The Legendary Roll

In previous life, I was just a mediocre guy, and accomplished nothing. After reincarnation, I seize the opportunity of being a legend of the times. In this life, I am the protagonist in Tianxuan World, a great master of martial arts and a founder of making elixirs. What? You want.... Baca selengkapnya

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Daftar Isi

Chapter 1512 Everything I Protect (End) Chapter 1511 Dominate Chapter 1510 The light of the horizon

Chapter 1509 Dark, half-step dominate! Chapter 1508 World War I Chapter 1507 The Legion of Darkness Chapter 1506 Generous tragedy, the immortal soul Chapter 1505 Naruto into reincarnation Chapter 1504 Broken Time Lapse Chapter 1503 The weakest scourge Chapter 1502 Destroy the shell Chapter 1501 Dark infant

Chapter 1500 Take up the magic nest again Chapter 1499 Let me deliver you Chapter 1498 Holy demon

Chapter 1497 Dome Recovery Chapter 1496 Torrent of magic Chapter 1495 Eradication of the Magic Pit Chapter 1494 This is not the past Chapter 1493 Third Degree Confusion Chapter 1492 Your heritage will not break Chapter 1491 One man in charge Chapter 1490 Two roads, two choices Chapter 1489 Luck

Chapter 1488 Killing Field and Sky Chapter 1487 Temptation Chapter 1486 The mystery of the sky Chapter 1485 Two wills Chapter 1484 Is it you? Yuntian! Chapter 1483 Real killing battlefield Chapter 1482 Re-entering the battlefield Chapter 1481 Otto World God's Choice Chapter 1480 Regain the killing battlefield Chapter 1479 Star status Chapter 1478 Destruction of blood, decay and decay Chapter 1477 Keep history in mind and open up the future

Chapter 1476 Sword cuts darkness Chapter 1475 Lead yourself Chapter 1474 Stay late Chapter 1473 Watching the history Chapter 1472 Towards time Chapter 1471 Eroding darkness Chapter 1470 Sullen Chapter 1469 True and false Chapter 1468 Reviving Dark Creator Chapter 1467 God Lord Chapter 1466 Inhale the magic of the stars Chapter 1465 Yunkawa, God Lord!

Chapter 1464 Dangers and opportunities Chapter 1463 Broken road injury Chapter 1462 Deteriorating environment Chapter 1461 Let me try Chapter 1460 Unsolved Road Injury Chapter 1459 Better to die than to live Chapter 1458 Leave it to you Chapter 1457 Soul Bead and Blue Silk Chapter 1457 Soul Bead and Blue Silk Chapter 1456 The power of ants can move mountains Chapter 1455 Coexist Chapter 1454 Must die

Chapter 1453 Star Chain Chapter 1452 Heaven and earth, a line of life Chapter 1451 Three Demon Straits Chapter 1450 Mid-office Chapter 1449 Deception and scam Chapter 1448 Black sun Chapter 1447 Pursuing the Demon Lord Chapter 1446 Channel War between the Two Realms Chapter 1445 Black dome Chapter 1444 Strange change Chapter 1443 Forward Chapter 1442 Growing magic star

Chapter 1441 Monster War Chapter 1440 Ghost Lord Chapter 1439 Elite Monster Chapter 1438 Bred monster Chapter 1437 Disaster situation Chapter 1436 Into the Star Chapter 1435 Complementary training system Chapter 1434 Successive breakthroughs Chapter 1433 Preach again Chapter 1432 Threat of God Chapter 1431 gravel Chapter 1430 Destruction plan

Chapter 1429 Indelible stone statue Chapter 1428 Culprit Chapter 1427 Stone statue of Tianxuan World Chapter 1426 Integration Umbra Chapter 1425 Dominating potential Chapter 1424 Above God is Lord Chapter 1423 The other side was injured Chapter 1422 Catching Kui Niu Chapter 1421 Poor lord Chapter 1420 Reincarnation Chapter 1419 Umbrella Wheel Chapter 1418 I also wait for you for a long time

Chapter 1417 Cochlea Chapter 1416 Hard hit afterburner Chapter 1415 Break the confrontation Chapter 1414 Divine lord Chapter 1413 Parsing the golden scroll Chapter 1412 Comparable to God Chapter 1411 How are you Chapter 1410 Opportunity to be promoted Chapter 1409 Occupation of the recurrent placenta Chapter 1408 Giant baby Chapter 1407 Fight for embryo control Chapter 1406 God in Pregnancy

Chapter 1405 Recurrent placenta Chapter 1404 Manifested Chapter 1400 I'm just one step behind Chapter 1399 After death Chapter 1398 Reincarnation Chapter 1397 Umbra Recovery Chapter 1396 Break hand again Chapter 1395 Passing by Chapter 1394 Time is cold and evil Chapter 1393 Realm difference Chapter 1392 Power of God Chapter 1391 Half Step Master

Chapter 1390 Eroded Cold Evil True God Chapter 1389 Decaying reincarnation Chapter 1388 A nail Chapter 1387 Catch karma Chapter 1386 Total suppression Chapter 1385 Causal confrontation Chapter 1384 Cobweb industry fruit days Chapter 1383 My face is big Chapter 1382 The plan of the cold evil true god Chapter 1381 Indelible? Chapter 1380 Suppress metaplasia Chapter 1379 The past

Chapter 1378 Devour memory Chapter 1377 A scam Chapter 1376 Metaplasia Chapter 1375 Memory pieces Chapter 1374 Green grassland Chapter 1373 Arrival center Chapter 1372 Remove the black chain Chapter 1371 Time turning Chapter 1370 True God Peak Chapter 1369 Homogenous breath Chapter 1368 Wheel into the Underworld Chapter 1367 Shenhai Division

Chapter 1366 Demigod peak Chapter 1365 Pity Chapter 1364 Shenhai changed Chapter 1363 Empress of Mother Chapter 1362 Remember what's the use Chapter 1361 蹂躏 True God Chapter 1360 Say hello? Chapter 1359 Butterfly reappears Chapter 1358 The hidden dangers of Umbra Chapter 1357 Approaching truth Chapter 1356 Too ironic Chapter 1355 Seven faces

Chapter 1354 Umbra Wheel Chapter 1353 Not the time Chapter 1352 The Origin Road is Power Chapter 1351 Mystery of Confusion Chapter 1350 Wangchuan was injured Chapter 1349 The will of the universe Chapter 1348 Shenhai Demon Chapter 1347 United Chapter 1346 Disaster strike Chapter 1345 Brief calm Chapter 1344 Your own path Chapter 1343 Yuanshi Avenue

