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Not Super Robot Wars at All

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Sejak transmigrasi, ia telah belajar keras dan memasuki Anaheim untuk merancang Gundam, melakukan penelitian ilmiah, belajar mengemudi dan cara pemasaran diri. Dia bisa disebut orang hebat di antara penjelajah waktu. Hingga suatu hari, “itu” muncul di hadapannya…

“Idiot, apakah robot semuanya Gundam?!”

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Judul Singkat:NSRWAA
Judul Asli:一点也不超级的机器人大战
Author:Ye Xian
Weekly Rank:#5402
Monthly Rank:#5247
All Time Rank:#6504
Label:Cosmic Wars, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fleet Battles, Futuristic Setting, Male Protagonist, Scientists, Transported to Another World,
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  1. Eh, the author tried to do something pretty interesting, but I feel like he went too far with the incessant neurosis of basically every character. On top of the constant otaku jargon remarks, it makes the story a bit irritating to read after a while. I feel like it would have ended wonderfully if the MC would be consistent with his mental fuckery and given into despair after chp 155+ and set out to destroy the world in an attempt to go home. That would be great.

  2. Ah, I've figured it out. The second part that makes it obnoxious to read is that every neurosis event is heavily laden with pretentious dialogue that smacks 100% of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, which I never liked. It's entertaining at first, but when the entire story is centered on it, it's just a complete drag.

  3. Just hit the chapter 200-220 stretch and honestly if the MC doesn't destroy the whole world by the end I'm going to be disappointed.

  4. Hello, someone knows the novel of a scientist who was kidnapped for three years by an alien artificial intelligence, then the prison is attacked by the military, he barely walks with a cane due to the torture received two years later the academic works in a secret base creating and creating new technologies for the nation, one day he faints then on the way home by train a presenter insults him because she did not want to give him the seat

  5. I have never heard of that novel, but it sounds fascinating, so if anybody does know it please let me know as well.

  6. What is tragedy in fiction? What does it mean? Or parents, the protagonist is shot by a robber or what? What is it? Tragedy I don't mean the novel, but what is a tragedy?

  7. Tragedy means that exceptionally bad things happen to the MC and/or characters the reader is supposed to care about. These are usually plot of the actual main plot, rather than the setting or intro. For example, if the MC is an orphan because his parents died, that's not tragedy -- it's part of the preface that leads into the novel, and not part of the reader's experience in the story. If the MC's parents die halfway through the novel because of the antagonist's plot and the MC's actions or inactions, then that is tragedy. If the term tragedy is not just a content tag but even the genre of the novel, then expect more than just that in the plot.

  8. I have a suggestion for those of you who are confused with character names, well maybe this helps you a little. I usually just copy the name of the character in the novel, then go to google translate. Paste your copy and then translate it into Chinese, if you have just copy the results. and then search on google by pasting your translation results in google search, then add the name of the anime behind it (well here you have to know where the character came from) and well you will find the result (if you don't find the result, try also translating the name of the anime into Chinese ). maybe this way won't always work, so well work hard to guess😅.

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