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Road Survival, I Have a Hint System!

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Bangun dengan mabuk, Zhang Tuohai menemukan bahwa dia telah memasuki permainan bernama Road Survival.

Satu orang, satu mobil, mencari persediaan di jalan tanpa akhir, berjuang untuk bertahan hidup.

Dalam game ini, banyak sekali krisis dan banyak orang yang tewas karena mencari persediaan.

Zhang Tuohai menemukan bahwa dia telah terikat pada sistem petunjuk.

Berhenti! Ada kotak material level 4 yang tergantung di puncak pohon di sisi jalan dengan cetak biru peningkatan RV di dalamnya.]

Sementara semua orang masih berhati-hati dan kesulitan bertahan hidup, Zhang Tuohai sudah bisa mengemudikan RV-nya dan makan hot pot.

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Judul Singkat:RSIHHS
Judul Asli:公路求生,我有提示系统
Author:Acid Torpedo
Weekly Rank:#160
Monthly Rank:#166
All Time Rank:#498
Label:Artificial Intelligence, Beasts, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Cooking, Crafting, Cruel Characters, Distrustful Protagonist, Gunfighters, Level System, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism, Schemes And Conspiracies, Survival, Survival Game, System, Transported into a Game World,
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  1. Okay this is really good I thought it was a single person survival but no this novel is multiplayer and is brutal if you don’t like killing stay away mc later on has a follower that’s a automata that In her words is going to “bathe the world in holy flames” she fucking sets off a super volcano by using her nuclear heart and literally shatters the world drowning everyone and everything in lava and toxic plumes it reminded me so much of warhammer40k she deemed the people that after the nuclear war that had mutations unclean and well like the above mentioned set off a super volcano burning them all amazing novel though 5/5

  2. My biggest complaint about this genre is that despite the OP cheats the main characters have, they somehow still can't get ahead of other survivors. Especially the recent chapters(ch. ~480), author keeps pulling out characters that can potentially kill the MC. If it's due to some careful planning, I can barely accept it. But no, pure 1v1, brute force encounter, MC still has difficulty killing these characters. Incomprehensible!

  3. Its getting boring... The best thing about this novel is that the MC doesn't fall in love for shitty reasons. Even until now, MC doesn't have any relationship (Lilena and Lilith doesn't count since their just partners and no romantic interest between them). I'm all for romance but if the MC and FML become together just for the sake of plot with no actual development, it doesn't look good. This kind of thing is very rare in chinese novels where authors seems to think with their dick and not their brains. Still reading it tho but not in my priority list. Just something to past the time.

  4. If you like harem novels, this novel may not be for you as of now, there isn't any relationship. Sure he gets to interact with more girls rather than boys but he doesn't look at them romantically. Its more of a partnership thing where both sides benefit. Idk if there will be any development between them but as of now, there is none.

  5. Its getting boring, the title must be his artificial intellegence as it become his buddy not his Hint system. And also Zhao Wanwan can be his woman as she is obedient and trustworthy but MC just like a gay, not looking to the girl. Have an OP Hint System but MC just rely his so called AI that can't really help him in all situation. Boring and Dumb. There's no really great advantage to other survivor, the author slowly nerfed the MC compare to early chapter.

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