Chapter 1342 Under the tree Chapter 1341 Ask the ghost master Chapter 1340 I don't kill you Chapter 1339 Epiphany Chapter 1338 Shen Hai Hu Tian Xuan Chapter 1337 Celestial Change Chapter 1336 Retreating Crystal King Chapter 1335 Shinto Chapter 1334 Divine Power Chapter 1333 Pursuing the True God Chapter 1332 Double Forged Rule Chapter 1331 All crushed

Chapter 1330 Super Life Avatar Chapter 1329 World channel Chapter 1328 Haha, walking the dog Chapter 1327 Back again? Chapter 1326 Mando vine Chapter 1325 Sky Crystal True God Chapter 1324 Finding Seeds of Hope Chapter 1323 Obstacles to vines Chapter 1322 Want to lie to me again Chapter 1321 Wait for you long Chapter 1320 Half-step true god Chapter 1319 Demigod mystery

Chapter 1318 Demigod Chapter 1317 Homicide order Chapter 1316 I'm weak Chapter 1315 Mastering Bronze Gears Chapter 1314 Find a hole Chapter 1313 Stone Man Chapter 1312 Zijin fierce Chapter 1311 Who wants to suffer Chapter 1310 Killing Leaderboard Chapter 1309 Purple King Chapter 1308 Tacit warband Chapter 1307 Don't be naughty

Chapter 1306 Bronze gear Chapter 1305 Pass the curse Chapter 1304 My life is off Chapter 1303 Mantra Chapter 1302 Bad luck canopy Chapter 1301 Shijie Wuxiu Chapter 1300 Cursed Rule Chapter 1299 Damn Yunchuan Chapter 1298 Gnome ghost Chapter 1297 People beware of bad bowels Chapter 1296 Sacred City Cannon Chapter 1295 A ray of green silk

Chapter 1294 Killing battlefield Chapter 1293 Son of the world Chapter 1292 Umbra Prison Chapter 1291 See Wangchuan Chapter 1290 Sister and sister Chapter 1289 Keep talking Chapter 1288 Advent Chapter 1287 Refinement Chapter 1286 Don't look in the eyes Chapter 1285 Refined Demon Arm Chapter 1284 Three feet on the ground Chapter 1283 Dangers and big opportunities

Chapter 1282 Hand over Chapter 1281 Magic eye submission Chapter 1280 Hundred Road Void Tide Chapter 1279 Step on the soles of your feet Chapter 1278 Caught you, old friend Chapter 1277 Chance and Trap Chapter 1276 Yaowu Yangwei Chapter 1275 Cave Reappearance Chapter 1274 Soaring ghost blood Chapter 1273 The Lord is coming Chapter 1272 got the wrong person Chapter 1271 No need

Chapter 1270 Stand upright Chapter 1269 Doomsday Chapter 1268 Make a promise Chapter 1267 Have you been caught too? Chapter 1266 Dead Demon avatar Chapter 1265 Far away Chapter 1264 Decent Chapter 1263 Enchanted Eros Chapter 1262 Small world crashing again Chapter 1261 Between life and death Chapter 1260 Established cycle Chapter 1259 Causal circle

Chapter 1258 extra income Chapter 1257 Robbery Cave Chapter 1256 The main clams of one side compete Chapter 1255 Controlling Demigod Bone Chapter 1254 Two bandits Chapter 1253 Demigod Chapter 1252 You are an alien demon Chapter 1251 The arrival of Dongyuan Chapter 1250 This is a trap Chapter 1249 Where are my eyes Chapter 1248 Big master Chapter 1247 Dead Devil's Voice

Chapter 1246 Weak slagging Chapter 1245 Magic in the mist Chapter 1244 One finger sky Chapter 1243 Avoid the limelight Chapter 1242 Umbra Sprawling Darkness Chapter 1241 Injury origins Chapter 1240 Causal Time Vortex Chapter 1239 Breaking the Void Chapter 1238 Howling Imp Chapter 1237 New world Chapter 1236 Are you robbed too? Chapter 1235 Lian Dawei

Chapter 1234 Crash the world Chapter 1233 Yellow sand scroll Chapter 1232 Empty shell Chapter 1231 Yunchuan in Black Chapter 1230 Avatar Chapter 1229 Hundreds of Small Worlds Chapter 1228 Qizhenhai in the picture Chapter 1227 Is my treasure Chapter 1226 My past fellow Chapter 1225 Fateful Chapter 1224 Insatiable? Chapter 1223 Insatiable

Chapter 1222 The spirit of origin Chapter 1221 Resurgence Chapter 1220 Sky Ghost Bead Chapter 1219 I don't hate you Chapter 1218 Pick the biggest Chapter 1217 Night witch Chapter 1216 Guard the door Chapter 1215 Qizhen Island opens Chapter 1214 The guardians gather Chapter 1213 Qizhenhai Chapter 1212 You are too smelly Chapter 1211 Give you a suggestion

Chapter 1210 Ghost blood Chapter 1209 Lord of Forgetting Chapter 1208 Mass grave Chapter 1207 Tianyou Chapter 1206 Saw ambition Chapter 1205 Flesh and soul Chapter 1204 Rest assured Chapter 1203 Work for me Chapter 1202 Crossing soul pond Chapter 1201 Invite the guardians Chapter 1200 Opportunity for soul promotion Chapter 1199 Master of the other side

Chapter 1198 Ecstasy Chapter 1197 Here comes the bitter master Chapter 1196 True and false guardian Chapter 1195 Soul stone Chapter 1194 Connected Realms Chapter 1193 Son of the other side Chapter 1192 Want to hit my wife? Chapter 1191 Underworld City Chapter 1190 Into the realm Chapter 1189 Soul extradition Chapter 1188 Guide to the other side of flowers Chapter 1187 Qinger Breakthrough

Chapter 1186 Surrender Chapter 1185 Ancient god Chapter 1184 Rise of the Demon Chapter 1183 Daoyou, let's go Chapter 1182 Breakthrough of the evil star Chapter 1181 Wanying Chapter 1180 Blame Chapter 1179 Fusion consciousness Chapter 1178 Third wish Chapter 1177 Doomed ending Chapter 1176 Karma Chapter 1175 Change of shadow

Chapter 1174 your dream Chapter 1173 Shadow space Chapter 1172 Planting cause and effect Chapter 1171 This may not be Chapter 1170 Demigod confrontation Chapter 1169 For you Chapter 1168 Diarrhea Chapter 1167 Only on my own Chapter 1166 Shadow Rule Chapter 1165 Host here Chapter 1164 Wan Yao against the water Chapter 1163 Supreme Prestige

Chapter 1162 Noxious Road Chapter 1161 Svenven Chapter 1160 Poisonous Clam Chapter 1159 Drug Stray Chapter 1158 trace Chapter 1157 Wan Yao Supreme Opportunity Chapter 1156 Reentry sunset Chapter 1155 Total kill Chapter 1154 Demon temptation Chapter 1153 Talk to Yuntian Chapter 1152 Past life mystery Chapter 1151 Exalted Supreme Treasure

