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Seseorang yang hanya menonton satu atau dua Pokemon dan animasi Pokemon di kehidupan sebelumnya datang ke dunia ini secara tidak sengaja, tetapi dunia selalu memiliki kelas, dunia nyata tidak seindah animasi, dan dia masih seorang pria malang dalam reinkarnasinya, bagaimana dia bisa mengandalkannya? Nabi mencapai lompatan kelas! Pokemon terkait, Pokemon, Pokemon

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Judul Singkat:PP
Judul Asli:宠物小精灵之贫民
Author:Nanli loss
Weekly Rank:#4929
Monthly Rank:#4026
All Time Rank:#5553
Label:Cunning Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Harsh Training, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Pokemon, Poor Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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  1. You should call it pokemon the trash. Even after some chapters he is not really poor but wastes time and energy. He was gloomy because a teamate chaught and odinary class arbock like its a treasure. World building is trash. Mc pokemon are trash. His training methords are also trash. He uses millions to get 'secrets' of training.And secrets are:matchin energy crystals of energy type, streanthning beack and claws for bird, enhancing poison of poison pokemon. How braindead is he that, he cannot even guess such simple things. Also till the later chapters he just stays at bottom ranks.

  2. Pretty interesting. This novel takes a Different concept on pokemon, making it more real. In this pokemon world there are rich people and poor people. Pokemon are the rulers of the world not humans, meaning pokemon are very dangerous so out in the wild you might die. The MCs home village got destroyed by a pokemon overflow. He's the only survivor, leaving him super poor. So poor he has to go to the blackmart and gamble on pokemon eggs wrapped in black flim so you can tell what it is or if the egg is still alive. Anyways if you want find out what his first pokemon is the just read. P.s. pokemon which you capture seems to effect the body of the people. For example the MCs made him feel like he has a little more vitality. Please also note this is a little dark they kill pokemon in this novel, even sell pokemon meat lol..

  3. The MCs first pokemon is indeed bellsprout although the name is different a quick search of the name plus some context clues, you can find the names out.

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