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Quickly Accompany You To See the Stars and the Sea

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Ruan Ruan, roh rubah yang telah berlatih selama ribuan tahun,

Untuk menciptakan bentuk manusia di zaman modern di mana energi spiritual menipis,

Jelajahi tiga ribu dunia kecil dan bantu diri Anda berlatih.

Dewa laki-laki di dunia ini,

Selalu buat rubah kecil itu berdetak kencang!

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Judul Singkat:QAYTSSS
Judul Asli:快穿之陪你看星辰大海
Author:Matcha milkshake
Weekly Rank:#3958
Monthly Rank:#713
All Time Rank:#1306
Label:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Quick Transmigration, World Hopping,
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  1. When will the FL develop feelings for ml or notice that the men who she have history with is the same? Cause it seems that she is really indifferent with the matter that concerns the heart.

  2. Hey anyone know this quick transmigration novel in which in an arc fl becomes the empress and emperor fakes his love to her to protect his true love

  3. Quería quejarme porque falta el capítulo 13 pero me puse a buscarlo en otras páginas, incluso chinas, pero no hubo caso, no logro encontrarlo 😭 así que me rindo, seguiré con el 14 </3

  4. Ash es tan molesto que haya tantos capítulos incompletos. Y creo que lo que falta es por censura(?) Porque siempre faltan interacciones ambiguas entre ambos protagonistas y es lo que más me interesa de ese primer arco T-T

  5. Have you guys Seen a quick transmigration where's Mc is a male(ex: I'm s Big villain) Mc mission is To help FL ,When FL boyfriend cheats With her Best friend ... The first scene is a (A cafe)? Where FL confronts her best friend who betrayed her... after her best friend leaves ML Walk in And FL Recognized ML as her Boss since They have a Collaboration in The company After they talk ML gives FL a Ring and Ask if he can pursue her.. (I forgot where I read This and I only remember the first chap). Pls tell me If you Seen this somewhere

  6. is there only one ML in the entire story? and if yes, should he enter first in that world before the FL, or every time the FL enters the world the ML follows? I'm currently reading the Shura field arc albeit around chapter 400+ chapter...

  7. It's 1v1. ML enters the world with FL. Both are clean in case that's what's worrying you. And, spoiler, FL had once given her half meidan (alchemy) to repay favour to a person and this is the reason why she has to travel through worlds to compensate for the half meidan and ML is the person who FL gave her meidan. They've just met twice in original world (this is all I know after reading 1500+ chapters)

  8. well, thank you for the response... I'd tried to ask this question because once I have read a novel that is also a world-hopping. The ML always goes to like reincarnation whenever she follows the FL, due to the time-space constraint that the ML always preceded in coming to the world through Reincarnation of a sort. While the FL replaces or trades with the Original owner of the body while fulfilling their wishes. So in that particular arc, the ML has some S*xual relation with the original body that the FL possesses later and also with some women as a sole purpose to relieve his tension, stress, and indulge in carnal. I felt quite uncomfortable at that novel since I'd consider it cheating in the ML part even though he has no memory but in the context of chasing the FL in every world to continue their relationship.

  9. I totally understand you. Although it's quite common for people to have physical relationship with multiple people but it's kinda uncomfortable when you read a book with unclean leads.

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