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Sign in Starts From Farming in the Countryside

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“Berhasil masuk, dan memperoleh Seni Sihir Sembilan Matahari.”

Dalam sekejap, Lin Chen merasakan kekuatan yang kuat di sekujur tubuhnya.


Terlahir kembali di dunia paralel, Lin Chen memiliki sistem masuk, masuk setiap hari, dan mendapatkan panen yang berbeda.

Ada seni sihir yang tiada tara, teknologi super, senjata ampuh, dan obat mujarab. Yang terpenting, Lin Chen sering memberi tanda pada makhluk purba yang punah.

Dinosaurus, archaeopteryx, harimau bertaring tajam ... Lin Chen mengungkapkan banyak tekanan saat melihat anak dinosaurus lucu dengan mata besar di halaman.

Bagaimana saya harus mengatakannya, ini adalah kisah tentang bertani dan berkembang di dunia yang berbeda, dan dunia ini tak terkalahkan.

“Hei, ada delapan saudara perempuan yang luar biasa dan cantik. Hidup juga semacam tekanan. " Lin Chen menghela nafas sambil berbaring di kursi malas, berjemur di bawah sinar matahari.

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Judul Singkat:SISFFC
Judul Asli:签到从乡村种田开始
Author:Lonely as blue
Weekly Rank:#615
Monthly Rank:#746
All Time Rank:#1016
Label:Age Progression, Child Protagonist, Doting Parents, Economics, Family, Farming, Martial arts, Modern Day, Naive Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, System,
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  1. Well The Novel is Not Bad But... He loves His Country too much like bro why don't you marry your Country, He Gave the Goverment too much Like Technology and The Rice thing and he didn't take money or something from them instead he said that it is for the cooperation. Im like What? Cooperation? Bro you gave them too much for a little cooperation and the thing is he doesn't need cooperation because he's Op what does His Country do? Watch? The Japan Country is much more stronger than China? What the hell? And he likes to be a Hero of China Too much. He's saying that he's kind but when other people's Country is the people in need he doesn't care, I hate this kind of people.But The Good thing about this Novel is the Mc is not Horny Old Man Like other Novel where Mc fucks every Beautiful girl he saw even if it's his Enemy Lol.

  2. It's mandatory to praise china or any "act of patriotism" for that social credit points. Ya wanna make a novel with something against china? Then prepare for your novel to get axed suddenly and your social credit decreases ("critising" chinese govt can deduct social credit points). The author must come from Taiwan in order to able to create CN free from "patriotism"

  3. Would do the same for my country, If I have power to help it. You see bro, we have different kind of love for our country, don't judge other people's Idea because it didn't match yours. I didn't read your wholecomment anyways so you don't need to argue with me

  4. well, recently many people doesnot care anymore about nationalism, they citizen of A country, but have company in B country with office in C country, but themself live in D country... can you guess what is it their nation ??

  5. I just arrive on chapter 61 and I already hate the stupid Linjia village... What did they smoke for their brain turn into such stupid shit.. Honestly, I would just stand up, wipe off dust on my butt and tell my family to move... This kind of stupid cadre and village is too much for me to give some effort... I have so many option, why am I killing myself by trying to make some fools into rich shit.. Nah, I would leave after dismantling everything worthy and transfer it all to tianjia.. Not like i lose anything... Fuck ancestor worshipping when the living descendant screwing us so much...

  6. Holy cow if there is an oscar for bootlicking this author is bound to win o.o; good plot but too much crap about how china is the best and japan is bad .

  7. It's not about how best china is it's about innocent young and promising child(china) is being bullied and taken advantage by his brothers (other countries)....

  8. The capability of the MC and the efficiency of his mouth to suck the dick of their government is extremely skilled. I would like to nominate this novel for The best in deepthroating nobel award. I am extremely shocked and speechless. The subtleness of sucking is very skilled, you can barely notice the sucking going on, I hope he sucks more of their dicks.

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