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Supermarket Space: Traveling Through the Ages and Marrying a Rough Guy

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Song Xi, pemilik supermarket di abad ke-21, bangun dan menemukan bahwa dia telah tiba di masa ketika persediaan langka dan sangat sulit, dan dia telah 'menikah' ke lembah pegunungan di mana kondisinya sangat sulit.

Tanpa diduga, supermarket yang dibuka di kota kecil menjadi ruang pribadinya, dan suami di sampingnya adalah pria hebat yang bisa berburu, memancing, dan bertani.

Song Xi merasa bahwa menjadi pria kaya yang rendah hati dengan suami yang penuh kasih, dua atau tiga orang kepercayaan, buah dan sayuran yang tak ada habisnya, dan menjalani kehidupan kecil cukup bagus.

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Judul Singkat:SSTTAMRG
Judul Asli:超市空间:穿越年代嫁糙汉
Author:Park Nine
Weekly Rank:#463
Monthly Rank:#383
All Time Rank:#905
Label:Childcare, Cooking, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Pregnancy, Transmigration, Twins,
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  1. Almost 800 chapters read. It's good and entertaining novel. Has all the clichés but also some nee things. I'd say the most I like is the inteligente of Fl to progress, sometimes gets boring cause after so many chapters there's very few surprises and could be repetitive after a while. I'll stop the story for now because it's a little boring and the real story behind the Fl and her real family doesn't progress at all. And also I find it anticlimactic read a new Fl comes to share the story with the current one. It's sad to read almost 150 chapters to discover the story of this new protagonist, a very dramatic school life, and then things get f*cked up totally, not only what happened it's incomprehensible (how can two MC have amnesia with the same girl and make her suffer a hell when they both were supposed to deeply love this girl?! If I was interested in sad dramas I'd read biographies not romance novels.

  2. I know the new Fl will have a good development when she dies and come back in time. But it's incomprehensible that I had to waste time reading 150 pages of a beautiful romance with the perfect men and then abruptly the Mc turn to be a m*therf*cker. What a waste of my feelings, when a men is a scumbag it shows lots of signals, it can't be an unexplained amnesia who changes the character of a person. Even worse is to think that two different men have amnesia and no one told them the truth. ughhh unexplainable!!!

  3. About the help the original Fl give to everyone in the village I find it the most intelligent strategy for the time she lives. She's rich but cannot dress well, eat well or have anything good because the villagers are too poor, so the only way to live a good life it's to make everyone's life better, this way no one accuse her and send her to jail. I understand others novels the Fl is hated by lots of people because the wealthy gap it's too big . The strange it's to have enemies when everyone's living a good life .

  4. It starts off pretty good, she is cautious and doesnt have insta love to the husband like most transmigrated novels. She guards her secrets which again is rare. But as it progresses she becomes the cliche saintess. Ohh a hungry child I will support you! I will give you alot of money for things abundant that no one wants. Oh you did me a small favor? I will deliver goods and any good things I develop freely to you for the rest of my life [that list grows and grows so far there are 8 families] clothes, food and tickets she will give freely like an idiot. She saves a little girl? Well know she peraonally gives things left and right go raise her. Which this little girl is already spoiled so this makes less sense. Then she saves a suicidal preggo woman and yep you guessed it she is now on the list of being provided for by the MC for life. She has no issue with giving her ideas and things freely to the village so all can have a share because cliche "chinese mc must have no greed or common sense". Her intelligence drops further and further. It really sucks cause she started a smart, cautious, reasonable MC.if she started as the brainless idiot who gives everything away at the beginning, I wouldnt have wasted time reading so many chapters.

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