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School Heroine Secretly Loves Me

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“Wen Wenyao sangat tampan, tidakkah kamu merasa tersentuh?”

Sistem mulai meragukan…

Lagu Nanqiao: “Tidak… aku tidak…”

Sistem: “Tapi nilai kecocokanmu dengan dia adalah 100%, kamu pasti akan menyukainya…”

Lagu Nanqiao: “Tidak!”

Lagu Nanqiao adalah tentang belajar dan bekerja, bukan tentang cinta

Tapi Song Nanqiao perlahan menemukan bahwa pahlawan wanita itu diam-diam memperhatikannya.

Suatu malam, Wen Wenyao meraih ujung mantelnya, berunding, dan berkata dengan malu-malu, “Apakah kamu dulu…menyukaiku…”

Lagu Nanqiao: “Ah…itu…dulu suka, tapi sekarang mungkin tidak.”

Wen Wenyao meraih tangannya dan berbisik di telinganya, “Tapi aku sudah lama menyukaimu…Aku sangat menyukaimu…Bisakah kamu memberiku kesempatan untuk mengejarmu?”

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Judul Singkat:SHSLM
Judul Asli:校花女主暗恋我
Weekly Rank:#8166
Monthly Rank:#7435
All Time Rank:#7242
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Businessmen, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Death, Devoted Love Interests, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kind Love Interests, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Popular Love Interests, Transmigration, Unconditional Love, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. I don't think I have ever dropped a book so fast. It's just cringe. Loads of cringe. It's really irritating. The FL is wayyyyy too clingy and possessive that it just gets annoying. Their relationship also kind of feels forced. There is no plot building up to how the FL even started liking her, it was just so random. One second she didn't even know who MC was and the next second she was obsessing over her. It's really weird. If you like that kind of stuff go ahead and read it but it's definitely not for me.

  2. Don't really like this much, protagonist says she won't get close then soon after she feeling guilty and goes to the FL. More forced than anything else to be honest.

  3. can somebody help me find this novel?? the mc has a low sense of presence, literally everyone seems to forget that she exists including her family and even her landlord sometimes. then one day, she bumps (?) into a kid or something like that and falls down, and the only one who helps her is a woman who she immediately recognises as a famous celebrity. then, she gets a system and the system tells her that she has the male protagonist's halo now because there's a bug. she also becomes friends with the second male lead and yeah. i've been trying to find it these past few days 😭😭

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