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The Happy Life of the Reborn Dad

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Tanpa diduga, Xia Zekai, yang baru menyadari nilai kehidupan, terlahir kembali.

Ketika saya bangun, saya kembali ke tahun 2009. Tahun ini istrinya membuat keributan tentang pergi bekerja dan mengatakan bahwa dia akan membesarkannya di masa depan.

Tahun ini, gadis kembarnya akan masuk TK.

Apa yang harus saya lakukan jika tidak ada yang merawat anak-anak? Saya hanya bisa makan makanan ringan di rumah dengan tenang o((⊙?⊙))o

Teman Buku: 588728396

Titik awal + pembuatan butik saluran ganda 4,3 juta kata buku lama "Rebirth Wife and Child Hot Kangtou" telah selesai, teman-teman kekurangan buku dapat mengunjunginya!

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Judul Singkat:THLRD
Judul Asli:重生之奶爸的幸福生活
Weekly Rank:#1297
Monthly Rank:#1510
All Time Rank:#4637
Label:Childcare, Doting Parents, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Romantic Subplot,
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  1. everyone has their own preferences, I love detailed detailed Slice of Life and warm family stories so this one is perfect for me. please recommend if there any similar novels.

  2. Someone had commented in review this story had no literature. Excuse me sir, do you even know the meaning of literature? This was not even properly translated yet you judge it. If you hate such a DETAILED story no need to leave such a small review. Its kinda funny. Although sometimes I got irritated in some low pace but detailed story or such a fast pacing but not detailed story, I will not give a review because of my taste in novel. In 6 years reading a countless stories I got to know many bad and touching story. Although sometimes in novel the author is air headed but I think they work hard writing a story, But I still hate plagiarism tho. I kinda disappointed in novels nowdays because it has a messy plots and its kinda irritating. It makes me mad. Sorry for my english tho.

  3. Actually this is a good story I dont know why you guys give such a small review. This story is fluffy and sweet. I love it.

  4. So here’s a summary: MC travels back to 2009 and becomes a full time dad while the wife takes a job as manager(higher pay than him). While looking after his children he decides to sell candies or jelly beans to make a profit and it seems to be successful. Though im slightly confused about why he sold the recipe to the principal of his daughters school for 40k yuan (probably needed cash early for startup?) . This novel is full on slice of life, chapter 90 MC still not wealthier and most of what I said is covered throughout these 90 chapters. Even for me this is super slow, but I’ve been bored of sects and young masters recently so it’s ok read I guess. 😎😎😎

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