Chapter 1150 Seven seven eight eight Chapter 1149 More than enough Chapter 1148 Castle ghost Chapter 1147 Youzi return home Chapter 1146 War you die Chapter 1145 Mercilessly Chapter 1144 You have **** disaster Chapter 1143 True God Treasure Chapter 1142 Seeds of hope Chapter 1141 For the Holy One Chapter 1140 Die so well! Chapter 1139 The choice of colorful ghosts

Chapter 1138 The mystery of life and death Chapter 1137 Broken memory Chapter 1136 Rise of sky Chapter 1135 Withered traction beam Chapter 1134 Ashamed Butterfly Chapter 1133 Resolve road injuries Chapter 1132 Who said no one Chapter 1131 Beam of light and projection Chapter 1130 Industrious ant Chapter 1129 Details of the magic Chapter 1128 Butterfly of the day Chapter 1127 Taboo

Chapter 1126 Mother Emperor Shadow Chapter 1125 You are bold! Chapter 1124 Yes, I am satisfied Chapter 1123 Hang Meng abducted for the skywalk Chapter 1122 Make a big ticket! Chapter 1121 Mother Emperor Altar Chapter 1120 The magic of the magical land Chapter 1119 Meet colorful again Chapter 1118 Mountain and Shadow Chapter 1117 Dispelling tigers and swallowing wolf Chapter 1116 There seems to be a problem in my head Chapter 1115 Murphy day

Chapter 1114 Super life Chapter 1113 How can Xanadu Chapter 1112 Strange guest Chapter 1111 template Chapter 1110 Strange light Chapter 1109 Can in or out Chapter 1108 Yuanxi village Chapter 1107 Mountains in the starry sky Chapter 1106 A dead bone Chapter 1105 Set foot in the sky Chapter 1104 Other approaches Chapter 1103 Golden fish

Chapter 1102 More and more excited Chapter 1101 The power of faith Chapter 1100 Golden sky Chapter 1099 Second sun Chapter 1098 Ten years left! Chapter 1097 Breath traction Chapter 1096 Find the root Chapter 1095 Blood column and pentagram Chapter 1094 Causal entanglement Chapter 1093 Yunchuan, Supreme! Chapter 1092 Disaster strike Chapter 1091 Monster Sacrifice

Chapter 1090 Ghost crawling out of hell Chapter 1089 Southern area Chapter 1088 Perfect causality Chapter 1087 Promoted to supreme Chapter 1086 I will guard Chapter 1085 Yunchuan Wedding Chapter 1084 Qinger, marry me Chapter 1083 Devil's Nest Extinction Chapter 1082 Arrival Chapter 1081 And I Chapter 1080 Kill Two Demon Chapter 1079 Devil's Nest Smash

Chapter 1078 Who is jumping Chapter 1077 Chaos Body Chapter 1076 Are we free? Chapter 1075 You have no chance! Chapter 1074 Ancient god Chapter 1073 Consciousness Chapter 1072 Extreme self-destruct, destroy the world Chapter 1071 Pull you on the road Chapter 1070 Desperate light Chapter 1069 The essence of the Tao Chapter 1068 Echo each other Chapter 1067 Who makes who's wedding dress

Chapter 1066 Silly cute Chapter 1065 Whose bureau Chapter 1064 Horror Chapter 1063 Murmur in the ear Chapter 1062 Laugh before dawn Chapter 1061 Be prepared Chapter 1060 Fortunately nothing Chapter 1059 haha, really? Chapter 1058 Speak out Lele Chapter 1057 Immature plan Chapter 1056 Magic Weave Chapter 1055 Slash mother

Chapter 1054 Dangerous situation! Dangerous situation! Chapter 1053 Extreme Fall Chapter 1052 Female worm shot Chapter 1051 Change the war Chapter 1050 Terrorist group Chapter 1049 Grow Monster Chapter 1048 Green is better than blue Chapter 1047 Raging East Island Chapter 1046 Devil Army Chapter 1045 Anti-sneak attack Chapter 1044 Make it work Chapter 1043 Have chews

Chapter 1042 Calculations Chapter 1041 Add a fire Chapter 1040 Quiver Chapter 1039 A gift for you Chapter 1038 Appetite Chapter 1037 The small world of doctrine Chapter 1036 What about Tianzizi Chapter 1035 Nether Tree Void Chapter 1034 Turn over? Chapter 1033 Aid Dongzhou Chapter 1032 Mother God's Nest and Devil's Nest Chapter 1031 Righteous thin sky

Chapter 1030 Dove Chapter 1029 Hidden danger of magic Chapter 1028 Slaver Chapter 1027 Withered flower Chapter 1026 Do not want to be slaves Chapter 1025 Chance of snow Chapter 1024 The mystery of life and death Chapter 1023 Alright, don't be afraid Chapter 1022 Death of Red Fish Chapter 1021 Join forces with monsters Chapter 1020 Died under this mountain Chapter 1019 Fish hook

Chapter 1018 Lure the Dark Creator Chapter 1017 Wise choice Chapter 1016 See ancient god Chapter 1015 Sword is for murder Chapter 1014 Eye of the ancient god Chapter 1013 Flower Show Chapter 1012 Ancient servant Chapter 1011 Look ahead Chapter 1010 Outbreak of internal and external problems Chapter 1009 Discord Chapter 1008 No embers? Chapter 1007 Wake old guy

Chapter 1006 Cleanup Chapter 1005 Destroy the Snow God Chapter 1004 The crushing of the small world Chapter 1003 I want to try Chapter 1002 Buddhism blood Chapter 1001 Snow God's Great Counterattack Chapter 1000 Looking for snow messy days Chapter 999 Giant ship Chapter 998 Cultivate the other shore flower Chapter 997 Small world, succeed! Chapter 996 Come again Chapter 995 scapegoat

Chapter 994 Red flowers Chapter 993 Do you want to scam me? Chapter 992 Waiting for you to kill Chapter 991 Body and soul stripping Chapter 990 Utopia Chapter 989 River, bridge Chapter 988 Come Back Chapter 987 Final area Chapter 986 Hidden possibility Chapter 985 Umbra Gate Chapter 984 Five regions Chapter 983 Gathering the small world

Chapter 982 Ask Arakawa Supreme Chapter 981 A promise Chapter 980 Booty Chapter 979 Chaos and change Chapter 978 no way no money Chapter 977 Daikomyoji Chapter 976 Master the Evil Lord Chapter 975 Bad for your foundation Chapter 974 Yes, my lord! Chapter 973 Mark of the rule Chapter 972 Ascend Chapter 971 Industry fire transfer

Chapter 970 Help the old monk Chapter 969 Lord Buddha, thank you very much Chapter 968 New life after dying Chapter 967 plot Chapter 966 Compassion Chapter 965 Brother Chuan, believe you Chapter 964 Is it a dream or a reality? Chapter 963 Vitality in wither Chapter 962 Forbidden Chapter 961 Red lotus industry fire Chapter 960 I wait Chapter 959 Different positions?

