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A young Brave walked out of his village, gathered companions to his side, defeated the Great Demon King, became famous, then came back with beauties in hand! This was a legend that appears in the world of Seyrol every 200 years! Our protagonist, however, isn’t a Brave. Even so, f.... Baca selengkapnya

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Daftar Isi

Chapter 1171 Have to tell a story Chapter 1170 Shallow rule Chapter 1169 Invite 2 demigods

Chapter 1168 Why are you okay Chapter 1167 Twin children idol Chapter 1166 Succubus's specialty Chapter 1165 Shocked Chapter 1164 Tips and long-term vision Chapter 1163 I do Chapter 1162 Do it yourself Chapter 1161 It's time we hit out Chapter 1160 Despicable human

Chapter 1159 Hyperreal Fighting Chapter 1158 Magma throw Chapter 1157 Charge of the Demon Race

Chapter 1156 Doubt and confrontation Chapter 1155 Starfall Chapter 1154 Searing Rock Chapter 1153 Grand Commander's Call Chapter 1152 Talent is always sought after Chapter 1151 Feel good about myself Chapter 1150 We are friends Chapter 1149 Come, let's have children Chapter 1148 Weird brain flower

Chapter 1147 Only humans can do it Chapter 1146 Mercenary Chapter 1145 You are running out of money Chapter 1144 Everyone wants a place Chapter 1143 Simple hunting Chapter 1142 Was found Chapter 1141 Allied with enemy enemies Chapter 1140 You are so cruel Chapter 1139 You go, bastard Chapter 1138 Jagged Succubus Chapter 1137 Troublesome ladies Chapter 1136 Done!

Chapter 1135 Let's start plan 2 Chapter 1134 Clichéd opening and ending Chapter 1133 Crow mouth Chapter 1132 Why has no one ever thought about it? Chapter 1131 Your face is so big Chapter 1130 I need to have a little board Chapter 1129 Wait until disappointed Chapter 1128 Fight Chapter 1127 Double standard Chapter 1126 I have 1 strategy Chapter 1125 Heard some key news Chapter 1124 1 ring buckle

Chapter 1123 Make Juicing a Fearful Word Chapter 1122 I'll leave if he doesn't die Chapter 1121 Of course you are the queen Chapter 1120 Squeezed to death Chapter 1119 Mozu good gambling Chapter 1118 My internal attributes are super high Chapter 1117 Somewhat out of style Chapter 1116 Makai Chapter 1115 Woman's Joy and Joy Chapter 1114 Elise's Pride Chapter 1113 No eternal ally, only survival and benefits Chapter 1112 Eat chicken

Chapter 1111 Quite hurtful chapter number Chapter 1110 Boring Chapter 1109 Virgin Decision Chapter 1108 It was a big surprise Chapter 1107 Ah finished Chapter 1106 Unexpected news of the elven tribe Chapter 1105 Influence diffusion Chapter 1103 or…… Chapter 1102 Ambition Chapter 1101 Wrong choice Chapter 1100 Duties of the Pope Chapter 1099 War is the backbone of political negotiations

Chapter 1098 I have no family. Chapter 1097 Beta's ambitions Chapter 1096 You think too much Chapter 1095 Ordered Chapter 1094 Woman's conversation Chapter 1093 Give me all Chapter 1092 Act according to human rules Chapter 1091 You must be a little surprised before something good succeeds Chapter 1090 No dragon power Chapter 1089 Take the wrong medicine Chapter 1088 What will happen Chapter 1087 Retarded wisdom

Chapter 1086 Most of the rumors are actually contrary to the facts Chapter 1085 Rose said yes Chapter 1084 Rewards and thanks Chapter 1083 You are just an ordinary girl Chapter 1082 I didn't agree Chapter 1081 She never killed anyone Chapter 1080 Do you deserve to talk about people? Chapter 1079 Shatter your corpse Chapter 1078 good girl Chapter 1077 One popped out of the skull ... Chapter 1076 The same soul Chapter 1075 Women need to rely on

Chapter 1074 Strong desire to survive Chapter 1073 The Pope is also a responsibility Chapter 1072 Preemptive Chapter 1071 Brave man doing big things Chapter 1070 warm Chapter 1069 What a coincidence Chapter 1068 Resurrection Chapter 1067 Crushing by combat Chapter 1066 Hida Chapter 1065 Not tired at work Chapter 1064 Men and women Chapter 1063 What's under the skirt

Chapter 1062 Obsolete Chapter 1061 1 big step for Monica Chapter 1060 Cut it early Chapter 1059 Let others speak for you Chapter 1058 entrust Chapter 1057 Brainstorm 1 Chapter 1056 So big Chapter 1055 Merciless Chapter 1054 Final burial Chapter 1053 Big trotters Chapter 1052 All gone Chapter 1051 Snake out of the hole

Chapter 1050 Find clues slowly Chapter 1049 Sisters must work together to do big things Chapter 1048 Kobo Magic Tower Chapter 1047 Sister Chapter 1046 Unexpected person Chapter 1045 Reasons to save people Chapter 1044 Come back home Chapter 1043 Meet the goddess Chapter 1042 oracle Chapter 1041 Provocations against the theology of life Chapter 1040 explosion Chapter 1039 Livestock

