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The Heavens of Online Games Are Coming

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Keberadaan yang tidak dapat dijelaskan memperluas bumi dan bintang ratusan kali lipat, dan seluruh dunia didigitalkan oleh game tersebut. Keberadaan kuno mulai kembali, dan ada ras alien dalam kekacauan.

Ini adalah perebutan hegemoni antara tentara sengit Dinasti Qin Besar dan Tentara Yulin dari Dinasti Tang yang makmur, dan juga bentrokan antara tentara militer Dinasti Wei dan kamp yang terperangkap.

Ketika Prajurit Spartan bertemu dengan Prajurit Serban Kuning, ketika Perang Salib Tahta Suci bertemu dengan Kavaleri Besi Mongolia… Prajurit Gajah, Buddha Besi, Bajak Laut Viking… Manusia, Hewan, Invasi Alien… …Siapa peradaban terkuat di surga?

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:THOGAC
Judul Asli:网游之诸天降临
Weekly Rank:#3236
Monthly Rank:#2837
All Time Rank:#4062
Label:Game Elements, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist,
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  1. I rather read the lord's empire at list the protagonist there become emperor unlike this novel. I think the protagonist here just a follower haha

  2. This was seen from the first chapter, when the Mc preferred to choose the Chinese Faction, instead of other factions such as the Qin, Ming, etc.

  3. Author doesn’t seem to know Chinese military were crippled by Mongolians for over millennia and ceded land to them lmao. What strongest, Japan attacking China is normal since China has also attacked Japan in the century before WWI. CCP succeeds in revolution and takes over the already weakened China. If you ask me, the strongest military is US. No other country sends over troops or military aid across various nations- and it’s determined to be the number one superpower for over a century. No other nation has this level of fame except the previous British empire, whose navy power was number one and colonize Canada, US, and Australia. Number one spoken Language is Chinese, but that’s because Chinese population in China is number one in the world. If you travel the world then you will likely find some people who can speak English guaranteed, and difficult to find Chinese speaker unless said speakers are Chinese descendent.

  4. now it's getting harder finding a chinese novel without natonalism... most of chinese novel have part of poison only few did not :{ ,most authot are without understanding history and only read brainwashed content

  5. That's because CCP only teaches the history that they want people to believe. After all...they can't even mention the Tiananmen Square massacre of student protesters in 1989 (unless they want to go to jail of course) But in fairness...most governments do that to some degree...China's CCP just does it to the extreme. The USA and Canada try to gloss over the massacre and attempted genocide of the Native American people after all.

  6. y nada sobre el imperio español, que fue el primer en descubrir el continente amicano y abrir literal una nueva era en la historia del mundo

  7. Meh* all political hodgepodge how do you think Al-Qaeda came into being how did you think Taliban came into being . Let me tell you because they were supported by America to in exchange of providing control over oil price. Don't even get me started on china. look a single Buddhist Dalai Lama fled to India and they hold that grudge for almost a century. What best and strongest country they are bootlickers. And UK what do you think their empire is built upon. It's built upon slavery and colonialism. Most of the European countries are. You say USSR or Russia are warmongers, compared to other world they are cute little aggressive bear cubs and India they are naive. Preaching peace and what not. End result the world needs politics also it is being killed politics. Just like nicotine you need it but it kills you too.

  8. greatest empire in history? ofc its the tang dynasty guys they are just the best 😂 bet you the author googled what empire covered where he lived n made it number 1

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