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One Punch Man’s Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner

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Setelah diancam oleh monster telur, pemilik supermarket obral akhir pekan membuat suara terkuat di dunia: “Anda tidak bisa lagi menjadi pemilik supermarket yang membaca komik dan bermain game. Menjadi pahlawan kelas-S yang menyelamatkan dunia dengan minat! ”

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Judul Singkat:OPMWSSO
Judul Asli:一拳超人之周末特卖超市老板
Author:S1 blasting
Weekly Rank:#2940
Monthly Rank:#2810
All Time Rank:#3386
Label:Fan-fiction, Modern Day, Superpowers,
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  1. Please include this novel This is the best basketball novel I have read up till now

  2. I read chapter 1 and I quit xD 😅 it clearly says 5 YEARS before saitama become 1 punch and heroes association is already built hahaha ..

  3. A thing I hated most about Chinese fan fiction is unbalance timeline and weird character development and wrong plotline.actually they never do research on any anime/manga before making fan fiction about it they just do it. And the most annoying thing is the name of the characters. We all know that anime dubbed in many languages dubbed but in every language name of the characters will be same but in Chinese fan fiction there name will change, I don't know why because I never saw Chinese dubbed anime but I think that in Chinese dubbed anime there name would have surly changed.

  4. As a author that stopped writing a fanfic of 20 chapters I can say that gathering info took most of the time. And reading any Chinese fanfic well as you said the time lines are all wrong. They probably watched anime or read manga/novel and just wrote it without searching for information. I kinda understand them but if the time lines are messed up it's hard for people who know the plot to read it. That's why I love reading marvel fanfic cuz I haven't seen any of them so I don't know what should be the right plot hahaha (I'm a disapointmen)

  5. Chinese people rename+redub every single character in anime and movie with chinese name+word And they said the copyright was theirs... And japan stole the copyright from them If you compare Japan good at light novel, manga, anime, anime song, movie Korea good at light novel, manhwa, movie,song China only good at second hand thing, stole copyright, cultivation novel, action, fantasy, adventurer movie... And their animation are suck because chinese language is really dont suit with anime ... ... .. . . .just joking guys... Every country have their own good and bad it not for me to judge them so dont be mad at me

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