Chapter 1038 Lightning flash Chapter 1037 Finally made progress Chapter 1036 Unity? Chapter 1035 Bald plus crit Chapter 1034 Man and dog Chapter 1033 Who wants to be a dog Chapter 1032 Regret Chapter 1031 People will change Chapter 1030 Slightly effective Chapter 1029 Get along Chapter 1028 Start 1 roll call Chapter 1027 wait for my good news

Chapter 1026 A different worldview Chapter 1025 Finally got a clue Chapter 1024 No breach Chapter 1023 Do i let you go Chapter 1022 Everything Chapter 1021 Woman like yak Chapter 1020 Nonsense Chapter 1019 Call you man back Chapter 1018 select Chapter 1017 did not expect Chapter 1016 Tiaohu Lishan Chapter 1015 investment

Chapter 1014 Not allowed Chapter 1013 Do you want to steal someone? Chapter 1012 to cultivate Chapter 1011 Have a good heart Chapter 1010 Role arrangement Chapter 1009 Decide Chapter 1008 Righteous Backstab Chapter 1007 trap Chapter 1006 Hole card Chapter 105 Evil gods are not so easy to kill Chapter 1004 Control everything Chapter 1003 Duan transform

Chapter 1002 War Chapter 1001 accident Chapter 1000 Sink Chapter 999 Cooperation Chapter 998 Again Chapter 997 Meeting Chapter 996 What position is a dead man? Chapter 995 Courtesy Chapter 994 hand Chapter 993 Human 1 is very tough Chapter 992 Doesn't seem to need us Chapter 991 similar

Chapter 990 Divinity Chapter 989 I teach you Chapter 988 Angry with stomachache Chapter 987 Bright reproduction Chapter 986 Grinding disc Chapter 985 Confluence Chapter 984 Say Cao Cao ... Chapter 983 Promote Chapter 982 Come and go Chapter 981 Human beings are terrible Chapter 980 World Tree Hobby Chapter 979 Embarrassed

Chapter 978 I am the son of gold Chapter 977 Not in touch Chapter 976 Road to flowers Chapter 975 who is it? Chapter 974 disaster Chapter 973 Evil god Chapter 972 Internal affairs of the human world Chapter 971 Strange things Chapter 970 dispute Chapter 969 Where's that much money Chapter 968 The host doesn't mind Chapter 967 stand up

Chapter 966 Come here to try it Chapter 965 Confrontation Chapter 964 No one can win straight 1 Chapter 963 Feel you like mom Chapter 962 California hotel Chapter 961 Risk 1 Gold Chapter 960 Katy's encounter Chapter 959 doubt Chapter 958 Opportunity to create your own Chapter 957 Monica's ambitions Chapter 956 Sabotage Chapter 955 Dangerous intuition of nobles

Chapter 954 Plan step 1 succeeded Chapter 953 Really fragrant (below) Chapter 952 Really fragrant (on) Chapter 951 Keep killing Chapter 950 There is no difference between butterflies and spiders Chapter 949 it's time Chapter 948 On behalf of the brave Chapter 946 Nobles also have to undergo labor reform Chapter 945 Few nobles can stand investigation Chapter 944 Greed Chapter 943 Hit face Chapter 942 Picking up trash is Husky's instinct

Chapter 941 War Weapon 1 must be rough Chapter 940 You do n’t even know where you are wrong Chapter 939 Mourning dog Chapter 938 Out of order Chapter 937 New ideas Chapter 936 Destiny will come Chapter 935 Blessed by misfortune Chapter 934 Conspiracy Chapter 933 Backyard Trivia Chapter 932 Hear the brave story Chapter 931 Devour arm Chapter 930 Brave does not die in Shura field

Chapter 929 A little impression Chapter 928 People with mental retardation don't understand Chapter 927 Not too possible Chapter 926 Cardinals behind Chapter 925 Alliance into Chapter 924 Compared Chapter 923 Overkill Chapter 921 I have a lot of time Chapter 922 We need Grand Druid Chapter 921 We need Grand Druid Chapter 920 Form an alliance Chapter 919 The origin of the elf dragon?

Chapter 918 Dongzheng Chapter 917 Great power Chapter 916 I repeat it only once Chapter 915 Oolong Chapter 914 confused Chapter 913 sign Chapter 912 Soft power can also attract talent (below) Chapter 911 Soft power can also attract talent (Chinese) Chapter 910 Soft power can also attract talent (Part 1) Chapter 909 Pastor goes to the countryside Chapter 908 Eye-catching Chapter 907 evidence

Chapter 906 Heart scar Chapter 905 The lamb has entered the wolf pack Chapter 904 The danger is only relatively speaking Chapter 903 Moonlight Chapter 902 Bad intentions Chapter 901 Cutting Chapter 900 committed to Chapter 899 Magic of Long Wei Chapter 898 You are revenge Chapter 897 The metal dragon is not so clean Chapter 896 Hate you for a lifetime without coming Chapter 895 Expected results

Chapter 894 The essence of war is dead Chapter 893 The simpler the plan, the less error-prone Chapter 892 Women's minds are always complicated Chapter 891 Urgent matter Chapter 890 Doubt is the inferiority of human Chapter 889 I can do it alone Chapter 888 accident Chapter 887 The goddess of fortune has begun to cry Chapter 886 Opportunity to deliver to you Chapter 885 The truth is the same Chapter 884 Gods and nerves, 1 step away Chapter 883 Fairy tales are deceiving

