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Otherworldly Free and Unfettered Phantom

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Orang Suci: "Kakak Yi, bisakah kau menjadikanku budakmu?

Yi Feng: "Apa? Seorang Suci seperti Anda ingin menjadi pelayan saya. Apakah Anda merasa malu?

The Saint: "Adikku sangat cantik"

Yi Feng (Matanya bersinar): Little Saint, Anda dapat mengikuti saya dari sekarang. Baiklah, ingat untuk memberi tahu adikmu untuk datang!

Sang Raja: “Yi Feng! Bajingan Anda, apa yang Anda lakukan?

Yi Feng: Badaku! Salahku! Rajaku, aku hanya ingin berjalan-jalan di harem ini sedikit. Siapa tahu gadis-gadis itu mengikuti saya seperti itu?

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Judul Singkat:OFAUP
Judul Asli:异界魅影逍遥
Author:The Innocent Guy
Weekly Rank:#3997
Monthly Rank:#3957
All Time Rank:#2602
Label:Alchemy, Assassins, Beautiful Female Lead, Complex Family Relationships, Cultivation, Doctors, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Perverted Protagonist, Poisons, Polygamy, Reverse R*pe, Shameless Protagonist, Siblings, Transported to Another World, Weak to Strong,
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  1. почему в начале в каждом предложении мс зовут по разному? то он сюй фен, то тонг фэн, то ещё как то

  2. i dont know why people hate the mc personality is on par with my personality...tho i am not a person who is fond of nationalism but was is wrong with should have pride for your own country..that is your right but you should not disgrace other least this does not disgrace other countries...the ntr here is basically the concubine of the emperor who was forced by her sect to marry the emperor but was later freed by the mc...this has one of the satisfactory harems tho one or two girls i do not like so for the story it is good...and this here is the review from a novel critic bitches

  3. all in all not for those who hate arrogant or shameless mc...if you havent even read 10 chapters then you have no right to disgrace this...go write your own freaking novel...even if you have written give me the link...let me see your work dumbass

  4. I don't write novel doesn't mean I'll support disgusting MC . You want harem....fine .... But don't f***** rob someone else's harem...... Do you think woman are stupid.... No woman wants to be in harem........ That's the whole think using power to get woman you want.... Lusting after someone's woman is the Garbage thing to do.

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