Chapter 958 Old monk Chapter 957 Attack Chapter 956 Stone Buddha was born Chapter 955 Foul Charm Chapter 954 Crossover Supreme Chapter 953 Belief in the long river Chapter 952 Avid believer Chapter 951 Hidden Temple Chapter 950 Attack west Chapter 949 The Supreme Gathering of the Holy Sect Chapter 948 Demon order Chapter 947 Black gas in Buddha light

Chapter 946 Devil's Nest Chapter 945 Temptation of Monsters Chapter 944 Can't look back Chapter 943 Counterattack Chapter 942 Dongzhou tremor Chapter 941 Admire Chapter 940 The Real Body of the Black Forest's Nest Chapter 939 Jianguang Black Hole Chapter 938 Hidden backhand Chapter 937 Small world that reappears Chapter 936 Rebirth of the Dark Creator Chapter 935 Cause of the Devil's Birth

Chapter 934 Take refuge Chapter 933 Red fire hit hard Chapter 932 Death world Chapter 931 Small world, advent Chapter 930 White bone giant Chapter 929 River of death Chapter 928 Grievances broke out Chapter 927 Deep into the Black Forest Chapter 926 Fantasy Chapter 925 Black mother tree Chapter 924 The quirky Lord Buddha Chapter 923 Expansion of black clouds

Chapter 922 Black Forest Devil's Nest Chapter 921 Dongzhou Devil Chapter 920 Middle Shinto Chapter 919 Do you have any choice? Chapter 918 Only you can't Chapter 917 For you Chapter 916 Differentiation Chapter 915 Cause and effect do not die, I do not die Chapter 914 The source of the crisis Chapter 913 A small fish Chapter 912 Lack of overall strength Chapter 911 Blood sea annihilation

Chapter 910 I can chop you! Chapter 909 Star monster Chapter 908 Dark Creator Chapter 907 The past reappears Chapter 906 main reason Chapter 905 Submit to me Chapter 904 Extreme Distress Chapter 903 A trace of obsession Chapter 902 wake Chapter 901 Causes of the Sea of ​​Blood Chapter 900 Starry Sky Chapter 899 He is weird

Chapter 898 Are you back Chapter 897 Reappear Chapter 896 Change of space Chapter 895 What is the end Chapter 894 Moving sea of ​​blood Chapter 893 Leaving method Chapter 892 Real ontology Chapter 891 Sea of ​​Raging Blood Chapter 890 appearing again Chapter 889 Ripped Snake Tail Chapter 888 God's Whip Chapter 887 True and false

Chapter 886 is it you Chapter 885 This is the answer Chapter 884 This is my bitter plan Chapter 883 Alliance division Chapter 882 Snake head Chapter 881 Giant in the Sea of ​​Blood Chapter 880 Blood Sea Mutation Chapter 879 Blood Devil's Nest Chapter 878 Returning to Bloodsea Demon Chapter 877 do not worry Chapter 876 Status and qualifications Chapter 875 You wait

Chapter 874 Duel supreme Chapter 873 Home? Chapter 872 Kill Chapter 871 What strength, what responsibility Chapter 870 Changes in the pattern of influence Chapter 869 Breakthrough magical powers Chapter 868 Jianzong Vortex Chapter 867 Demigod's Return Chapter 866 Best ending Chapter 865 Cut off the past Chapter 864 That green lotus Chapter 863 Sword Light Beyond Boundaries

Chapter 862 Possibility of killing the magic lotus Chapter 861 Qinglian sword fairy Chapter 860 Two sides of one body Chapter 859 Battle of Lotus Chapter 858 Break the secret Chapter 857 The Incident of Jianzong Chapter 856 Skylocked Chain Chapter 855 Final request Chapter 854 kill me Chapter 853 The legend ends? Chapter 852 Bet, variable Chapter 851 Who can't die

Chapter 850 Three swords cut three lives Chapter 849 Past life Chapter 848 Qinglian sword seed Chapter 847 Opposition and Opportunity Chapter 846 As long as my hand holds the sword Chapter 845 Whoever dares to say I will kill anyone Chapter 844 Quasi-world Chapter 843 Enchanted Seed Chapter 842 Frost Chapter 841 I like fairness Chapter 840 A bet Chapter 839 Interlocking

Chapter 838 Change the future Chapter 837 Qinglian and Molian Chapter 836 World vision Chapter 835 The road is like a green lotus, I ca n’t stand alone Chapter 834 The end of the crossbow Chapter 833 Hit hard Chapter 832 Green python Chapter 831 Not surprised? Chapter 830 why Chapter 829 Help me Chapter 828 Shouldn't be a fool Chapter 827 It ’s better than heaven

Chapter 826 Sound in the sea Chapter 825 Receiving Tianlian Ye Infinite Bi Chapter 824 Touch to kill Chapter 823 Change of nineteen Chapter 822 Lotus leaf lotus Chapter 821 Wang Yang Daze Chapter 820 Secret Chapter 819 Cyan lotus Chapter 818 Gather Chapter 817 Confuse Chapter 816 Worries of the Dark Age Chapter 815 Decide fate

Chapter 814 Sword respect Chapter 813 Have the power to do whatever you want Chapter 812 Qinglian Secret Realm Chapter 811 Super bulk shuffle Chapter 810 World collapse Chapter 809 Variations of a colorful castle Chapter 808 Sword Master's Invitation Chapter 807 Old man temper Chapter 806 Shinto Chapter 805 Multicolored Damage Extreme Chapter 804 See through Chapter 803 Colorful change

Chapter 802 Good fortune in crisis Chapter 801 No chance Chapter 800 Colorful rules Chapter 799 Do you want to continue? Chapter 798 Extreme Battle Chapter 797 Explain Chapter 796 Familiar figure Chapter 795 Treacherous Chapter 794 Who is the Bloody Head? Chapter 793 Ugly eating Chapter 792 Extreme confrontation Chapter 791 Kill a thousand by mistake

Chapter 790 Scrape the ground Chapter 789 Treasure appears Chapter 788 Token in hand Chapter 787 Be a guilty conscience Chapter 786 Didn't lie to me Chapter 785 Sword Count Chapter 784 Primal Siege Chapter 783 Sword power Chapter 782 Primal Ring Chapter 781 Colorful palace Chapter 780 Yun Qing'er breaks through Chapter 779 I heard you want to kill me?