Chapter 882 canal Chapter 881 Dust settled Chapter 880 Officially begin Chapter 879 Advance again Chapter 878 Joan Chapter 877 Rectification Chapter 876 This is an unavoidable problem Chapter 875 For evolution Chapter 874 To grow, you must seize every opportunity Chapter 873 Metal dragon idea Chapter 872 Just think about it, there will always be a way Chapter 871 Real intention

Chapter 870 ready Chapter 869 Great change Chapter 868 Dragon God Chapter 867 Surprised news Chapter 866 Then go back Chapter 865 Incomprehension of new things Chapter 864 Woking's Girly Heart Chapter 863 Invitation of the Elves Chapter 862 Warm flame Chapter 861 as you wish Chapter 860 Black Dragon (below) Chapter 859 Black Dragon (on)

Chapter 858 Longing for prosperity and peace Chapter 857 Things must be reversed Chapter 856 Benign situation Chapter 855 support Chapter 854 Multi-point flowering Chapter 853 will Chapter 852 Salsa Chapter 851 Well done Chapter 850 There are no serious people in the pub Chapter 849 Being a stallion also requires ability Chapter 848 Recuperate Chapter 847 Blocking knife

Chapter 846 Dragon Fury Chapter 845 Kidnapping failed Chapter 844 The more beautiful a woman will lie Chapter 843 Annual plan Chapter 842 development of Chapter 841 Our Lady's Decision Chapter 840 destroy Chapter 839 Evil god? Chapter 838 Mutual calculation Chapter 837 Hero feast Chapter 836 Yunlong Appears Chapter 835 urgent

Chapter 834 A little too much Chapter 833 tragedy Chapter 832 Confrontation Chapter 831 Old things Chapter 830 ball Chapter 829 Body Chapter 828 thought Chapter 827 The former died Chapter 826 Genius will be in any age Chapter 825 More complicated Chapter 824 Confluence Chapter 823 who are you

Chapter 822 meet Chapter 821 the same Chapter 820 Cooperation Chapter 819 Fanciful woman Chapter 818 Things don't always go well Chapter 817 memory Chapter 816 Things are big Chapter 815 Have trouble finding the owner Chapter 814 Solicit Chapter 813 Sunset Chapter 812 Can't ask for it Chapter 811 Value

Chapter 810 loose the temper Chapter 809 Conversion target Chapter 808 Proud man Chapter 807 Precedents cannot be set Chapter 806 Unexpected Chapter 805 accident Chapter 804 Clumsy feelings Chapter 803 The enemy is not exactly 1 unlucky Chapter 802 What a good face Chapter 801 Plan changes Chapter 800 Offense and defense Chapter 799 attack

Chapter 798 Promoted, but not very happy Chapter 797 Too much exaggeration to do Chapter 796 Struggling to support Chapter 795 Raid Chapter 794 In the eyes of players, there is no natural danger Chapter 793 Wrestling Chapter 792 sneak into Chapter 791 front Chapter 790 Contract investment Chapter 789 investment Chapter 788 trap Chapter 787 Compare

Chapter 786 Things are not simple Chapter 785 twists and turns Chapter 784 New topic Chapter 783 imitate? Chapter 782 Not so Chapter 781 Angel and Death Chapter 780 Bear Terrans appear strangely Chapter 779 Bright heart Chapter 778 There are so many maidens Chapter 777 Elf foreign policy Chapter 776 Sasa's plan Chapter 775 Coronation

Chapter 774 Queen of the Night Chapter 773 Innate acting Chapter 772 Scary 1 jump Chapter 771 Lucky cat is really useful Chapter 770 situation Chapter 769 surreptitiously Chapter 768 Here comes the Elven Clan Chapter 767 You have the ability to open the door Chapter 766 Meet Chapter 765 arrival Chapter 764 Task change Chapter 763 Waves

Chapter 762 Sword Will Chapter 761 Heavy tank Chapter 760 Archbishop's judgment Chapter 759 Stability is the top consideration Chapter 758 Negotiate Chapter 757 Same idea Chapter 756 White Rabbit Chapter 755 The routine is always similar Chapter 754 Love at first sight is false Chapter 753 Tina Chapter 752 Hall of the Aliens Chapter 751 The world is small

Chapter 750 Dislike Chapter 749 Manifestation of foundation Chapter 748 None of the Pope is a good person Chapter 747 Seemingly useless clues Chapter 746 Familiar scenery Chapter 745 Past Chapter 744 New Life of the Drow Chapter 743 noob Chapter 742 Smash Chapter 741 Have their own thoughts Chapter 740 Awkward request Chapter 739 Countermeasure

Chapter 738 Small accident Chapter 737 Misunderstanding Chapter 736 War Chapter 735 tragedy Chapter 734 Float Chapter 733 trap Chapter 732 cost Chapter 731 1 point for real Chapter 730 Everyone values ​​something different Chapter 729 Hug Chapter 728 Pamela Chapter 727 Plane walking

