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Rebirth of a Movie Queen: the President of the Empire Is Sent to the Door

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An Ruixin awalnya berencana untuk menyetujui lamaran pacarnya setelah mendapatkan aktris dan keluar dari lingkaran hiburan untuk membantu suami dan anaknya.

Pada hari ketika dia bercita-cita menjadi aktris, An Ruixin dengan senang hati pulang ke rumah dan melihat pacar, agen, dan sahabatnya berguling-guling di rumahnya!

Di luar kendali, An Ruixin mengalami kecelakaan mobil tetapi tiba-tiba kembali ke saat dia pertama kali memasuki industri hiburan.

“Saya ingin mengubah perusahaan, broker lain.”

“Ya, selama Nona Ann mau setuju dengannya.”

“Presiden Ji menghormati dirinya sendiri, saya tidak pernah menerima aturan yang tidak diucapkan.”

Mata Ji Chengze sedikit berbinar: "Kalau begitu, ayo kita menikah."

Sebuah Ruixin: “…”

Omong-omong, dia ingin mengganti pacarnya, tapi dia tidak pernah berpikir untuk menikah secepat ini! ?

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Judul Singkat:RAMPEDTD
Judul Asli:影后重生:帝国总裁送上门
Author:Mu Xi
Weekly Rank:#13
Monthly Rank:#3
All Time Rank:#430
Label:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Childcare, Early Romance, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Possessive Characters, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Second Chance, Showbiz,
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  1. Why does MTLNovel always error when opening chapters and I have to wait a while first. this happens a lot and I get annoyed. I want to visit the original website of the novel but don't know what the original title of the novel is.

  2. This novel has a good plot and is well written but I was annoyed by the sudden stupidity of the MC......I don't know if the author had a sudden brain fever or he felt that the story needs to be a little more complicated.....what was the author thinking when he portrays the MC to be having run away from her home to her brother's kidnappers, afterall her families are already trying to save the little guy then what is the meaning of giving those kidnappers one more handle......this is simply stupidity at a whole new level.

  3. There is a little confusion.....the MC has already released singles as well as an album.....but in ch 1488 the MC's agent doubts whether she can sing.....did the author forgot that he had already portraied the MC as quite a good singer???

  4. The story is very good and the plot development is also great but this scenario of hidden identity which author has created is now getting annoying after 1100+ chapters......for god's sake man a mother will not participate in the birthday banquet of her children and will stay hidden just because she is afraid that people will doubt her ability......this is irritating and simply too hard to be convinced with.

  5. I'm currently at ch 721 and am a little confused....the ML and FL both are in a foreign country then how the fuck are characters running to and fro across the countries as if they are going to visit the city center.

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