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Struggle in the American Comic World

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Dengan sertifikat transfer DNF Sharpshooter, ia menjelajahi dunia komik Amerika dan menjadi John Wick dari Continental Hotel.

Penembak berkeliaran, penembak, mekanik, ahli amunisi...manusia adalah makhluk fana, dan beberapa orang membutuhkan sedikit bantuan.

Eh, ada di atas panggung.

Singkatnya, jangan main-main dengan anjing saya, saya pecinta kucing.

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Judul Singkat:SIACW
Judul Asli:奋斗在美漫世界
Author:Yang Zi of Yang
Weekly Rank:#881
Monthly Rank:#398
All Time Rank:#1921
Label:Assasins, Based on a Movie, Fan-fiction, Firearms, Gunfighters, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Modern Day, Parallel World, Perverted Protagonist, Reincarnation,
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  1. Es interesante a un punto pero no me gusta el hecho que ni se descansa y ya entran nuevos villanos wea a la larga cansa... Es harem tiene a natasha may parker y otras que a espaldas le ponen los cuerno con otra a espaldas wea me molesta un poco

  2. Heres my summary and few review of this fanfic: MC reincarnated to the body of young John Wick on the day of joining to the Continental Hotel, he has a system but he leveling up slowly (TN. Im only at chapter 80 and decide to drop this fic because it as fanfic goes doesnt suit my taste). Hes not OP at the start but he miraculous always survive some of gun fight he has. List of the world mixing this fanfic was: 1. Marvel Cinematic Universe 2. Mixture of all Spiderman film 3. Mr and Ms. Smith 4. Wanted 2009 Its all of I can remember so far. As of chapter 80 he only have sex with Mrs. Smith (Angeelina Jolie) and young May Parker. Hes not OP so far (maybe if I read the rest of the 1000 chapter) and he acquired skills and slowly level up as chapter goes by. He also help BlackWidow join shield, make friends with Hawkeye and work with Cipher(Fast n Furious). Work also for Shield under Nick Fury but hes not officially member yet. I dont know if he quit on Continental or not because I drop this fic as of chapter 80, loses my interest of it. And he always put som chinese essence like culture and food and sometimes force it to some people like on his goddaughter and sometimes on his adopter brother and sister which was Peter and Wanda Maximoff. (Just always remember author was a chinese but it turn me off because he forcefully insert chinese culture even tho John Wick is not chinese, hasnt been on china but his soul was chinese since he reincarnated to John Wick body). Thats the part was turn me off somehow to I drop it. Its up to you wether you read it or not its just my opinion anyway.

  3. I just want question for spoiler this time don't be mad cause you can't do it, I just being honest, can you all finish or know in this novel,,,,,,,, about mc lost his virgin, and you know who mc harem??? I being nice and polite ☺ I said again what chapter mc lost his virgin and what mc have harem or not???

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