rebirth dan punya space. Ml dipenjara untuk menggantikan orang.

  2. PLEASE HELP 🙏😭 Im finding a novel similar to this but not bl. The Mc and the Ml are neighbors. The FMc has 2dogs and space. They are also hiding in a cave with a male friend too. The MC and Ml sales alot of animals to the military and saying that it(meat) was a investment from a friend for life saving Something 😅

  3. I'm looking for a book, please tell me: the apocalypse / gg is reborn and takes away the inheritance of the mother (like a broken brush - an artifact gives a magical space)/ he is put on the wanted list even after the apocalypse, not by his stepmother, as he thinks, but by the military (the Taoist predicts the death of the general's son if he does not find our gg) / there is no photo of gg and when they meet, the military falls in love and promises to be with him, not knowing that gg is predicted/ friends from college are not called for real name since gg is hiding from the wanted list; zombies, mutants, battles.(I read it a long time ago-I don't remember the name)

  4. I believe you are looking for this one. Here the novelupdate link to it.

  5. You know what I find the most wrong about these types of novels, is that the MC doesn't try to report what they know, and simply look out for themselves. Don't think that the government won't take you seriously or that you would become an experimental subject. The government has strategies and plans for every event, no matter how likely the event is to occur. What they will do is try to find any way to debunk what you are saying, including using hypnosis to find inconsistancies that would prove you delusional. However, after they find that you are not delisional and there are no viable inconsistancies in your belief or story, they will take immediate action to overcome the events you discribe.

  6. There is no way in hell they would believe you. "Government" is vague; how many people have real movers and shakers on speed dial? The governmebt already have services in places for wackos who think they know the future. They dont hypnotize randoms everytime a new crazy comes talking about doomsday predictions. And the government becomea a competitor once society breaks down. Its not on your best interest to let them know that you knew about the apocalypse in advance....

  7. Esta novela es larga y cruda, la mayoría de los capítulos trata de la trama en como conseguir alimentos e historias detrás de acontecimientos extremos, pocas escenas de romance (contadas con los dedos de mi mano) pero es algo entretenida, el final puede ser algo apresurado y aunq falten los extras sigue siendo algo con lo q entretener un tiempo por su cruda realidad y las descripciones de los desastres tanto naturales como de enfermedad post desastres, muy interesante

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