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Samurai of the Takeda Family

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Pilih TA sebagai Karya Tahun Ini 31 Pilih TA sebagai Penulis Tahun Ini 6 Dalam pertempuran Pulau Kawasaki keempat antara keluarga Takeda dan keluarga Uesugi.

Kenshin Uesugi, memegang pedang terkenal "Shunqing Changguang" dan menunggang kuda terkenal "Lepaskan Mao Yue" di pinggulnya, menerobos formasi pasukan Takeda dan langsung mengambil Takeda Shingen di formasi utama. Selanjutnya, pisau ketiga telah memotong bahu Xin Xuan.

Pada saat ini, Li Xiao, berpakaian seperti samurai, menunggang kuda, bergegas dari samping, dan berteriak: “Pencuri berbaju menantangmu.”

PS: Sejarah kebangkitan akar rumput, sejarah perjuangan rakyat Dinasti Ming dalam ras asing.

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Judul Singkat:STF
Judul Asli:武田家的明国武士
Author:The Pursuit of Happiness
Weekly Rank:#4211
Monthly Rank:#4874
All Time Rank:#5908
Label:Army Building, Betrayal, Clan Building, Firearms, Generals, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Strategic Battles, Transmigration, Wars,
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  1. It’s actually a good book, I’m not sure about racism. Tho some people are too sensitive and read too much between the lines. This is Asian novel, don’t be self centered and think it has to appeal to your ethic ideals. Main point, good historical fact, a lot of character build up, good plot and excitement in the battle scene tho I wish the main character lived to fight the barbarians such as the British when they forced open Japan and with the character knowledge on modern warfare it would be great. Tho on point I did liked is the fact that the main character did not even once used his “cao cao” attack straight that he took from ww1. Such as using cannon in syc with infantry creating a covering and shooting while soldier crawled forward. The ending is amazing too. Complete and good.

  2. Also halfway during the novel it gets real messy. Like someone took the Chinese version of this webnovel and put it through a crappy translation program and you start to see name places not used correctly. They called the battle between several opposing side China and Vietnam war instead of oda vs takeda. They called Japan China, they called Japan Bejing, they called the Usegi clan Vietnamese and the Takeda Chinese. At first they used Japanese names correctly for the first 56 chapters and after that they got lazy. They replaces Shingin with a Chinese name, the obata male character to Chinese, almost everything now Chinese, at this point my visual of Japan just got confused, I could not tell where the battle were taking place, who is who. They don’t even used she anymore, and use “he” a lot to describe anyone. The only thing I can say they Kept oda name consistent.

  3. read about 20 chapter so far, not quite sure why the low rating, possibly prejudice that it's chinese man in japan, can only be racist slur. but there probably wont be low rating if it's Tom Cruise. btw 20 chapter in and there isnt any hate(so far) from the mc to the japanese because his favorite thing before traversing is playing nobunaga ambition(Game)

  4. whoever killed an evil dragon will become an evil dragon himself. All the local opponents of racism from China, themselves began to engage in racism

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