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Second Marriage in the 1970s

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Dong Jiahui, putri keluarga Dong, diusir dari rumah oleh keluarga Lu karena dia telah menikah selama tiga tahun dan tidak dapat hamil. Dong Jiahui, yang merasa malu, melompat ke sungai untuk mencari kematian. Segera setelah dia diselamatkan, jiwanya juga berubah.

Jiahui keluarga Dong berjarak lima mil dari Desa Shanghe. Istri Zhao Donglin adalah seorang pemuda berpendidikan yang meninggalkan kedua anaknya untuk kembali ke kota. Untuk menjaga anak-anak, Zhao Donglin, yang akan menjadi komandan batalion, pensiun ke pedesaan.

“Si kecil sialan ini menangis dan berteriak untuk menikahi kita, untuk membiarkan dia menikahi Donglin kita. Sekarang dia bahkan tidak peduli dengan anak-anaknya dan ingin kembali ke kota!”

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Untuk gadis berusia enam bulan, Yingbao, Zhao Donglin ingin memberikan ibu tiri kepada kedua anaknya. Dia menolak pengenalan 17 atau 18 orang yang cocok dengannya dan akhirnya memilih Dong Jiahui yang mandul. Zhao Donglin berpikir bahwa karena Dong Jiahui tidak dapat memiliki bayi, dia pasti akan memperlakukan Heidan dan Yingbao sebagai anaknya sendiri.

Dia bertanya dan menemukan bahwa Dong Jiahui adalah seorang wanita dengan kepribadian penurut, dan wanita seperti itu menjalani kehidupan yang stabil. Selama dia memperlakukan anak-anak dengan baik, dia akan memperlakukannya dengan baik selama sisa hidupnya.

Pada malam pernikahan, Dong Jiahui akhirnya menemukan rahasia ketidaksuburan pemilik aslinya. Ternyata dia masih seorang v*rgin!

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Judul Singkat:SM70
Judul Asli:七零年代二婚妻
Weekly Rank:#660
Monthly Rank:#602
All Time Rank:#1764
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Childcare, Divorce, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Poor to Rich, Transmigration,
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  1. where can I find this novel mention in chapter 82. Recommend a good friend's article: I wore it back after I was admitted to Tsinghua University [七零] (BY, Huan Ruojun) The first life of Su Xiangyu was robbed of the qualifications to enter the city, her fiance, and her husband by her step-sister. Until she died, she knew that her step-sister was an invincible heartthrob, Mary Su, and she was nothing but an insignificant cannon fodder. In her second life, she was finally reborn in a good family. The parents were kind and loyal, and she was admitted to Tsinghua University in one fell swoop. But on the day when he got the admission notice from Tsinghua University, Su Xiangyu found out that he was back in his first life. At this time, the scum fiance was still the director of the farm, and the younger sister, with an unbeatable aura of heartthrob, was about to come to the farm to jump in the line. Fortunately, Su Xiangyu has a schoolbag back from the second life But looking at the "Encyclopedia of Animal Husbandry Breeding", "The Technique of Harvesting", and "How to Make Hens Lay More Eggs in Winter", Su Xiangyu fell into deep thought. In a word: crazy farming, crazy abuse of Mary Su, heartthrob

  2. Slow paced. I stopped at c33. How bloody stupid was the original owner that she accepted that treatment at her ex-husbands? Besides that, why is it 'romantic' and a happy thing that SHE is a virgin while HE has two kids? Moreover, FL is a modern girl from a richer family; what's up with her boring personality, if you didn't know better, no one would think she transmigrated. She has no advantages at all, just a boring village girl. I don't really dislike the story, but I don't like it either. Its really just too boring.

  3. For me, i think the male lead was selfish person.He married mc because want someone take care of his son& daughter like their own. And he could help reduce gossip of infertility mc if he make her pregnant but he won't because his children with ex-wife still small. And separation of family could have helped his wife and parents but he insisted to support his brother family even when his wife was bullied by other daughter in law. He was just a hypocrite and self satisfied in many other small action. He's insecure about mc as second marriage but just use se x to destress. And i would hv preferred our mc to stay single with her ability. She married and hv more responsibility but less income but more problem (taking care of husband, child & in laws). I was anticipating cute love story or at least nice child care story but nope, non of that here.

  4. I kinda not satisfied because Zhang Yulan didn't get retribution. You know because of her Zhao Donghe divorced his ex-wife. I know half the reason is Donghe's ex-wife, but still...

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