Chapter 726 The situation is gradually clear Chapter 725 Be mentally prepared Chapter 724 Black pot Chapter 723 miracle Chapter 722 too young Chapter 721 Sisterhood Chapter 720 Situation Chapter 719 Killing and being killed Chapter 718 The northern hemisphere is never alone Chapter 717 Make more friends Chapter 716 Makes sense Chapter 715 God knows when it's your turn

Chapter 714 Truth is always cruel Chapter 713 Night talk Chapter 712 reward Chapter 711 Helpless Chapter 710 Meet and separate Chapter 709 confidential Chapter 708 Spit Chapter 707 Pit jump Chapter 706 collapse Chapter 705 Admission to the Temple of Light Chapter 704 With some conclusions Chapter 703 try

Chapter 702 Disadvantaged Chapter 701 What is aristocracy Chapter 700 Will Chapter 699 Ginger is still old ... Chapter 698 Exposed Chapter 697 clue Chapter 696 puppet Chapter 695 There is such a ridiculous thing Chapter 694 Wang Ling Chapter 693 A little annoying Chapter 692 One after another Chapter 691 Very wrong

Chapter 690 As long as it is an aristocratic family, there will always be a wonderful house fight drama Chapter 689 Tough Maid and Princess Crash Chapter 688 that power Chapter 687 Wang Ling Chapter 686 urn Chapter 685 Princess Chapter 684 Progress faster than expected Chapter 683 Not up to the worst Chapter 682 Go away ~ Sorry, can't update today Chapter 681 Personal power vs power Chapter 680 Mullin and Salsa

Chapter 679 Necessary killing game Chapter 678 Feel something wrong Chapter 677 Personal preferences and choices Chapter 676 Accident and coincidence Chapter 675 Heraldic knight Chapter 674 Kill with a sword Chapter 673 Reunion in a heavy rain Chapter 672 The end of petting is resentment Chapter 671 anger Chapter 670 Things are not simple Chapter 669 Jeanne has a problem Chapter 668 Good to see

Chapter 667 mean Chapter 666 Internal and external problems Chapter 665 Cardinals behind Chapter 664 Thebes Chapter 663 Have their own thoughts Chapter 662 tortoise Chapter 661 Skirmish Chapter 660 owe Chapter 659 Cause and effect Chapter 658 Become the core Chapter 657 Will count Chapter 656 Show ability

Chapter 655 trust Chapter 654 Plan start Chapter 653 Phantom dance Chapter 652 No blood Chapter 651 Dragon blood is really garbage Chapter 650 Poverty restricts ... Chapter 649 Wayne Rooney Chapter 648 Population Policy Chapter 647 Daughter of the World Tree Chapter 646 bath towel Chapter 645 Different results Chapter 644 Reverse Light and Darkness

Chapter 643 Strange Chapter 642 Some people are smart and some are stupid Chapter 641 Seems to have a story Chapter 640 Mercenary's Little Smart Chapter 639 Out of order Chapter 638 opportunity Chapter 637 Report it on the spot Chapter 636 渎 God Chapter 635 Generational loyalty Chapter 634 Intelligence is important Chapter 633 The strong can make a life Chapter 632 Someone came from the west

Chapter 631 Kill for books Chapter 630 Life is like a diary (below) Chapter 629 Life is like a diary (on) Chapter 628 passing of the times Chapter 627 Meeting is fate Chapter 626 Change the map Chapter 625 Light and darkness Chapter 624 Lonely Chapter 623 Financial support Chapter 622 Self-recommended Chapter 621 Only you can't Chapter 620 The visitor is a guest

Chapter 619 Changed drow Chapter 618 Brainwashing is not a skill Chapter 617 Can't dig without corners Chapter 616 As long as the hoe is well Chapter 615 Rose's Threat (2) Chapter 614 Threat of Rose (middle) Chapter 613 Rose's Threat (1) Chapter 612 Simple battle Chapter 611 Rescheduling Chapter 610 Do you have any other options (below) Chapter 609 Do you have any other options? (on) Chapter 608 Facing the war

Chapter 607 response Chapter 606 Main bone Chapter 605 Mental retardation is not curable Chapter 604 Why are injured always ... Chapter 603 From now on know the name of the monarch (below) Chapter 602 From now on, know the name of the monarch (middle) Chapter 601 Know the name of the monarch from now on (on) Chapter 600 Unconsciously 600 chapters Chapter 599 Do bigger things Chapter 598 time Chapter 597 I also have a backer Chapter 596 After all, there will be dark clouds

Chapter 595 Find ways to attract talent Chapter 594 Saplings need good gardeners Chapter 593 Emma's waywardness Chapter 592 Alice's Lost Chapter 591 Dirty deal Chapter 590 Done Chapter 589 As long as there is suspicion Chapter 588 Only the wrong name, no wrong nickname Chapter 587 I can recommend myself Chapter 586 Inexplicable targeting Chapter 585 The evil god is not as strong as expected Chapter 584 Kiyomizu

Chapter 583 Chase Chapter 582 Met hell Chapter 581 The Butterfly Effect Chapter 580 accident Chapter 579 Pinpoint to Maimang Chapter 578 World Tree wakes up again? Chapter 577 map Chapter 576 What's wrong with men Chapter 575 people Chapter 574 Snow Hair Silver Wings Big Eyes Chapter 573 1 acquaintance Chapter 572 Finally rich