Chapter 778 Blood Sea Chapter 777 Handan Toddler Chapter 776 Play Supreme Chapter 775 scapegoat Chapter 774 Good son Chapter 773 Fire Spirit Holy Fish Chapter 772 Military riots Chapter 771 Volcano Grand Canyon Chapter 770 Meet Yun Qinger Chapter 769 Loyal people Chapter 768 Add me Chapter 767 Nymph

Chapter 766 Reborn Chapter 765 Lost in Mulberry Harvest Chapter 764 Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma Chapter 763 Beheading Chapter 762 Can't change your name Chapter 761 True God's treasure is touching Chapter 760 Sword Emperor Qinglian and Supreme Bloodsea Chapter 759 Demon and Bloodsea Chapter 758 Blood sea monster Chapter 757 I do not Chapter 756 Lord of Blood Island Chapter 755 Five months of life

Chapter 754 Kill the true god Chapter 753 Invincible Chapter 752 Virtual reality Chapter 751 I believe you can return Chapter 750 exile? Chapter 749 Trapped outside Chapter 748 Magical power Chapter 747 Multicolored Chapter 746 Promote half-step magic Chapter 745 Colorful God's Backhand Chapter 744 Shinto suicide bomb Chapter 743 Strange Catastrophe

Chapter 742 Big ants, small ants Chapter 741 Demon Demon Chapter 740 Don't even want to leave Chapter 739 Castle Shock Chapter 738 Countless years Chapter 737 Chaos Chapter 736 Justice Chapter 735 Convince people with reason Chapter 734 It's this little guy Chapter 733 meet again Chapter 732 End of exchange Chapter 731 Last day

Chapter 730 Treasure path Chapter 729 Two cases joined together Chapter 728 100 million colorful stones Chapter 727 Eating Black Yunchuan Chapter 726 Horse without night grass is not fat Chapter 725 Liba Mountain Chapter 724 You're looking for death Chapter 723 Shensha Jiangong Chapter 722 Sword Light Storm Chapter 721 Madness Chapter 720 Die of illness Chapter 719 Yuanci Shensha

Chapter 718 The mold Chapter 717 Cut your luck Chapter 716 Like a dog Chapter 715 Vicious Vedo Chapter 714 The crow in the world is black Chapter 713 alliance Chapter 712 Light up Chapter 711 Three wonders Chapter 710 Change treasure Chapter 709 Catch the wind Chapter 708 Colorful stone Chapter 707 In exchange for opportunity

Chapter 706 True God Treasure Chapter 705 Colorful castle Chapter 704 Yuanli Lake Chapter 703 Mountainous land Chapter 702 Deep in the psychic land Chapter 701 Arrival Chapter 700 Quartet Gathering Chapter 699 Hang Chapter 698 Battle Royale Chapter 697 Torn apart Chapter 696 Why not come Chapter 695 Untestable danger

Chapter 694 Jump out by myself Chapter 693 Protect me Chapter 692 Dispute Chapter 691 Wonder Chapter 690 Turbulent undercurrent Chapter 689 Divine Order Chapter 688 Growth magic Chapter 687 Psychic land Chapter 686 Mid-refining Chapter 685 Bale, Bale Chapter 684 Offensive and defensive reversal Chapter 683 It's my turn

Chapter 682 The yin body manifests its prestige Chapter 681 Crisis Chapter 680 Do it wrong Chapter 679 Knowing from other places Chapter 678 Get out Chapter 677 Changes in Yun Qing'er Chapter 676 Drive away the wolf Chapter 675 Two errors Chapter 674 Defeated Chapter 673 Fight Chapter 672 No prestige Chapter 671 Exactly what i want

Chapter 670 Dug the ancestral grave Chapter 669 Inheritance Chapter 668 Worship Chapter 667 Not too much Chapter 666 The tea is cold Chapter 665 No sea Chapter 664 Ask for advice Chapter 663 No need to kill you Chapter 662 Life and death Chapter 661 Desire to add Chapter 660 Catch you back Chapter 659 Confidant

Chapter 658 Yang Mou Chapter 657 Yun Qing'er's chance Chapter 656 Tian Luo Zong Chapter 655 Opportunity comes Chapter 654 Die this day Chapter 653 put all one's eggs in one basket Chapter 652 Same black monster Chapter 651 It's better to be respectful Chapter 650 Be honest Chapter 649 Small World Management Chapter 648 Objectionable Chapter 647 Saint's heritage

Chapter 646 Rise Chapter 645 Changes in the West Chapter 644 Branded Black Armor Chapter 643 Report Chapter 642 One law Chapter 641 Terracotta Rage Chapter 640 Kill evil Chapter 639 Bad Dharma Chapter 638 Brother is polite Chapter 637 Crashing town Chapter 636 World projection Chapter 635 Give me an explanation

Chapter 634 Magnificent flower Chapter 633 Don't eat Chapter 632 Imp, you! Chapter 631 Detonate Chapter 630 I have a way Chapter 629 Small world fusion Chapter 628 Dancing on the tip Chapter 627 Found you Chapter 626 Which yunchuan Chapter 625 Suffocated White Mist Supreme Chapter 624 Broken leg appears Chapter 623 blockade

Chapter 622 Half heart Chapter 621 Great credit Chapter 620 Help you molt Chapter 619 Don't panic, it's me Chapter 618 White sphere Chapter 617 Living mist Chapter 616 Two Tigers Fight Chapter 615 How can you take it seriously Chapter 614 Kneeling life and standing dead Chapter 613 I can live on my knees Chapter 612 Silly Chapter 611 Sword blossom

Chapter 610 Double-edged sword Chapter 609 Seeking death? Chapter 608 Dog skin plaster Chapter 607 Broken stone pillar Chapter 606 Compassion Chapter 605 Devil Flurry Chapter 604 Stone pillars and terracotta warriors Chapter 603 Into the sixteenth floor Chapter 602 Nowhere to meet Chapter 601 Cooked duck Chapter 600 Chick Chapter 599 Escape

Chapter 598 Young promising Chapter 597 Akiaki Tenri Chapter 596 High Wind Festival Chapter 595 Isn't it shameless? Chapter 594 Martial arts and magic Chapter 593 Fight against the supernatural giant Chapter 592 Supernatural monster Chapter 591 Vast town jail Chapter 590 Snow Rune Chapter 589 String puppet Chapter 588 Spread of evil Chapter 587 Vixen

Chapter 586 Evil Chapter 585 The happiness of the weak, the sorrow of the strong Chapter 584 Going there Chapter 583 Go to town Chapter 582 Nineteen-level town jail Chapter 581 Demon head out of Guangming Temple Chapter 580 Promotion Chapter 579 Star Fire Chapter 578 Put to death Chapter 577 Grief Chapter 576 Come one step late Chapter 575 So hard

