Pirates: Invasion of the Heavens

That year, a young man with a Zanpodao appeared in front of the White Beard Pirates, so a group of death gods appeared on the sea. After that, Shinobu Village appeared in Wano Country, the navy and the sanctuary established diplomatic relations, and the five old stars tried to ge.... Baca selengkapnya

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Chapter 254 Wonderful combination Chapter 253 Strongest Chapter 252 Unpredictable war

Chapter 251 No retreat Chapter 250 War on top again Chapter 249 Heir of the Devil Chapter 248 The confrontation of the new generation Chapter 247 The confrontation of the new generation Chapter 246 Prelude to the big incident Chapter 245 Four emperors and calculations Chapter 244 XXBURNER who changed the battlefield Chapter 243 Two great swordsmen

Chapter 242 insist Chapter 241 Foodie victory Chapter 240 The strength of Starcracker

Chapter 239 Brae and Crane Chapter 238 Forest of Temptation Chapter 237 Plan and divide forces Chapter 236 End to Cake Island Chapter 235 choose Chapter 234 Newcomer Chapter 233 Four Emperors Chapter 232 cooperate Chapter 231 The meaning of the guardian of the cloud

Chapter 230 Three-way melee Chapter 229 Another intruder Chapter 228 Fighting broke out Chapter 227 Rushing Chapter 226 Tea Party and Zou Chapter 225 The Pirate of the Raging Times Expo Chapter 224 The era of rampage Chapter 223 The arrival of time and the birdcage Chapter 222 Success and failure Chapter 221 Trial and disadvantage Chapter 220 Rebels Chapter 219 While the battle is in progress

Chapter 218 Early decisive battle Chapter 217 Conflict and crisis Chapter 216 Poor, weak and helpless Chapter 215 Reunion ASL Chapter 214 Doflamingo Chapter 213 Doflamingo's anger Chapter 212 Surrender and follow-up Chapter 211 Supernova and the Four Emperors Chapter 210 The Evil Generation Chapter 209 Kingdom of Death is complete Chapter 208 The protagonists who never act according to plan Chapter 207 Appeared, the demon scientist Caesar

Chapter 206 Kingdom of death Chapter 205 Aiming at the alliance of the four emperors Chapter 204 anger Chapter 203 Luo Yu Luffy and Small Chapter 202 confusion Chapter 201 Alliance Chapter 200 Punk Hassad Chapter 199 Naval meeting Chapter 198 The Naval Day of Akunorokia Chapter 197 Finish Chapter 196 Battle of Naruto Chapter 195 Sasuke appears

Chapter 194 Finish Chapter 193 Luffy's persistence Chapter 192 Fourth gear Chapter 191 Puppet Army vs. Straw Hat Crew Chapter 190 Scorpion Chapter 189 Land 188 Chapter 188 Rice ball Chapter 187 Luffy's refusal Chapter 186 ask Chapter 185 Chapter 184 The Tulip Kingdom of Chaos Chapter 183 The man who wants to be One Piece/Naruto

Chapter 182 Jinping's decision Chapter 181 Weaselized Ace Chapter 180 Absolute power Chapter 179 Counterattack Chapter 178 conflict Chapter 177 Split Murloc Chapter 176 Return to Murloc Island Chapter 175 The Straw Hat Pirates Set Sail Again Chapter 174 solve Chapter 173 Two teachers Chapter 172 Zefa runs away Chapter 171 Reciprocate

Chapter 170 Escape from the Golden City Chapter 169 Escalation of riots Chapter 168 Auction Chapter 167 riot Chapter 166 lively Chapter 165 Overwhelming Chapter 164 Invitation from Guran Tezolo Chapter 163 Finish Chapter 162 Estes VS Kata Kuri Chapter 161 fighting Chapter 160 Arrived in time Chapter 159 unyielding

Chapter 158 Attack and meet the enemy Chapter 157 Two Incoming Four Emperors Chapter 156 Initial mission Chapter 155 Akunorokia vs Asdes Chapter 154 Navy life Chapter 153 Infernal Affairs in the Navy Chapter 152 Finish Chapter 151 Luffy's new form Chapter 150 victory! Chapter 149 Fight together Chapter 148 The real protagonist-see you at night Chapter 147 The mighty Dante

Chapter 146 The power of the devil Chapter 145 Straw Hat's Magic Kingdom Adventure Chapter 144 The practice of straw hat Chapter 143 The war is over Chapter 142 Go back to the new world! two Chapter 141 Go back to the new world! one Chapter 140 The end of the legend Chapter 139 The climax of the war, the captains of Seireitei Chapter 138 Shelf testimonials Chapter 137 The climax of the war, Akatsuki vs. Qiwuhai Chapter 136 The arrival of reinforcements, sorcerers Chapter 135 The arrival of reinforcements, the Buddha against the Buddha

Chapter 134 The arrival of reinforcements, the dancing Shura on the battlefield Chapter 133 Ran into, Straw Hat Luffy Chapter 132 Skee, Roger and Locks Chapter 131 During the war Chapter 130 The war begins Chapter 129 Kisuke Urahara vs Magellan Chapter 128 The two protagonists who met in Propulsion City Chapter 127 The track of fate Chapter 126 War preparation Chapter 125 Clean up the portal Chapter 124 Come one step late, Ace was taken away Chapter 123 negligence

Chapter 122 The doomed war on top Chapter 121 Weird war Chapter 120 The real powerhouse on the sea Chapter 119 Kenshin and Mihawk Chapter 118 A moving navy, a precursor to major events Chapter 117 Whitebeard and Makarov Chapter 116 Fight together Chapter 115 Naz and Ace Chapter 114 Overturn the island of ghosts Chapter 113 Lively Wano country Chapter 112 Naz the Captured Chapter 111 Kaido; what magic to kill?