Chapter 571 Hold hands Chapter 570 It ’s strange to be good ... Chapter 569 MD Akua Chapter 568 There is no seasoning in vinegar Chapter 567 noob Chapter 566 Yunlong 9 Chapter 565 So guilty Chapter 564 Why did you think of her Chapter 563 The brave family crisis (below) Chapter 562 Family crisis of the brave (on) Chapter 561 Faith transfer Chapter 560 Beta's inference

Chapter 559 Say better Chapter 558 Temple Opening Day Chapter 557 Everything is moving in a good direction Chapter 556 Crashed Chapter 555 Come prepared Chapter 554 It's true Chapter 553 new policy Chapter 552 Let me explain 1 Chapter 551 I'm scared Chapter 550 I can't get used to it Chapter 549 New ideas Chapter 548 new life

Chapter 547 sword Chapter 546 Go fishing Chapter 545 Prepare for fishing enforcement Chapter 544 3 bold faces on his face Chapter 543 Person to person Chapter 542 Insignificant in appearance, not necessarily evil in heart Chapter 541 Negotiate Chapter 540 Young city owner Chapter 539 Knowledge is not priceless, but very expensive Chapter 538 Finally back to the human world Chapter 537 As old as me Chapter 536 Brunette girl Elise

Chapter 535 Isolated villagers Chapter 534 Flew 108,000 miles Chapter 533 Foot controllers must love the World Tree Chapter 532 Illusion of life Chapter 531 Finally caught you Chapter 530 The ritual begins Chapter 529 Airy ballad Chapter 528 Elven Conscience, Anse Chapter 527 Anstom enemy? Chapter 526 Elven king Chapter 525 Try not to kill someone Chapter 524 Got the news from Alice

Chapter 523 Little Sheriff of the Sheriff Chapter 522 Come, continue your show Chapter 521 Generation gap? Chapter 520 It's not my business Chapter 519 Been played again Chapter 518 Was played Chapter 517 Strange thing Chapter 516 Old friend Chapter 515 Ming Xiu ... Chapter 514 Kyle Growing Chapter 513 There is never a true noble race Chapter 512 Talk first

Chapter 511 Fairy Trade City Chapter 510 Conflict between god and god Chapter 509 Misfortune Chapter 508 Brief silence Chapter 507 Shouldn't it be slow? Chapter 506 progress Chapter 505 Attitude is important Chapter 504 Come without effort Chapter 503 Into the city Chapter 502 Dual task sharing Chapter 501 Cat scratching Chapter 500 Man, man

Chapter 499 Women are so troublesome Chapter 498 Alice is gone Chapter 497 Still a population issue Chapter 496 You will regret today's decision Chapter 495 Population is a big issue Chapter 494 Okkin city Chapter 493 Dust settled Chapter 492 Alas, woman! Chapter 491 Woman Chapter 490 Giant fireworks for 200 gold coins Chapter 489 Taste the wrath of players Chapter 488 Come out to be eligible

Chapter 487 Crystallize Chapter 486 Give up Chapter 485 provocative Chapter 484 Things are a bit difficult Chapter 483 It's noon Chapter 482 Robbery while fire Chapter 481 We are not familiar Chapter 480 Sure enough, there is no good feast Chapter 479 Trust is difficult Chapter 478 Loyalty comes at a price Chapter 477 Mysticism Chapter 476 Please stop being pope

Chapter 475 Dare not come near Chapter 474 Add a block to him Chapter 473 rupture Chapter 472 Guiding God Chapter 471 experience Chapter 470 Lost knowing is important Chapter 469 Boon Chapter 468 Unexpected Chapter 467 Years ago, 1 year later Chapter 466 Return to Sicily Chapter 465 Girl, go, let's make money and go Chapter 464 What I want him to do

Chapter 463 Wolverine Chapter 462 Kidney Shot Chapter 461 Trouble again Chapter 460 Hermitage Chapter 459 Loya leaves Chapter 458 Winter wolf Chapter 457 Sincerity Chapter 456 Actually the gods also know Chapter 455 Winter Wolf Lady (Part 2) Chapter 454 Virgin of the Winter Wolf (middle) Chapter 453 Virgin Winter Wolf (1) Chapter 452 Frost Star's man is all mentally retarded

Chapter 451 Snow Knock 3 Chapter 450 Bear races everywhere Chapter 449 Do you need a special parent Chapter 448 Attraction of the Son of Gold Chapter 447 Advance or retreat Chapter 446 Was followed Chapter 445 Starlight Beast Chapter 444 Homeless Camp Chapter 443 Bear Chapter 442 Executioner Chapter 441 Smugglers Chapter 440 The essence of the creative spell

Chapter 439 North Pass Chapter 438 Alice's concerns Chapter 437 Pure White Scary Box Chapter 436 Come again Chapter 435 Elves' ambitions Chapter 434 Beta's ambitions Chapter 433 There is a reason to kill Chapter 432 To see the bitter master Chapter 431 It ’s better to follow the good master Chapter 430 3 Illusions of Life I Can Fight Back Chapter 429 Vulgar bridge Chapter 428 Someone is full again