Chapter 574 Counterattack Chapter 573 Black and white, peeling! Chapter 572 Thank you Chapter 571 Bloody Sky Chapter 570 Nether Freeze Chapter 569 Black and white Chapter 568 Sudden change Chapter 567 Leap in strength Chapter 566 Get ice and snow map Chapter 565 Supreme Remnant Chapter 564 Sky full of rain Chapter 563 Extreme White Mist

Chapter 562 Weak river Chapter 561 Paying for something wrong Chapter 560 Get out of sleep Chapter 559 Coffin change Chapter 558 Strong enemy Chapter 557 Disturbed good things Chapter 556 Outstanding wish Chapter 555 Extreme arrival Chapter 554 Gain Phantom Chill Chapter 553 Arakawa Chapter 552 Breaking ice cliff Chapter 551 Cardiac resuscitation

Chapter 550 not so good Chapter 549 Coffin in Chaos Chapter 547 Conquer Chapter 546 Black and white fog Chapter 545 Nightmare Reappearance Chapter 544 White mist Chapter 543 Mop with Tiger Chapter 542 secret Chapter 541 Nether Crack Chapter 540 Chamber resistance Chapter 539 Is it a little less Chapter 538 Lie to me

Chapter 537 I am not alone Chapter 536 Dark void Chapter 535 not end yet Chapter 534 collision Chapter 533 Crystal blue bone finger Chapter 532 Jade Bone Demon Chapter 531 Opportunity Chapter 530 method Chapter 529 Do you want to die? Chapter 528 I still have a chance ... Chapter 527 Eat alone Chapter 526 Wave tip

Chapter 525 Prey and hunter Chapter 524 Lord Blackrock Chapter 523 Sarujiu Chapter 522 Want me to help you? Chapter 521 Outsider Chapter 520 Dilemma Chapter 519 Lost Land Chapter 518 Three sides of one body Chapter 517 Get as much as you can Chapter 516 Let you go! Chapter 515 Ice blue flower Chapter 514 Ice cliff

Chapter 513 Fire Crystal Transformation Chapter 512 The secret of the small world Chapter 511 Palpitations Chapter 510 Dead person Chapter 509 Black mist Chapter 508 Take the house Chapter 507 misfortune Chapter 506 Rolling Chapter 505 No regrets Chapter 504 means Chapter 503 The greater the hope Chapter 502 Run out of water

Chapter 501 Final promotion Chapter 500 Entrusted Chapter 499 The arrival of Keqing Chapter 498 Mohist crisis Chapter 497 Dongzhou Chapter 496 Die all Chapter 495 Crumbling picture Chapter 494 My brother please stay Chapter 493 The world is big without you Chapter 492 You can come and kill me Chapter 491 Death of the Giant Chapter 490 Sword Qi

Chapter 489 Exhausted Chapter 488 Terror Chapter 487 Finger of death Chapter 486 Mirror Flower Water Moon Chapter 485 Brother Chu, you are back Chapter 484 Tao Danzong Chapter 483 In exchange for points Chapter 482 Green Lotus Chapter 481 Dust settled Chapter 480 Eternity Chapter 479 Wait Chapter 478 Crossing

Chapter 477 Not flying for three years, soaring into the sky Chapter 476 Wait for you long Chapter 475 Final showdown Chapter 474 Lord of Mishima Chapter 473 shock Chapter 472 Successive challenges Chapter 471 Five Runes Chapter 470 Not weaker than others Chapter 469 next Chapter 468 Dead Chapter 467 Brother, you run away first Chapter 466 Don't look for my brother

Chapter 465 Have a share Chapter 464 Third Island Owner Chapter 463 Cut off Chapter 462 Heartbroken Chapter 461 The galaxy falls for nine days Chapter 460 Bold Chapter 459 Fight with you Chapter 458 Injustice Chapter 457 Walk sideways Chapter 456 Island owners scramble Chapter 455 Sword Lotus Island Chapter 454 Brother Drugmaster

Chapter 453 Step under the feet Chapter 452 Three swords cut three bodies Chapter 451 Sword cuts the body, heart cuts the soul Chapter 450 Help me experiment Chapter 449 Retreat Chapter 448 Supreme Chase Chapter 447 Is it good to live well? Chapter 446 A man is guilty and guilty Chapter 445 Smallpox Chapter 444 Reasonable decision Chapter 443 who is it Chapter 442 Collapsed Devil's Temple

Chapter 441 Go with the wind Chapter 440 Void Rule Chapter 439 Yunchuan Chapter 438 by Chapter 437 Shou Yunkai sees Yueming Chapter 436 Light and shadow Chapter 435 Step by step Chapter 434 200,000 floors! Chapter 433 it's me Chapter 432 Justice Chapter 431 Bad for me Chapter 430 He is fake

Chapter 429 I have a secret Chapter 428 useless Chapter 427 Light Refining Demon Chapter 426 A flock of flies Chapter 425 I am very satisfied Chapter 424 Invincible Chapter 423 Compassion Chapter 422 A lot of communication Chapter 421 What do you think? Chapter 420 Lord Buddha Chapter 419 New changes Chapter 418 More hobby

Chapter 417 Rules are used to break Chapter 416 A prophecy Chapter 415 To kill someone Chapter 414 Juniors only Chapter 413 Arrival of giant Chapter 412 Thousands of Vedas have collapsed Chapter 411 Xiang You Xin Sheng Chapter 410 Minister of Law Chapter 409 Reach out chop hand Chapter 408 Got pitted Chapter 407 Boundless blood sea Chapter 406 I won't fight

Chapter 405 Too good is also a sin Chapter 404 Haunted Chapter 403 Fly to death Chapter 402 Pass the ball Chapter 401 A group of garbage Chapter 400 What last words Chapter 399 The Buddha was angry, and the blood flowed for thousands of miles Chapter 398 erase Chapter 397 I let you down Chapter 396 filter Chapter 395 Wine lunatic Chapter 394 Ruthless man

Chapter 393 Hua Chapter 392 Zerg Mother Chapter 391 Brother, i'm so cold Chapter 390 Inheritance assessment Chapter 389 Demigod Chapter 388 search Chapter 387 Righteousness Chapter 386 Inside the hall Chapter 385 Best chance? Chapter 384 Black palace Chapter 383 Really extraordinary Chapter 382 Snow frost

Chapter 381 How dare you take my head? Chapter 380 Deaf? Chapter 379 What's weird Chapter 378 Tianbei Forest Chapter 377 Lost his wife Chapter 376 Snow storm runaway Chapter 375 Soil bun Chapter 374 I ask if you are afraid? Chapter 373 Magic sky Chapter 372 Ice cold fruit Chapter 371 Magic sound Chapter 370 Poor little thing

