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The Master of the City

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“Sepuluh ribu tahun, di mata manusia, saya adalah dewa; di mata para pembudidaya, saya hanya kondisi kondensasi terlemah, seorang manusia yang telah mengembun selama ribuan tahun ... "

Chutian memandangi kota yang makmur dan menghela nafas dalam hatinya. Dia berkecil hati untuk menerobos alam energi kental dan melambung ke alam atas. Dia hanya bisa diam-diam menjadi manusia terkuat di kota…

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Judul Singkat:TMC
Judul Asli:都市之绝代高手
Author:One leaf fruit
Weekly Rank:#1362
Monthly Rank:#1257
All Time Rank:#2343
Label:Artifacts, Cultivation, God Protagonist, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Nationalism, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist,
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  1. Why am I disgusted by Jiang Xiaoyue . The more I read, the more disgusted I stopped reading this novel because of you many times.

  2. @ MTLNovel Team: Ch 584 & 585 are empty please fix. Thanks for keeping up your good work, I appreciate it! best way to end a busy day with reading a few chapters to relax

  3. In these 41caps that I read, I found it very interesting, apart from the slapping parts in the face, there were two or three emotional scenes, like when he celebrates the maid's last birthday before she leaves, when he reminds his beloved that he is waiting, especially for the what she did, where n visited him more to protect and wore a veil on her face waiting for him to take it off, not allowing anyone to see her face, it's already been 10000 years and MC n has advanced in cultivation while she's already ascended to the upper realm. .dude, I'm really rooting for them to see each other, I know there are other novels with the same theme of spending several years on the same level but I don't know if they can move forward because I've never read it ..

  4. Full of face slapping...if your ass hate faceslapping genre...goodbye, look for another novel or you'll hate this novel. Dont ruin you mood by reading this novel.

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