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Akhir akan datang, era genetika dimulai, dan dunia berevolusi.

Sejak itu, bumi telah kembali ke Era Kapur, dengan dinosaurus berjalan di seluruh tanah, dan binatang raksasa seperti anjing.

Qin Lin, seorang siswa SMA di daerah kumuh, secara tidak sengaja mendapatkan latihan tubuh raksasa.

Setelah berlatih latihan ini…

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Judul Singkat:SSG
Judul Asli:星空巨人
Author:Cloud tomb
Weekly Rank:#3261
Monthly Rank:#3136
All Time Rank:#5075
Label:Absent Parents, Aliens, Arrogant Characters, Cultivation, Death of Loved Ones, Dinosaurs, Evolution, Futuristic Setting, Genetic Modifications, Harem, High School, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Technological Gap, Titans, World Tree,
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  1. This is the first time I slightly teared up only 6 chapters in. Even if this end up dogshit in middle or later chapter I will finish this one.

  2. The only disappointing about his development is that I thought he would be estrange towards other people, but he seems fine with socializing. It would be cool if he became aloof, unfortunately not.

  3. Well, the poor, disabled and their offsprings are sacrificed as cannon fodders or meat shields so that monsters would not reach inside the cities. And mc's parents and his five years old sister were included in the sacrificed too. The thing is, mc's sister is not the only child sacrificed in this way. The children of poor and disabled are regarded that they almost always will not grow up healthy and strong so they can just be sacrificed as monsters' chewing or steeping toys and delaying them. So, yeah, it's creepily weird that mc doesn't goes dark.

  4. Beautiful sister, Thicc teacher, Aggressive girl that stronger than MC for few chapters, beautiful pure n holy girl, little fox that transform to girl, loli dragon. This is typical CN harem girl

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