Chapter 369 Held hostage? Chapter 368 The person I want Chapter 367 Nether Blade Chapter 366 Martial arts Chapter 365 Hall Chapter 364 Not impossible Chapter 363 You know better than me Chapter 362 You are dead Chapter 361 Daoshan Chapter 360 Can you only escape? Chapter 359 unfortunately Chapter 358 Life is worthless

Chapter 357 The Power of the Falling Cloud Sword Chapter 356 Former people plant trees and enjoy the cool Chapter 355 I open my eyes and you will die Chapter 354 Huanghuang Shenguang Chapter 353 Get your hands on Chapter 352 Poor mountains and bad waters Chapter 351 Good virtue Chapter 350 Moten Shrine Chapter 349 Master of the Refiner Chapter 348 Falling Cloud Sword Chapter 347 In doubt Chapter 346 Lest waste

Chapter 345 To die for a gentleman Chapter 344 Guide you Chapter 343 How to communicate Chapter 342 Too rigid Chapter 341 Do n’t hit the south wall, do n’t look back Chapter 340 Refiner Chapter 339 Late Yuantai Period! Chapter 338 The background has greatly increased! Chapter 337 Really not enough Chapter 336 A ride Chapter 335 Soil buns from the countryside Chapter 334 Jumping beam clown

Chapter 333 Wealthy Chapter 332 Millions of contributions! Chapter 331 You cannot escape! Chapter 330 Punch! Chapter 329 Atonement Chapter 328 Human change Chapter 327 Two flaws Chapter 326 Killer Chapter 325 Goblin Chapter 324 People Chapter 323 Clean up house rules Chapter 322 Stormy

Chapter 321 You disappoint me Chapter 320 Yunjia Tianjiao Chapter 319 Only kill Chapter 318 Perfect rating Chapter 317 Another ancient inflammation Chapter 316 Harvest Chapter 315 Really good brother Chapter 314 Broad and profound Chapter 313 You got the wrong person Chapter 312 When something goes wrong, there must be a demon Chapter 311 Wasteland Reappearance Chapter 310 Give me out

Chapter 309 Block the Giant Mountains Chapter 308 Heaven and earth are kind Chapter 307 Big man Chapter 306 Slice study Chapter 305 Watch the sky from a well Chapter 304 Blue Fire Lotus Chapter 303 Don't say that Chapter 302 Not talking to bad guys Chapter 301 Fire small world Chapter 300 Lavage Chapter 299 What is good in the heart Chapter 298 Tiger Father Dog

Chapter 297 I sentence you to death! Chapter 296 Cannibalism is soft and short Chapter 295 Aoki Sect Chapter 294 Trial First Class Chapter 293 No tiger in the mountain Chapter 292 Guardian Chapter 291 Falling cloud island Chapter 290 Ridiculous Chapter 289 Find you old Chapter 288 Should be the limit? Chapter 287 Piff got angry Chapter 286 Lord's Treasure

Chapter 285 Youth mindset? Chapter 284 Big tail wolf Chapter 283 Thick thighs Chapter 282 Rules of the sacrament Chapter 281 Castle in the Sky Chapter 280 Go to the super block Chapter 279 Wupin Bloodline Chapter 278 Behead Chapter 277 Control corpses Chapter 276 A crazy dog Chapter 275 You close your eyes first Chapter 274 Everyone has treasure

Chapter 273 The role of the petrified heart Chapter 272 spirit Chapter 271 Make wedding dresses Chapter 270 Are you pretending to be right? Chapter 269 Really confidant Chapter 268 Chaos Island Chapter 267 Bragging later Chapter 266 Naive? Chapter 265 Inaccessible Chapter 264 Cracked sky Chapter 263 Blood Remnant Chapter 262 Strong enemy

Chapter 261 The demon **** master Chapter 260 Kimiko Kawa Chapter 259 Fox friend Chapter 258 Lend your head Chapter 257 Last lie Chapter 256 Blood sacrifice Chapter 255 Are you taking it? Chapter 254 Caught you Chapter 253 Ghost Chapter 252 Do you Chapter 251 Proud bone Chapter 250 So brave

Chapter 249 Bafang Yundong Chapter 248 Old arms old legs Chapter 247 Cooked duck Chapter 246 Good baby Chapter 245 Do you still recognize my brother? Chapter 244 Misfortune Chapter 243 Come out and practice Chapter 242 Somewhat familiar Chapter 241 Broken Little World Chapter 240 One thousand feet! Chapter 239 You are on the road Chapter 238 Entrusted

Chapter 237 Ancient battlefield Chapter 236 Resurrected Bone City Chapter 235 Dark figure Chapter 234 Bone City Chapter 233 What's your name, little thing? Chapter 232 Buried land Chapter 231 Celestial cloud swallowing Chapter 230 Sneaky thief Chapter 229 His Holiness Strikes! Chapter 228 What's the harvest? Chapter 227 stone man Chapter 226 Small fist hammer chest

Chapter 225 I can always Chapter 224 challenge Chapter 223 Giant Spirit Tower Chapter 222 Who is Yun Shaozong? Chapter 221 Motivation Chapter 220 You are guilty Chapter 219 If you kneel Chapter 218 Yuantai Realm! Chapter 217 Juvenile Devil Chapter 216 Step on you Chapter 215 You can't protect the person I want to kill Chapter 214 Although millions of people go

Chapter 213 I'm not dead yet Chapter 212 Why didn't you respond? Chapter 211 The dead Chapter 210 Dead person's name Chapter 209 Wrong to die! Chapter 208 Do you know what is wrong? Chapter 207 Why didn't you say Chapter 206 I'm here to apologize Chapter 205 Surrender to Yunchuan Chapter 204 Trouble Chapter 203 Another one Chapter 202 I have come

Chapter 201 Disciples inside the door Chapter 200 It looks a bit like Chapter 199 Not under Chapter 198 Sidewalk Chapter 197 Double A rating Chapter 196 Jumping beam clown Chapter 195 Stormy shrine Chapter 194 Blooming water lotus Chapter 193 Why not grab it Chapter 192 Warriors Serpent Chapter 191 Look behind you Chapter 190 I remember you

Chapter 189 Lava Beast Chapter 188 Hot face with a cold ass Chapter 187 not bad Chapter 186 Stormy sect Chapter 185 I may have a dummy Chapter 184 Excellence is also a sin Chapter 183 Is there anything? Chapter 182 Did a game Chapter 181 One wrong move, lose all Chapter 180 Dude, you are dead Chapter 179 Heroes see the same Chapter 178 long time no see

