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Saya adalah pemilik pabrik zombie, dan produknya agak mengejutkan:
Zombie, anjing zombie, penjilat, anjing pelacak, tiran, pemburu…

Di hari-hari terakhir, mereka adalah senjata biokimia yang paling menakutkan.

Di zaman modern, dia adalah pengawal terbaik.

Yang ingin saya lakukan adalah mengumpulkan fragmennya, membuka kunci, dan membuatnya.

Pernahkah Anda melihat zombie mengenakan pelindung tubuh, helm, dan memegang AK?

Tiran dengan tinggi hampir tiga meter, senjatanya adalah menara tank.

Ini hanyalah puncak gunung es yang dipersenjatai dengan pabrik biokimia.

Tyrant T002, perisai daging, hakim, tubuh ibu… zombie yang belum pernah Anda lihat ini akan menjadi produk andalan pabrik.

Slogan saya: Jadilah orang kaya di zaman modern, dan jadilah pahlawan di hari-hari terakhir.

Ini adalah kisah tentang seorang bos.

- Deskripsi dari MTL


Judul Singkat:SZF
Judul Asli:超级丧尸工厂
Tipe:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#143
Monthly Rank:#75
All Time Rank:#339
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Cold Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Game Elements, Genetic Modifications, Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Post-apocalyptic, Romantic Subplot, Slaves, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters, Zombies,

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17 thoughts on “Super Zombie Factory
  1. Its good but i dont like the pattern of the story its just repeating its self. Zombie then then girls zombie then girls zombie then girls it just keeps repeating it the other girls will chat im live streaming wanna join after 8 chapter im live streaming again wanna join it just keeps repeating it over and over it gets tiring to read it over and over it would have been better if it was not added its ok once or twice but come on bro its been 400 chapter and still the same format so if you guys dont like what i said just skip the chapter about girls not really important its just a filler for author to make more chapters cause he doesn’t want to ran out of ideas

  2. I am 1500 chapters in and there is no more zombie factory and the zombie factory ended in the 1000 to 1100 chapters and now the MC is just way too strong and the zombies are too weak. it’s now just the MC fighting without zombies now, current the MC is strong enough to destroy the galaxy with just a thought.

  3. I cant imagine how a tyrant will put that armor, their arm is not balance

    If the auhor said it was the “tanker from left 4 dead” who are wearing it them its easy but a tyrant, seriously. Author I think people will have suspicion its a zombie as long as they were not fool, can live to the present meand they were alrady familiar with the zombie

    1. Thanks for info, harem is a big inspiration for me to read this novel
      Cough, when you are surrounded by a super beautiful women who will not love it right?

      Hope they wont be forgotten later in the story

    1. They didnt put harem in tags, hope that mc is not a virgin mary lol

      Otherwise this novel is such a disappointment, so many top level beauty and you dont touch them.

      Mc only had sex with Ye lingwei but it was still an accident

      Atleast mc is not always thinking of his dick lol

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