Chapter 110 Conspiracy failed Chapter 109 The spider family and the ghost killing team that came Chapter 108 Natian Spider Mountain Chapter 107 Anomaly and the Sengoku decision Chapter 106 Conspiracy to escape with the world government Chapter 105 Fighting ghosts and blood ghosts Chapter 104 Beheading and Coming Part Three Chapter 103 Ghost Train Chapter 102 nightmare Chapter 101 Weird train Chapter 100 Unlimited train Chapter 99 Follow-up

Chapter 98 End of the battle for pure gold Chapter 97 Battle for Pure Gold III Chapter 96 Battle for Pure Gold II Chapter 95 Battle for Pure Gold One Chapter 94 Rushing Chapter 93 Coercion and conditions Chapter 92 Sasuke Orochimaru Chapter 91 daily Chapter 90 The sea situation and the new exchange Chapter 89 Navy Chapter 88 Shadow ride line and bird cage (two in one) Chapter 87 The Pengley family vs. the Don Quixote family continued

Chapter 86 The Pengley family VS the Don Quixote family Chapter 85 Go to war Chapter 84 Dresrosa Chapter 83 Finish Chapter 82 monster Chapter 81 The melee continues Chapter 80 Melee Chapter 79 Navy, ninja and death. Chapter 78 Gather Chapter 77 educate Chapter 76 Challenge the White Beard Ace Chapter 75 Ace and Sawada Tsunayoshi

Chapter 74 The protagonists running to the sea Chapter 73 Zefa and Jianxin Chapter 72 Decide Chapter 71 Fighting everywhere three Chapter 70 Fight everywhere 2 Chapter 69 Fighting everywhere Chapter 68 Must defeat you Chapter 67 Black II's teamwork Chapter 66 Burning dead fire Chapter 65 Waste Chai A Gang Chapter 64 Capone Becky and XANXUS Chapter 63 Xihai Fengyun

Chapter 62 Get away and offer a reward Chapter 61 My destiny Chapter 60 ambush Chapter 59 Assassination follow-up Chapter 58 Successful assassination Chapter 57 Night Strike V****9 Three Chapter 56 Night Strike V****9 II Chapter 55 Night Attack V****9 One Chapter 54 Shocking assassination, target Tianlongren Chapter 53 Night Raid Chapter 52 Redhead-give me face Chapter 51 Four Emperors

Chapter 50 return Chapter 49 Beyond Chapter 48 determination Chapter 47 Accident Chapter 46 Qiwuhai and Goodbye Hawkeye Chapter 45 Weakness and knots Chapter 44 Shi Tian VS Huang Yuan Chapter 43 Protagonist development plan Chapter 42 Akatsuki is terrible Chapter 41 Navy and Akatsuki Chapter 40 Young Krokdal Chapter 39 The end of the old age

Chapter 38 prophecy Chapter 37 Murloc Island and Chambord Land Chapter 36 Be stronger! Whitebeard Pirates Chapter 35 The big men of the future Chapter 34 The era of the great pirates, opening Chapter 33 Two people who are similar but different Chapter 32 The big news keeps on, the end of One Piece Chapter 31 After the war and harvest Chapter 30 The defeated BIGMOM Pirates Chapter 29 BIGMOM Pirates VS Ninja Chapter 28 The development of war Chapter 27 Join the war! Kaido's reinforcements BIGMOM

Chapter 26 Two Disasters VS Two Ninja Chapter 25 The birth and return of One Piece Chapter 24 Ninjas and Ninjas Chapter 23 Tekken Karp Chapter 22 Kaido: You TM are teasing me Chapter 21 discuss Chapter 20 The Five Shadows Conference and the Returning Mitian Chapter 19 The new functions of the system and the Wano Country Disturbance Chapter 18 Roger Pirates and Hagi Kakashi (revised) Chapter 17 The inevitability of fate, the leaving Mitian Chapter 16 Shitian VS Raleigh Chapter 15 One Piece and the Fight

Chapter 14 Three years Chapter 13 Ninja news Chapter 12 Mita on board with black cat Chapter 11 New template and Mitian Chapter 10 Kazunokuni Chapter 9 Navy attention Chapter 8 The barrel kingdom and the crocodile Chapter 7 Eight Treasures Marines Chapter 6 The life of a pirate Chapter 5 Invasion points and redemption Chapter 4 White Beard and "Captain" Chapter 3 No short-board white beard

Chapter 2 Heavens Invasion System Chapter 1 The Grim Reaper who appeared before the White Beard Pirates

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