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“Sihir itu luar biasa.”

“Sihir itu misterius.”

“Sihir adalah keajaiban.”

“Sihir juga…kejam!”

“Kemegahan yang meledak dalam sekejap; misterinya ada dalam ketidaktahuan yang tak ada habisnya; keajaiban menyimpan terlalu banyak keputusasaan; kekerasannya adalah…”

Rekan setim: “Jangan bengkok! Musuh hampir bergegas! Serang!”

“Oh, baiklah!”

Protagonis buru-buru mengambil napas dalam-dalam dari 'mendesis, bulu', dan kemudian berkonsentrasi pada napasnya.

saat berikutnya!


rekan setim:”……”

Dunia terkait: HP, Nanas Besar, WOW, One Man, Seri Komik Ajaib, Seri Film Ajaib, DC, Marvel, dll.

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Judul Singkat:RCH
Judul Asli:魔方诸天
Author:Natives of the earth
Weekly Rank:#643
Monthly Rank:#669
All Time Rank:#3460
Label:Ability Steal, Based on a Movie, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Harry Potter, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Quick Transmigration, Strong to Stronger, World Hopping,
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  1. Please, are anyone know about Harry Potter with NOT HAREM on it... Please i need this one because i am tired to search Harry Potter fanfic with ALMOST had tag HAREM on it. I just neeed protagonist who just need one pair (He or She) by side. not one group of harem that make story is crumble in pieces that i dont want to read. Please make it list!

  2. Does anyone understand what these two options mean when crossing to world 2? one is getting younger and having all the magic he has accumulated and the other is keeping his age and losing the magic he has accumulated ?? I really don't understand how these options work... the first one looks extremely good and the second looks extremely bad and he chose the second one? It's so weird that I think I got something wrong with the explanation.

  3. That is not a bookstore owner right moreover if I remember correctly it should be knockdown alley. @pototoes I am not sure which one you are are looking for I am sure you can exclude Harry Potter's natural villain that one is about a traverser becoming Draco M. Hogwarts card drawer is about the adopted son of Slughorn and magic circles. The god of all realms start with Harry potter is about a guy whom uses time space magic to accidentally go to the orphanage as a baby in hp time. I have a big problem with my Hogwarts is about Grindelwalds nephew. From Azkaban to Hogwarts is about a guy whom did do some not so legal things before gaining a system and being tricked int becoming a defence against the dark arts professor. Fortunately theain line is Hogwarts is about a guy whom teabsmigrates into a real life version of a game he once played around hp. my classmate at Hogwarts is Voldemort is interesting but about a semi orphan. A certain Hogwarts professor is again wrong. Is about an ambitious guy who wants to come back to Hogwarts to study. The rise of malfoy at Hogwarts is Draco M getting a twin. Glory of the king is about semi Muggle born twins getting involved in the plot. And than I got to bored to write anyway you can exclude these....

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