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The Goddess Shines on America

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Pada tahun 1984, Alice memutuskan untuk mengubah dunia.

“Langkah pertama adalah menghasilkan kekayaan bersih ratusan miliar dolar. Semua lapisan masyarakat terlibat, dan kami akan mengubah Amerika Serikat menjadi kebun belakang kami sendiri!”

“Langkah selanjutnya belum dipikirkan, tetapi sekarang setelah mereka mencapai tingkat ini, berbicara tentang uang terlalu hambar.”

“Kalau begitu, ubah dunia sesukamu!”

Akibatnya, dewi Alice bersinar di Amerika, memimpin umat manusia menuju kemakmuran, ke masa depan, dan ke dunia baru!

Sayang sekali, bahkan jika seseorang mengubah dunia dengan sangat buruk, dia tidak dapat mengubah dirinya kembali menjadi laki-laki…

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Judul Singkat:GSOA
Judul Asli:女神光耀美利坚
Weekly Rank:#3975
Monthly Rank:#4166
All Time Rank:#3986
Label:Beautiful Protagonist, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Capitalist, Cunning Protagonist, Early Romance, Famous Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Male to Female, Modern World, Movie Director, Nerd, Parallel World, Racism, Reincarnation, Rich Protagonist, Scriptwriter, Super Power, System, Writers, Yuri,
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  1. Does anyone know the title of this novel? i first found it on jjwxc The female Mc enters the abo world and becomes an alpha. There are 3 heroines - cheerful reporter with scar body and there is a scene where she is being chased by gangsters and they pretend to kiss - school idol and mc find out that she often eats sweets secretly" on the school roof - an idol disguised as a nerd. they are all teenagers

  2. Si tu te vas al pasado estarias peor a menos que solo sea a ir mas chiquitito porque a menos que no tengas in gran trasfondo o un poder o minimo un entrenamiento no podrias aser nada porwue estoi seguro que nisiquiera saven como crear polvora o una pistola que seria lo basico si viajas en el timpo o si vas a cundo chico que vas a aser a parte de poder ablar mejor mejores notas aprender mas facil y resolver algunos errores del pasado pero nada mas osea a menos que tengas minimo una havilidad para recordar y eso porque no creo que ni de joda una persona normal tendria el tiempo para estudiar quimica historia tacticas militares negocios tecnologias artes marciales u otra cagada lo mismo si renaces chico que puta lecera crees que arias alguna spequeñas diferencias pero nada mas

  3. Me dolieron los ojos pero lo termine de leer me refiero a tu comentario... Bueno también a la novela jajaja imagina que hay personas que quieran traducir tu comentario XD

  4. @Devilsheart Do you seem to lack basic cognitive development? Lots of novels have powers. That's why they are called as fantasy which you probably haven't realised. The basic premise of this novel is Urban Rebirth along with Business development.Giving powers contributes nothing to the story. Back to my comment, where you have conveniently removed, "Why? If you are writing an Urban rebirth novel...keep it as an Urban Rebirth Novel.". As for answering your 'points.' Nothing you asked raised is any thing valid, and which I haven't answered. Finally,my problems with female protagonist novels is, whether urban or ancient with business as main plot, most of them will give female Protagonist special bullshit supernatural powers or a special background. On the other hand very few male urban rebirth business novels have such settings. And please ffs don't mix fantasy where it hasn't veen asked. Or confuse 'Shenhao' novels with business novels. Oh and next time try not to sound like a condescending asshole. You just come out as a douchebag.

  5. why you sounds so condescending & call other people condescending, have you ever heard something about where there's demand there's supply, same with why Hentai & Porn mostly have even stupidier plot where woman enjoy getting R@pe instead of trauma & Suicide ? the answer is because there's demand for it. stop asking obvious question like you're the only smart person on this site, have you ever read urban life & business management genre where MALE protagonist is cultivator as well, its the same genre also why you have to speak about woman can't be equal with men unless she have supernatural power lol. so idiotic to think that moderator of this site don't even bother to delete this spam is so stupid.

  6. Because I am being condescending. And not sure if you followed the chain or are just here to show your insignificant understanding. First if cultivation is present in an Urban novel it's Urban Fantasy/Urban Superpowers. Qidian itself has divided Urban Genre into Urban Superpower and Urban Business and Urban Reality sub genre. Don't go and mix two entirely different things up. They are not the same. Unless you don't understand the significant difference between fantasy and reality? And supply and demand? Really? There is an oversupply of sub bar book like this. It's not supply demand. It's dumping with the hopes of striking gold. And who the fuck watches porn or reads hentai for plot? If you do...congrats. I can understand why you like this book. And finally, the women comment started with a rant as there is a serious dearth of 'serious' business management novels. Not fantasy superpower books ( both male and female) with not even an ounce of real world economics behind it. My comment started with a 'why'. A question. Not a statement. The comment is followed by another comment, which makes it clear that I am expecting similar treatment for female protagonists rather than some bullshit powered up female lead. Hope that cleared up whatever you understood

  7. Sorry for making a reply this late but first of all, why can't a novel have a mix of those genres exactly...? Second of all "Oh and next time try not to sound like a condescending asshole. You just come out as a douchebag." You just did the same thing? That just makes you sound like a hypocrite. Third of all, the author doesn't need your fucking opinion on what they want to write. That's the point, they are THE author and you are THE reader. Go comment on the original website if you wanted to leave some "smartass comment" about gender inequality or some bullshit about how it doesn't suit your tastes. This was probably made by some inexperienced author who just wanted to strike gold and turns out the genre didn't work. Now back to the "point" of yours that I didn't answer "Why? If you are writing an Urban rebirth novel...keep it as an Urban Rebirth Novel" Fuck off, it isn't even a point and my original comment was about the fact that you thought gender had anything to do with this or the fact that you think a novel can't have multiple genres at once. Fuck off, and I'll see you never.

  8. To the 'This Reader' named @Yao : Fan fiction or fanfiction is fictional writing written in an amateur capacity as fans, unauthorized by, but based on an existing work of fiction. ( This is definitely NOT a Fanfiction.) Genre : a style or category of art, music, or literature. Want more confirmation? Check Qidian. And finally 'This reader', next time Google before trying to sound smart

  9. A 12 yr old girl run out of the police and gang fight because she wants to watch the excitement?? Are u out of your mind even if u have a mind power u wouldnt actually run off to go in the scene right unless you are retarded.

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