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Dari akhir dunia hingga zaman kuno, sebelum Gu Yundong bisa bernapas lega, dia menemukan bahwa dia sedang dalam perjalanan untuk melarikan diri dari kelaparan.

Dan keluarga mereka diusir oleh kakek-nenek mereka dari tim keluarga yang melarikan diri, dan semua orang menonton dari pinggir lapangan.

Ayahnya hilang, ibunya bodoh, adik kecil berkepala lobak memiliki kepala kurus dan kepala besar, dan Gu Yundong yang sekarat hanya merasakan sakit gigi.

Tidak mungkin, singsingkan lengan baju Anda dan lakukan.

Melakukan bisnis, membuka toko, dan membeli tanah pertanian yang subur, kehidupan Gu Yundong berjalan dengan baik. Jika tidak ada orang di sekitar yang menatapnya dan ingin menikahinya di rumah, dia bisa pergi ke surga.

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Judul Singkat:ESHS
Judul Asli:农门长姐有空间
Author:three dates
Weekly Rank:#3
Monthly Rank:#4
All Time Rank:#138
Label:Complex Family Relationships, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Magical Space,
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Chapter 3760 Extra finale 2022-09-08 11:33:45 Chapter 3759 Fanwai Song Yan returns to China 2022-09-08 11:33:43 Chapter 3758 Extraordinary marriage 2022-09-08 11:33:42 Chapter 3757 Duan Qian marries his wife 2022-09-08 11:33:41 Chapter 3756 Departure 2022-09-08 11:33:40

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  1. Just Completed!! I have to say, among similar stories (tags: Shoujo/josei,ancient times, business management) this is one of the better ones. Let me enumerate why: (1) They cut off the toxic relatives very early on. The family interactions 98% of the time is all warm and fuzzy. ______________(2) FL is not TOO OP (ignoring the magic space of course). She doesn't know everything, nor is she the best at the things shes good at (like cooking, wherein her sister showered more talent) She and her husband have their own specialties. (3) No Imperial harem drama! (Unlike 90% of similar stories, the ML is NOT a long lost prince or any sort of royalty by blood) ____________ (4) FL and ML interactions are sweet and respectful all throughout. The development of their romance has good pace, too.____________(5) She didn't take over another person's body. It's just the two parts of soul combined back to one. Tbh, i often feel uncomfortable in stories where FL takes over another person's body, thankfully this isn't one of them. __________ (6) Characterization is excellent. Everyone's a character. Especially the children. OMG. Every child has their own quirks and it's SO DAMN CUTE. Also, every named character has a closure. I reckon the author has a checklist or smthg. Not to mention, in other stories I usually breeze through side stories focusing on other characters but in this one I READ THEM ALL. _________ (7) And finally, all arc is a bit different and there is something new to look forward too. _________ __________ Also, I think the pacing is FINE, if you read this type of stories in the first place. _________ That's all. Thanks to the translators for making this accessible to us!

  2. Okay, ch 3490 had me in stitches. Not surprised FL & ML will produce a broken kid. Didn't think I would persist this far. I've only ever chosen novels with 200-ish chapters because I don't have the patience for long protracted plots and tons of characters I could barely recall, but just when I think I've read enough, some new plot development or new character is introduced and I get sucked back into it.

  3. Currently reading chapter 2400+ and I like it very much. Tbh, the pacing isn't bad if you are a reader of these feel good stories. What I love most is the characterization. It's quite full and the dialogues, especially the children's, are adorable and amusing.

  4. Do any one know a quick transmigration novel where one arc fl forgot her memory and became black dragon ml every arc ml & hus assistant has always same face & same name..kindly tell me the Name of this novel 🥺🥺

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