Chapter 427 Woking's reward Chapter 425 Worldview differences Chapter 425 Steady business Chapter 424 How much is your wife worth? Chapter 423 Something seems wrong Chapter 422 White leg Chapter 421 Meet acquaintances Chapter 420 Investment requires attention to risk Chapter 419 Annual blood income Chapter 418 Battle flag bearer Chapter 417 Am I hallucinating? Chapter 416 Another way

Chapter 415 Meng Meng girl heart Chapter 414 Mind Control Magic Circle Chapter 413 Side attack Chapter 412 White Sea Estuary Chapter 411 Teach you to be human Chapter 410 Ginger Ginger Fish Chapter 409 Hurt each other Chapter 408 I don't have a problem if you become scum Chapter 407 Woking Forum Chapter 406 See old friend again Chapter 405 Offensive and defensive reversal Chapter 404 This chapter number has the magic of Mo Ming

Chapter 403 Unexpected true ancestor Chapter 402 All aspects rolled Chapter 401 Bright and upright Chapter 400 Won't let it go Chapter 399 The young female dragon of that year (below) Chapter 398 Young Girl Dragon of the Year (Part 1) Chapter 397 Demigod Way of the Elves Chapter 396 Work hard Chapter 395 I'm worse than you Chapter 394 Boy, I see you ... Chapter 393 Girl's heart has 0 knots Chapter 392 Dare to stretch my hands, I dare to chop my hands

Chapter 391 Things have changed Chapter 390 We have the right Chapter 389 Actually I am very good at demolishing a house Chapter 388 Beta feels conspiracy Chapter 387 King's Idea Chapter 386 Break into the palace Chapter 385 Rain is coming Chapter 384 Julie's Discouragement Chapter 383 It's all a matter of time Chapter 382 Disagreement Chapter 381 Elves Chapter 380 Happy New Year to my friends

Chapter 379 Although pretty, it is actually a tigress Chapter 378 I know your virtues Chapter 377 Have goals Chapter 376 It's our initiative Chapter 375 Bold Chapter 374 Windfall Chapter 373 Rules only apply to ordinary people Chapter 372 About self-confidence Chapter 371 That's pretty much it Chapter 360 Good teacher Chapter 359 Emma's awareness Chapter 368 Fairy in the moonlight

Chapter 367 Aisha Chapter 366 Messy Chapter 365 Extremely terrifying Chapter 364 Start again Chapter 363 Mild Woking Chapter 362 Heavy color light friend Greenton Chapter 361 Vignette Chapter 360 Change target Chapter 359 Come, let ’s talk about business Chapter 358 Kyle's Enlightenment Chapter 357 Finally come to task Chapter 356 Tyrant fighting skills

Chapter 355 Interview with Vampire Chapter 354 Jerry's New Power Chapter 343 Actually I am Pope Chapter 342 Mouse Jerry Chapter 341 Evil thoughts Chapter 340 Divine Fluid Chapter 349 The goddess is also interested Chapter 348 Emma's Perseverance Chapter 347 Emma's problem Chapter 346 Family benefits outweigh all cuts Chapter 345 Surprising request Chapter 344 Magic tattoo

Chapter 343 Divine Body Chapter 342 Fantasy Chapter 341 Life occupation Chapter 340 consider Chapter 339 Lobbyist is here Chapter 338 So-called task Chapter 337 acting Chapter 336 Just powerful Chapter 335 Hit the door Chapter 334 recruit Chapter 333 Endless fighting Chapter 332 ambush

Chapter 331 Caravans are sometimes more than just caravans Chapter 330 Beta Chapter 329 I can give you strength Chapter 328 does it worth Chapter 327 No city owner for many years Chapter 326 Plan to build a city in the swamp Chapter 325 Dreadful misfortune Chapter 324 Negotiation failed Chapter 323 Chamber of Commerce Lost Asylum Chapter 322 You need to build a caravan. Chapter 321 The owner is a demon Chapter 320 Beta-designed routines

Chapter 319 Routine Chapter 318 Clothing Chapter 317 Buy cloth Chapter 316 Need population Chapter 315 Half a year Chapter 314 Still the good girl Chapter 313 Can be friends, but will eventually be enemies Chapter 312 Look, 1 beautiful snake Chapter 311 Soothing misunderstanding Chapter 310 Really talent Chapter 309 Requires 1 pair of wings to fly Chapter 308 Salou heard

Chapter 307 Girl merchant Chapter 306 The situation is set Chapter 305 Judy flew away Chapter 304 Butterfly Girl Advent Chapter 303 Frozen Chapter 302 Violent demolition Chapter 301 Katie's sorrow Chapter 300 Someone died Chapter 299 Tit-for-tat Chapter 298 Regiment Guard Chapter 297 Rural surrounds city Chapter 296 Come here

Chapter 295 Goddess' Rage Chapter 294 Summoned Legend Chapter 293 Qian Qianying Chapter 292 Snake out of a hole Chapter 290 Come bad Chapter 290 Come bad Chapter 289 Eros teaches people Chapter 288 legend Chapter 287 New shrine built Chapter 286 Elimination of knighthood Chapter 285 Uther doesn't want to do it anymore Chapter 284 Beta sees your body too

