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Spiritual Energy: I Just Want To Farm Peacefully

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“Semanggi ini, Anda bisa mendapatkan rumput Xingyuan setelah mahir, yang memiliki efek mengumpulkan energi spiritual.”

“Mengapa kubis Cina begitu mirip dengan bunga giok putih dalam ingatanku? Cobalah.”

“Apakah bunga matahari ini bentuk asli dari World Swallowing Flower?!”

“Semakin saya melihat apel ini, semakin mirip dengan Zhu Guo dalam ingatan saya. Jangan khawatir, mari kita coba.”

Ketika qi spiritual pulih, ketika semua orang di dunia berlatih seni bela diri dan memukuli sampai mati untuk sedikit sumber daya kultivasi, Lin Yi memulai jalan bertani berdasarkan warisan ingatan yang rusak di benaknya.

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Judul Singkat:IWFP
Judul Asli:灵气复苏:我只想安静的种田
Author:Eight liang loquat
Weekly Rank:#79
Monthly Rank:#83
All Time Rank:#2456
Label:Absent Parents, Cultivation, Farming, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Orphans, Pets, Poor to Rich, Sect Development, Transmigration, Transplanted Memories, Weak to Strong,
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  1. SPOILER ALERT! Chapter 194: "I sometimes feel that I'm so useless now, it's better to be killed by that fierce beast cat before." "Actually, I also have the same idea. To die on the battlefield is at least sacrifice for the country. What the **** is our situation now?!" This really made me speechless, this type of mindset is just not right, I don't even know what to think or say.

  2. warning little spoiler: authors always tend to forget some of their plots... MC got 2 crystals with inheritances one for immortal and one for martial dao (not bodyrefining, only later). and it is said there is higher level martial dao mentioned above tier 2 if I remember right at least tier 3 maybe even tier 4 and in addition to that martial doa can enter the immortal dao after entering tier 3. so why does MC let his future father-in-law convert to artificial immortal cultivaton with those "spirit seeds"?? total waste of time as uncles realm needs to be partially rebuild because of energy loss during convertation! and he could only become a "pseudo-immortal-cultivator" (my term) instead of really entering immortal dao after tier 3 (golden core) with MCs resources it should be easy to boost uncles alm to that level right? and same with those 300 first disciples hurry up and boost them to the foundation periode...

  3. being so brainwashed by china ruins the whole flow of the story mc does nothing he doesn't use money to build a base doesn't use his knowledge to build a sect give info right n left .this is why urban setting is so trash mc either gets 50 girls or becomes a politicians bich

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