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Su Hao menyeberang, dan juga mendapat sistem masuk.

Selama dia login setiap hari, dia bisa mendapatkan nilai login dan hadiah acak.

Pada awalnya, Su Hao hanya ingin menjadi orang yang sederhana, anggun, dan keren yang hidup di dunia ini.

Tapi kekuatan tidak mengizinkannya!

————————————————— ———————————

Untuk tuan rumah yang masuk untuk pertama kalinya, kotak ruang sistem 5 persegi diberikan, kartu kepemilikan Li Xunhuan dihargai, dan kartu masuk ganda diberi hadiah.


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Judul Singkat:SSFCF
Judul Asli:签到从捕快开始
Author:Pipe smoker
Weekly Rank:#1161
Monthly Rank:#1142
All Time Rank:#1222
Label:Cultivation, Harem, Male Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Did you mention in one word that the people who wish to help the Mc Turn into bunch of Charmis the Bee (From Sonic, Amy from Sonic ,Or God Forbid (VERY YOUNG HELPLESS SAKURA FROM NARUTO BEFORE ANY MATURING?) And what happens to the protagonist?

  2. Indeed. Very triggering, happens in most cultivation novels, like the world has altered reality within the novel to treat the mc as a unique existence that social norms don't apply to them

  3. The Novel made all the female characters weak and stupid. Even the characters his system gave him. Oh you're strong? Once the mc likes you you become stupid and dependent. Mc saves them then they run head first into the most dangerous place to be a student or to train...why? Because they don't want to be weak, they want to "help" the mc and become stronger. Let's check on that. Girl 1 immediately takes random guy as master, master can barely protect himself. Girl 2 went to different empire but is being toyed with by bigger dynasty's and a religion. Girl 3 got her soul kidnapped, somehow won a new body stayed in enemy's place before new enemies come for her bloodline again so what does she decide? She decide to go to the family that wants her bloodline....again. why? Because she want to become stronger and help the mc. Not once have any of them helped the mc after he liked them back.

  4. The female character running away and 'training' to protect or be equal to the MC then being useless regardless is a big trope in xianxia. It's almost as common as the single lover with an outrageous background trope.

  5. I'm sorry but, the mc does things stealthily but the powers that be still decides that they should investigate his forces as if they found something, and they investigate unrelentingly. But Everytime the mc gets a powerful character he says " now I can stop being so low-key" yet he's even more low-key.

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