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Tang Qi, yang merupakan siswa biasa, mendapat jari ajaib karena takdir, dan memulai kehidupan yang indah sejak saat itu.

Bertaruh pada batu, saya merasa nyaman!

Mencicipi, untuk siapa aku bersaing!

Kekayaan ada di ujung jari saya!

Kecantikan, saya ada di sekitar!

Injak generasi kedua, tinju melawan penindas, gratis dan mudah, tapi hanya aku satu-satunya!

Mari kita lihat bagaimana remaja biasa bisa menjadi seperti ikan di kota dan menjadi raja pikap!

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:SPK
Judul Asli:超级捡漏王
Weekly Rank:#3765
Monthly Rank:#3868
All Time Rank:#4572
Label:Cheats, Harem, Male Protagonist,
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Chapter 2844 season finale 2021-09-21 14:46:58 Chapter 2843 take the chance 2021-09-21 14:46:57 Chapter 2842 Exploring the terrain 2021-09-21 14:46:56 Chapter 2841 Another pair 2021-09-21 14:46:55 Chapter 2840 Protect the ancient tomb 2021-09-21 14:46:53

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  1. I read until chapter 37. Ugh, not so good for me. MC is slightly immature when it came to using his goldfingers and his love life. I didn't like how he was able to easily get over his ex-girlfriend whom he was in love with for 7 years. Afterwards, he got his heartstrings touched because of two girls called Mi Qi (Mickey) and Chu Ya. He finally kissed Mi Qi then some other time he got a call from Shen Jiajia and told him that Chu Ya misses him. Guess what? There was a ripple in his heart when he heard it. I didn't like this too. I mean, can he fix himself first or take a break and have a "me time" cause he got goldfingers to explore then harem later if he wants. One of the good things that I have read so far is that he has no sense of accomplishment when he wins in stone gambling. Fast and easy money doesn't make him truly happy. That's good and he said he doesn't want to be too indulge in gambling cause it is still gambling. This is just my opinion, guys. Read if you want.

  2. Im getting tired reading novels nowadays cuz its almost trash every time... im trying to reread those gems novel but its hard cuz the plot and story is still in my mind.

  3. i think this is maybe Will be like most novels, with urban beginnings and will continue to be cultivation and go to another realm

  4. seriously the novel is literally added 3 hrs ago and everyone is already reviewing as if they have read 50 chapters. Some deepshit in this website will see harem, urban and will immediately gives it bad rating and review.

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