Chapter 283 Beta is helpless Chapter 282 Be elegant and not dirty Chapter 281 Alice Chapter 280 Simple things Chapter 279 I don't care about your business Chapter 278 Misfortune Chapter 277 Minor accident Chapter 276 Shirley and the New Doctrine Chapter 275 Goddess is also a woman Chapter 274 Divine projection Chapter 273 Zorro Chapter 272 Slums

Chapter 271 Beta Concept Chapter 270 parting Chapter 269 Late night, girl! Chapter 268 Confused 2 Princes Chapter 267 Transactions Chapter 266 Don't let go Chapter 265 happy Chapter 264 Always feel something wrong Chapter 263 Want to mess around Chapter 262 Lord concentration Chapter 261 Epic mission completed Chapter 260 Blue flamingo

Chapter 259 The brave's head was pinched by the door Chapter 258 Underground cities (below) Chapter 257 Underground city (on) Chapter 256 Have a clue Chapter 255 Women are sometimes synonymous with trouble Chapter 254 Goddess gives benefits Chapter 253 Smart people live long Chapter 252 Hades Chapter 251 Reason Chapter 250 Committed 2nd Chapter 249 Come and go Chapter 248 Girl heart

Chapter 247 Lonely girl in black Chapter 246 I want to go back Chapter 245 Easily torture the Archbishop Chapter 244 1 knife on color head Chapter 243 Get up Chapter 242 It's not impossible Chapter 241 Definitely not good Chapter 240 Gentleness is the biggest weapon Chapter 239 Everything is ours Chapter 238 Your life is mine Chapter 237 Impermanence Chapter 236 Playing cards without common sense

Chapter 235 Sometimes it is safe to be an enemy Chapter 234 Who said i like her Chapter 233 Not in the same world Chapter 232 Trouble everywhere Chapter 231 meet Chapter 230 Necropolis Chapter 229 Convention Chapter 228 Mansion Chapter 227 The real hero saves beauty Chapter 226 Old fox Chapter 225 King City Great Change Chapter 224 It ’s essential to look handsome

Chapter 223 Scary treatment Chapter 222 Nobody else does n’t mean I ca n’t Chapter 221 Enjoy each other Chapter 220 Heroes save beauty? Chapter 219 found it Chapter 218 Mother and daughter Chapter 217 Brother and sister Chapter 216 God and man concept Chapter 215 Oracle salvation Chapter 214 Palace taboo Chapter 213 It's so sleepy, only 2000 words can be written Chapter 212 Want to make a big bed?

Chapter 211 Private den Chapter 210 Yo yaxi Chapter 209 3 magic skills the caster must learn Chapter 208 The caster is as strong as a demon Chapter 207 Succeeded Chapter 206 Mercenary union Chapter 205 Mercenary Mercenary Union Chapter 204 Very special magic Chapter 203 Goddess smile Chapter 202 Goddess annoyed Chapter 201 Cherries on sale Chapter 200 Mighty paladin girl

Chapter 199 God and girl Chapter 198 Differentiation Strategy Chapter 197 I'm hungry Chapter 196 Found Lord Chapter 195 Intimate to each other Chapter 194 Emma and the Knights Chapter 193 demon Chapter 192 I am a liar Chapter 191 Broken letter, no face explanation Chapter 190 Finally can update normally Chapter 189 Joseph's unhappiness Chapter 188 Upr's Despair

Chapter 187 Ready to go to Emma's house Chapter 186 guess Chapter 185 End of battle Chapter 184 Battle in progress Chapter 183 Frey's ambition Chapter 182 Fight, Emma Chapter 181 Women's Momentum Chapter 180 Here comes Frey Chapter 179 Not all confession is an encounter Chapter 178 Girl declaration Chapter 174 Girl's New Outfit Chapter 173 Here comes madam

Chapter 175 Teach the brave to go through the back door Chapter 174 Girl growing up drinking milk ~ There will still be problems, it seems that it is indeed the reason why WIN is not compatible with the small black house ... Chapter 173 Joshua's plan Chapter 172 Kyle's Melancholy Chapter 171 Blind dog eyes ~ Something went wrong again, and the last paragraph was repeated and has been modified. Chapter 170 Butterfly Chapter 169 Another sense of team formation Chapter 168 The elf blocked the door Chapter 167 Evan's surprise Chapter 166 Beta wants to lift the table

Chapter 165 Beautiful puppet Chapter 164 Ans is back Chapter 163 Someone likes fallacies Chapter 162 Come to the door Chapter 161 Cheated Chapter 160 Elf's Leather Armor Chapter 159 Joshua's Fiancee Chapter 158 Someone hangs up Chapter 157 It really has the power of a king Chapter 156 The pride of the Brooke family Chapter 155 Yuwei of the Son of Gold Chapter 154 Traitor Anse

Chapter 153 Otherwise ... dead Chapter 152 Girl in the Moonlight (Part 2) Chapter 151 The Girl in the Moonlight (1) Chapter 150 Task trap Chapter 149 Weird skull Chapter 148 Is not qualified Chapter 147 Something strange Chapter 146 Miserable master and maid Chapter 145 Sicily Chapter 144 Coming soon Chapter 143 Virgin of Life Chapter 142 Scythe and hammer, invincible

