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Shiyi tidak menyangka, di detik terakhir dia digigit sampai mati oleh zombie, di detik berikutnya, dia datang ke zaman kuno di buku sejarah mereka. Dia tiba di desa pegunungan yang miskin, dan bertemu dengan pria konyol.

Yang Shifeng tidak menyangka bahwa pada usia 22 tahun, dia akan menemukan peri saat berburu di pegunungan, dan dia tidak akan pernah bisa lepas dari telapak tangan peri lagi dalam hidupnya.

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Judul Singkat:TPFD
Judul Asli:穿越之农妇医娘
Weekly Rank:#3300
Monthly Rank:#3345
All Time Rank:#4671
Label:Ancient Times, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Pregnancy, Slow Romance, Transmigration,
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  1. Me encantó la novela hermosa 💖 😍 la FL y el ML me fasino, el final es inevitable todos envejecemos pero lo bello es que estarán juntos juntos y reencarnen para unirse de nuevo, quizás es triste el final pero para mi no ya que pienso que podrían reencarnar y volverse a encontrar bello 🥰

  2. This may be the only one I've read where the ML wasn't the domineering type at all. He's a milk dog all throughout as opposed to a wolf dog. MC is more dominant in the relationship and it makes me happy ML has no psychological burden going along with everything.

  3. MC is from the Zombie Apocalypse. Genetically Engineered and super strong. YET walking two hours is too much for her and she has to be carried. Two Hours ffs.

  4. And they have just met, yet 10 chapters in, the ML doing all the cliche "romance" stuff but apparently neither character is aware they are "romantic cliches". He is carrying the FL's on his back for 2+ hours (again she is a super-powered survivor of a zombie apocalypse), and wiping food stains off the FL's lips using his fingers(again in her mind she has stated multiple times that her experience taught her not to trust people yet someone she barely knows touches her face and she does not notices it - how the hell did she live in the zombie apocalypse).

  5. Tthe female main character being a foodie after coming from the zombie apocalypse makes sense. The trouble is in the story, eating food is ONLY used by the author as romantic foreplay when they are not even a pair yet. sigh

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