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Lu Chen punya mimpi, mimpi yang sangat panjang .. Dunia mimpi itu akrab namun pada saat yang sama tidak terbiasa. Penyanyi, aktor, penulis lepas, ia benar-benar menjalani tiga bagian kehidupan yang berbeda di dunia mimpi! Ketika dia terbangun, Lu Chen kemudian memulai jalan yang cerah untuk menjadi superstar yang sempurna!

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Judul Singkat:PS
Judul Asli:完美大明星
Author:Chen Ru Tai Ping Yang
Weekly Rank:#3584
Monthly Rank:#1150
All Time Rank:#699
Label:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Celebrities, Dreams, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Modern Day, Movies, Multiple POV, Music, Older Love Interests, Power Couple, Showbiz, Singers, Slow Growth at Start, Weak to Strong, Writers,
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  1. Cap 136. Así es la gente, tan hipócritas e interesados. Cuando tenían deudas los trataban como si fueran leprosos y ahora que un hijo de la familia es medio famoso están todos pegados como moscas a mi*rda :P

  2. Cap 109. Yo hubiese dejado que se fueran para el carajo, no es bueno andar con una mujer que juzga solo por impresión y sin darte oportunidad de decir nada, eso solo confirma que en el futuro habrá problemas fácilmente....lo ven caminando junto a una mujer y ya sacan conclusiones.

  3. guys, I'm looking for this novel that is here on mtl, I read it but I forgot the name. it's about a boy who is in a music school and "wakes up the day he graduates but he has the memory of many songs in his mind but he returns to his town and sells fruit haha, it's entertaining I just need the name. thanks😃

  4. Well, it's the kind of story I was looking for, but the one I was looking for was both, they are somewhat similar in development and I always remember from the beginning a bit that I was sleeping at the graduation ceremony at the conservatory and when he studied there he didn't do anything that's why when he becomes known his colleagues are surprised or maybe it's my memory that fails, thank you very much anyway :D

  5. Yeah, at the beginning mc don't even know how his system can be operate, it like when you think of a piece of music from previous life, only then mc can get skill book or something and the reward is kinda random but closely related to mc life meanwhile little farmer big star have a space and it can explain what the hell it does and it should have a mall system if i remember correctly.. this two novel look the same that i actually think the author correct the few chapter because i can't find the other novel at all after searching for months..

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