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Dunia telah mengalami perubahan yang luar biasa, manusia berada dalam bahaya, dan perangkat lunak Tiandao lahir karenanya!

Zhou Hao mendapat satu juta poin keberuntungan di awal, dan kotak buta membuka 108 lapisan Naga Gajah Prajna Gong…

Dan dia menemukan bahwa selama nilai keberuntungan cukup, dewi keberuntungan akan datang untuk menghangatkan ranjang!

Dan di dunia ini di mana monster dan ras zerg merajalela, mengumpulkan poin keberuntungan bukanlah hal yang mudah…

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Judul Singkat:SWOMLP
Judul Asli:全球异变:开局百万幸运值
Author:Second brother deity
Weekly Rank:#201
Monthly Rank:#157
All Time Rank:#541
Label:Cheats, Cunning Protagonist, Discrimination, Evil Organizations, Game Elements, Ghosts, Harem, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Lottery, Low-key Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Multiple Identities, Mutated Creatures, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, Ruthless Protagonist, Stalkers, Sudden Strength Gain, Sword Wielder, System, Weak to Strong,
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  1. How come the quality dropped around the time MC went to the front line spatial crack? I mean he literally makes stupid decisions time and time again. Like when they got the reward high grade martial techniques he could have asked to read them all and have the loot box system upgrade them for him to be even more OP. He could have farmed way more luck points if he would have just bothered to go out to do so. Chapter 188 he fights the scorpion which is only a peak Lord Zerg so why was it so hard for him when before when he was just 3 revolutions golden body he could kill enemies of similar strength with only 50% of his strength and now he was stronger at 6 revolutions golden body. When MC gets his hands on the cultivation method for vitality, around chapter 200, why didn't he first try to complete his 9 revolutions golden body before cultivating it? I mean he is technically only at middle of the master realm with his cultivation at 6 revolutions golden body meaning he hasn't completed the cultivation of master realm (blood, bones and muscles) or even begun the cultivation of the grand master realm (organs) and who even knows what's required for the cultivation of the supernatural (extraordinary) realm.

  2. Why is the MC so nerfed after learning the Vitality cultivation method? I mean before he could just wave his saber and kill troves of enemies like it was nothing but now in the defensive war from chp 233 to 248 he seemed inefficient and slow. And why hasn't the MC learned the martial arts that he got in chp 212 when he opened 100 gold boxes? Not to mention that after the 100 gold boxes that cost him 100 million system coins he should be at least platinum if not diamond level system user.

  3. It is to prolong the novel for more money. The usual choices authors are, either you finish a master piece novel or prolong it to the point that it is just plain trash but you can earn more money. Often than not they ruin their own novels to earn more money.

  4. Where does the 10000+ luck point go that he got from swatting zerg flies and how can he change his facial feature???To much information missing....

  5. Damn is it that hard to deny a beauty just say no if he don't want to get associated with her it looks fucking stupid if he can't even say that he already have a girl

  6. Wtf he's supposed to be a Master level and it was said that he need to refine his muscle before he need to advance his realm now he suddenly became a heavenly ranking martial arts wtf author you forgot the Nine Turn Golden Body that cultivation technique is a supreme ancient cultivation technique it feels stupid to replace it with just another one

  7. Chapter 282 i just gonna drop this it thought this have potential at the start but after 200+ things get too confusing for me so sorry but i think some people there will like this

  8. When author create a caring but low key non orphan MC that let his/her school mates died for not want to attract attention, the author should let the MC closed one died as well in a certain situation that MC not present, and there are actually someone with capability to save the MC's loved one but hold him/herself for not wanting to attract attention as well. families of the casualties students should cursing and sue the MC along the school when they know it only took a little effort such as sucking breast for MC to save the other kids but he won't.

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