Chapter 177 A big fish Chapter 176 Yuantaijing Chapter 175 The third area of ​​the golden scroll Chapter 174 Dare to mess with me! what! Chapter 173 Wasteland opens Chapter 172 Good heart and bridge repair Chapter 171 Have we met? Chapter 170 Gather together Chapter 169 I don't want to kill Chapter 168 Xihuang Chapter 167 Yuan Treasure's Treasure Chapter 166 Falling soul

Chapter 165 What is innocence? Chapter 164 Threat of First Class Chapter 163 Order of Heaven Chapter 162 Refiner Way Chapter 161 Shao Zong Chapter 160 Gu Gu wants to drink milk Chapter 159 Jump up and hit your knees Chapter 158 Can't sustain a stick of incense? Chapter 157 Whetstone Chapter 156 Go head to head with you! Chapter 155 I make you a move Chapter 154 Your name is wrong

Chapter 153 It happened again Chapter 152 Why not ask my name? Chapter 151 Candidate Chapter 150 You wish to be my disciple Chapter 149 Good seed Chapter 148 Young Master Fight Chapter 147 Give you a chance to commit suicide Chapter 146 Do you want to kill me? !! Chapter 145 Strong enemy strikes! Chapter 144 The wicked grinds the wicked Chapter 143 does it worth? Chapter 142 Lost Sect

Chapter 141 Brother, are you a guest? Chapter 140 earned a lot Chapter 139 Punch home for the elderly, kick kindergarten Chapter 138 Good brother Chapter 137 Three swords cut Yuantai! Chapter 136 Longyou Shallow Water Being Shrimp Play Chapter 135 Confront the power of Yuantaitai! Chapter 134 Are you juggling? Chapter 133 Dead fruit Chapter 132 The more you fight, the faster you die Chapter 131 Old lady Chapter 130 Poison Horse

Chapter 129 See you again Chapter 128 When there was no hero, he became famous Chapter 127 Sorry you guessed wrong Chapter 126 I'm going to take the medicine Chapter 125 Sister, I think I can Chapter 124 Taiyi Demon Ruins Chapter 123 Wudan Middle Chapter 122 The identity of His Holiness Chapter 121 Beat your left face and your right face Chapter 120 How dare you pick me up? Chapter 119 Hand over my apprentice! Chapter 118 Yun Qing'er's chance

Chapter 117 Luo Tianyin Chapter 116 Chaos Cave Chapter 115 Dilozon Chapter 114 Back to Yunjia Chapter 113 Seventh Cold Flame Third Chapter 112 Help people to the end Chapter 111 I have confidence Chapter 110 Fight for you as a teacher Chapter 109 Can't talk nonsense Chapter 108 I have a master Chapter 107 Disillusion Dan Chapter 106 Greatest opportunity

Chapter 105 Primitive mystery Chapter 104 I'm too good Chapter 103 Second ring Chapter 102 You forced me Chapter 101 Know the world at once Chapter 100 A broken jar? Chapter 99 Want to be public Chapter 98 Do good things without a name Chapter 97 Dandao Chapter 96 You are too weak Chapter 95 Good story Chapter 94 I just learned

Chapter 93 spendthrift Chapter 92 Danwu Court Chapter 91 Mind like a demon, cunning like a fox Chapter 90 Tier martial arts is determined! Chapter 89 Ghost God Xuanxuan is a messer Chapter 88 Are you a rescuer? Chapter 87 Should be dead now Chapter 86 Little devil stop Chapter 85 You overcast me! Chapter 84 It turns out that I'm already so strong Chapter 83 I do n’t go to hell Chapter 82 Realm of Wu Dan!

Chapter 81 There is a demon in Beihai, whose name is 蜃 Chapter 80 Iron tree blossoms, stone hair buds Chapter 79 Run so fast Chapter 78 Who pulls my nose hair Chapter 77 Ranshilin Chapter 76 Don't you blame me? Chapter 75 How to earn face? Chapter 74 Treasures of Yuantai Chapter 73 Mine is mine and yours is mine Chapter 72 Battle of Flint Chapter 71 I am not saying you Chapter 70 Outland

Chapter 69 Little Fox in the Azure Building Chapter 68 The fun of it Chapter 67 No swordsmen on Fanghu Island Chapter 66 Don't start fresh Chapter 65 Good martial arts, I'll give it back! Chapter 64 Any last words? Chapter 63 Help me! Chapter 62 How do you want to die? Chapter 61 Fanghu Island Event Chapter 60 Yuan Treasure Chapter 59 Zhan Mufei's visit Chapter 58 I'm afraid I accidentally won you

Chapter 57 He can also be regarded as alchemy Chapter 56 Do you want me to speak with facts? Chapter 55 My 130th opinion Chapter 54 Do you have an opinion on me? Chapter 53 Preaching cliff Chapter 52 Old cow wants to eat tender grass Chapter 51 Elder Chapter 50 Is this your elixir? Chapter 49 To Tao Danzong Chapter 48 Inner disciple, Yunchuan! Chapter 47 Are you credible? Chapter 46 I will insult you!

Chapter 45 The strong must not be humiliated? Chapter 44 Really can cause trouble Chapter 43 Realm of Fake Dan! Chapter 42 Touch your bones for you Chapter 41 Return Chapter 40 Second grade bloodline! Chapter 39 Unscrupulous Yunchuan Chapter 38 You are so heavy Chapter 37 Hua Dan Chapter 36 Don't you call Chapter 35 New Area for Golden Scrolls Chapter 34 Seven Heavy Flames

Chapter 33 Arm thigh Chapter 32 You seem to be dead Chapter 31 Tian Yuan Jue Chapter 30 Wealth in wealth insurance Chapter 29 Tomb of Power Chapter 28 Elder Dan Chapter 27 Natural envy Chapter 26 how can that be! Chapter 25 He is the devil Chapter 24 The treasure boy Chapter 23 You bully Chapter 22 Don't avenge me

Chapter 21 Dead heart Chapter 20 Between life and death Chapter 19 Fisherman Chapter 18 Killer Chapter 17 Blood Fire Spirit Fruit Chapter 16 Quenching medium! Chapter 15 Good dogs don't stand in the way Chapter 14 Five injuries burst Chapter 13 Kneel and apologize Chapter 12 Cold spring water Chapter 11 Upset Chapter 10 An old dog

Chapter 9 Martial arts assessment Chapter 8 Who else! Chapter 7 What the **** are you Chapter 6 Big Chiba palm, perfection! Chapter 5 The shock of two knowledge of martial arts Chapter 4 Shame on me, pay it back ten times! Chapter 3 Does he deserve it? Chapter 2 Golden scroll Chapter 1 Your chance, it's my turn!

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