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Reborn Wife Strikes Back in the 80s

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Ahli bedah Guo Xiang melakukan perjalanan ke tahun 1980-an, tetapi dia yang menganut doktrin tidak menikah menemukan bahwa dia menikah lebih awal dan menemukan unit suaminya dengan gagasan perceraian. Menghadapi pria dingin dengan kelumpuhan wajah, dia sangat patah hati. Apakah dia bengkak?

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Judul Singkat:RWSB80
Judul Asli:重生八零悍妻来袭
Author:Gu Qinglu
Weekly Rank:#347
Monthly Rank:#407
All Time Rank:#721
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Medical Knowledge, Previous Life Talent, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth,
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  1. The novel is worth reading. Hey Guys I have read the novel and comments below even though it shows in start of novel forced marriage and fl think about divorce to ml it gets better aafter that very much. The Writer wrote this very well and in later plot it shows trust and love of fl and ml both are loyal people in marriage no cheating on each other at all. As story goes on it describes ml becomes rich with his ability amd fl guidance in his oil field career and ml isnot full on domineering type he has his own personality and fl side shows about her medical and business skills and golden fingers are as she comes from future she knows where to invest money in bussiness

  2. Hi guys can you help me find a novel where fl was originally lazy but forced to learned auch as cooking, cleaning, design and medicine because of the system and also got involved with a military man that she believes as a hardworking man but is actually the opposite of it?

  3. hi can u guys help me find this novel where the fl gets a second chance and she holds the thigh of the ml who was adopted by the fl dad bc the dad killed the ml parents,the fl know that the ml has a hidden identity that is powerful and she is not weak and is really smart but i forgot weather she has supernatural power or a system so.she also has and evil step mother and step sis as usual but the step sis and step mom dont like the ml , later on the fl moves out with the ml and although the father is not that bad he cares about her. plz help me find it i have been searching for days.

  4. Only read chappter 1-2, and i alredy dropping this. So the FL gets sold as a child to another family for marriage. Basicly forced child marriag, and kinda slavery in one way to. Why do i say slavery? The FL as a child, sold, works at home to learn to be a perfect wife "aka slave" while the "husband" gets to go to school and get an education... No im not a feminist, but i do like to read a novel where women are not treated like object where their only purpose of existence is to "please" and "serve" the males.

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