Chapter 141 I ask you why Chapter 140 Fate Chapter 139 But fate has changed Chapter 138 Can destiny change Chapter 137 Will not lose you Chapter 136 Old man return Chapter 135 Deity Age Chapter 134 Come again! Chapter 133 Prophet Chapter 132 Storm Chapter 131 Wind Master Chapter 130 Pig

Chapter 129 Canine instinct Chapter 128 Is this kingdom of god Chapter 127 Jessica Chapter 126 Cocoon Chapter 125 Insect King Mighty Chapter 124 Not necessarily killing to achieve the goal Chapter 123 Magic materials in hand Chapter 122 Light Altar Chapter 121 Copies open group, how to play without treatment! Chapter 120 Outdoors Chapter 119 It's not strange to dream Chapter 118 Upgraded!

Chapter 117 Goddess comes to you Chapter 116 Intimidate Chapter 115 Venomous Red Priest Chapter 114 Leave me a place Chapter 113 Former subordinate Chapter 112 Start as village chief Chapter 111 Be careful Chapter 110 War Angel Corodia Chapter 109 Fire world Chapter 108 Soul Sacrifice Chapter 107 Big swordsman Chapter 106 Why did it become like this

Chapter 105 Second Knight Sofia Chapter 104 Liang Lidong's true intentions ~ Section is wrong Chapter 103 Convergence of the year Chapter 102 Kyle's troubles Chapter 101 Visitors from Reed Village Chapter 100 Vision Chapter 99 White tiger Chapter 98 The true fighting style of the divine aristocracy (below) Chapter 97 The True Fighting Method of Divine Nobles (Part 1) Chapter 96 Tug of war Chapter 95 frenzied

Chapter 94 Unexpected turn Chapter 93 Battle begins Chapter 92 Empty gloves white wolf Chapter 91 Katerina's Caution Chapter 90 Background of the city lady Chapter 89 Booked knight Chapter 88 The booked knight (1) Chapter 87 Thang Long Chapter 86 Call the rain Chapter 85 Pathological Chapter 84 Wind and clouds Chapter 83 Trust is a big issue after all

Chapter 82 Make a point Chapter 81 Law formation Chapter 80 What is ‘to’ Chapter 79 Weird place Chapter 78 As if at first sight ~ Not updated tonight, I'll make it up for you tomorrow Chapter 77 Willow flower Chapter 76 Disgusting bug Chapter 76 Things are not so simple ~ Rex's Secret Warehouse Chapter 73 Oiman Tower Chapter 72 Pull people

Chapter 71 Find foreign aid Chapter 70 Carry a bag Chapter 69 Have special visual abilities Chapter 68 Whispering ~ Knot blocked Chapter 67 Life is alive, thanks to acting Chapter 66 Royal Envoy (below) Chapter 65 Royal Envoy (Part 1) Chapter 64 Ambiguous Lady of the City Chapter 63 mark Chapter 62 Storm is coming Chapter 61 Difficult to argue

Chapter 60 Hibiscus flower family Chapter 59 Surprised Chapter 58 Horns Chapter 57 Covenant Magic Scroll Chapter 56 The first priest of the temple Chapter 55 day Chapter 54 Things have changed Chapter 53 Village leader's loneliness Chapter 52 Unique divine punishment Chapter 51 I'm looking for you Chapter 50 To be nice to others, to be doubted Chapter 49 RMB warrior

Chapter 48 Shrine built Chapter 47 Angry City Lord Chapter 45 Can go home Chapter 45 All are on track Chapter 44 Plan is coming to an end Chapter 43 Plan successfully implemented Chapter 42 Gold mine Chapter 41 Here comes the opportunity for revenge Chapter 40 Diaomin always wants to harm Chapter 39 The goddess of life is gone Chapter 38 Fallen like this Chapter 37 Windless waves

Chapter 36 I disappeared in 1 month Chapter 35 Youth Development Plan Chapter 34 It happened again Chapter 33 Pure men never look back at the explosion Chapter 32 Teach him to be a man Chapter 31 Play big Chapter 30 Gaps in combat experience Chapter 29 What a horrible magician is Chapter 28 Forced to Liangshan Chapter 27 Banquet change is the rule Chapter 26 Ready to pit students Chapter 25 Before dinner

Chapter 24 confusing Chapter 23 The invisible costume of the city owner ... Chapter 22 Change in Jeanne Chapter 21 Treatment as if the protagonist 1 Chapter 20 Female caster comes to the door Chapter 19 Gradually wrong style Chapter 18 Finding the right magic pet Chapter 17 Question of interest Chapter 16 Level up (below) Chapter 15 Level up (medium) Chapter 14 Level up (on) Chapter 13 Ready to start upgrading

Chapter 12 Letter from woman Chapter 11 Looking at the stars is a good dish Chapter 10 Lucky fortune Chapter 9 Secret base for boys and girls Chapter 8 The grandson of the village chief (below) Chapter 7 The grandson of the village head (middle) Chapter 6 The grandson of the village chief's house (on) Chapter 5 Small village Chapter 4 But no stranger language Chapter 3 Stranger, strange world Chapter 2 Can this be considered a re-drilling exercise? (under) Chapter 1 Can this be considered a re-drilling exercise? (on)

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