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Tahun ini, Rehagel menyanyikan mitologi Yunani, Profesor Wenger bermain tanpa terkalahkan dan memenangkan kejuaraan, Leeds United tiba di tahun pertama mahkota Inggris, tim ini menghadapi bahaya tahanan.

Pada saat krisis ini, penggemar dengan jiwa dari generasi selanjutnya mengambil alih pasukan kulit putih dalam badai, dan secara pribadi menciptakan mitos para penjaga muda satu demi satu, mengubah Leeds United menjadi raksasa legendaris. Saya seorang raksasa!

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Judul Singkat:GC
Judul Asli:豪门缔造者
Weekly Rank:#2209
Monthly Rank:#1994
All Time Rank:#1264
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Football, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Male Protagonist, Rebirth, System,
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  1. I am wondering why does MC feel he needs to deal with the family of the body he took over when they abandoned the original person and did not even visit him in the hospital when hurt

  2. Sigh time to drop I can tolerate the idiot rich guy buying a team just to try to stomp on MC but when even the annoying dad buys a team and then poaches coach and tries to get the young players to play for him even if he might be secretly helping it's just coming of as annoying and worse than the villain

  3. Ok i've read 100 chapters so far. No problem with the football, however, the media. If something like this happened in real life they would get sued so fast! The "reporters" would be fired after the first article! Maybe in China media can get away with this sort of thing but it really bothers me. Also the fans! No fans would act like they do!

  4. So repetive. There's no new ideas at all. Just pure nonsense. Like some fans think MC will lose but MC will faceslap them. This repeats Almost 20 times. Im only in 200 chaps. I can't stand the boringness

  5. Over all it was okay, the mc go back to the past with the body of diehard fan nicknamed as "Loya" because of what he did for Leeds United. He become a chairman of the club and the football manager, he also had the system that was giving a random rewards lmao

  6. Hmm as for the harem of mc, he only made one girl pregnant although he and the other two more womens kinda have unusual relationship.

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