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The Tip of the Gangster’s Heart

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Fu Sheng adalah orang yang bisa mewujudkan keinginannya secara instan.

Pesawat tertentu,

Gadis kecil itu lupa membawa payung saat keluar.

Dia berjongkok, melihat hujan deras di luar, menghela nafas dan bergumam,

“Akan lebih bagus jika hujan berhenti.”

Suara itu baru saja jatuh,

Langit yang suram bersinar terang dalam sekejap, dan tidak ada awan di langit.


“Apa yang kamu lakukan?”

Gadis kecil itu tampak kosong, “Aku hanya ingin hujan berhenti…”


Pasti ada yang salah.

Sistem yang sederhana bergetar dan mulai menyelidiki penyebabnya.

Pesawat lain,

Gadis kecil itu diculik.

Lima bunga diikat ke bangku, tidak bisa bergerak. Kulit tercekik merah dan sangat menyakitkan.

Dia menundukkan kepalanya dan meringkuk bibirnya, sedikit sedih.

“Orang-orang jahat ini, ya, menggertak saya, mereka akan disambar petir ketika mereka keluar.”

Detik berikutnya,

Orang jahat yang baru saja keluar untuk membeli makanan disambar petir di langit dan langsung jatuh ke tanah.

Orang jahat:! ! !

Gadis kecil itu segera dibersihkan dengan hormat.

Akhirnya, pesawat tertentu.

Gadis kecil itu menatap langit berbintang, menatap bintang-bintang di langit, mengerucutkan bibirnya, dan berbisik,

“Jika… dia bisa tinggal bersamaku, tidak apa-apa.”

Sistem: “…” Ini tidak mungkin, saya tidak percaya.

Suara itu baru saja jatuh.

Sistem ditendang ke samping.

Gadis kecil itu langsung dipeluk. Di belakangnya, suara pria itu lembut, dengan senyum tak berdaya.


“Saya jelas telah bersama Anda.”

Gadis kecil itu tercengang.

“Satu…selalu ada?”

Pria itu sedikit melengkungkan bibirnya, “Kalau tidak, siapa yang akan memuaskan…keinginanmu?”

Gadis kecil itu tersipu dan memeluknya dengan sedikit gugup, bibirnya sedikit melengkung.

“Terima kasih…terima kasih.”

“Sama-sama,… Nyonya.”

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Judul Singkat:TTGH
Judul Asli:快穿之大佬的心尖
Author:Stir-fried Fat Chestnuts with Sugar
Weekly Rank:#252
Monthly Rank:#274
All Time Rank:#1399
Label:Aggressive Characters, Ancient China, Ancient Times, Autism, Beautiful Female Lead, Caring Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Cute Protagonist, Fated Lovers, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Marriage, Modern World, Multiple Realms, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, System Administrator, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping,
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  1. Sin sin ....five years old and the ml and fl starts kissing each soooooo weird.....i am a adult still single.....

  2. Quick Transmigration novel recommendation: 快穿病娇:我的恶魔宿主 列表 Link: My views: I never recommend any novel like, ever, but this time i gotta make an exception. This novel that i found is a fcuking master piece. its still ongoing, and has 4000+ chapters but I swear upon my life that this book is absolutely worth the read. The first 3 or 4 arcs maybe confusing and might get you wondering what the hell is going on and like who's the ML?? But please keep reading on, it's definitely worth it. the MC aka FL is vampire/blood queen or something, like their ruler and she's been betrayed by her trusted aide or something and that's how she's been able to match with the system. the first few arcs shows MC as a violent murderer loli, who's deeply paranoid, and sick, which she is, but she's not loli, neither is she violent(or maybe she is? but like her violence is hidden under her mask). she doesn't go about flaunting her abilities but she hides under a perfect mask and completes all the task flawlessly. She doesnt come off like a pervert or something but her existence is like a Poppy, a sweet poison that lures you and makes you addicted to it. She's terrifying genius. Everything about her is such a mystery and I can already conclude that I'll never ever find a FL better than her. Her Character growth shows through the arcs as the story proceeds. And her relationship is ML is sweet to the point that it hurts your teeth BUT BEWARE and don't drown in this sweetness cause that some arcs (3 or 4 such arcs overall) literally tears your heart apart and makes you cry like a baby. ML is still a mystery, we don't know yet what his real identity is and why can he follow FL and if he is good or bad for MC but anyway I do believe that his existence makes FL less lonely and a little more human. And honestly, if i Could then i'd like to write a whole lot of things BUT PLEASE. PLEASE GO READ THIS BOOK. ps: if anyone of you doesn't like this novel after reading 2000+ chapters, I swear to leave this website forever and never come back.

  3. I had already requested this novel this novel is now in this website..... Please give some review about that novel ...

  4. Arc 16:🌟🌟🌟 (The Mysterious man and The Actress) (DISCLAIMER: This arc containsmany cruel, bloody and gory scenes, read it, the arc is a short one with near 40 chapters so skip it if you are uncomfortable) ML... well this is a mystery arc, go read it yourself 😂 FL is a 'Movie Queen'. She indulges ML to no limits. ML is a psychopath for FL too. A big wolf dog, to be precise 😂 Honestly, the reason ML turned out like "that" was because of what FL did in one of the past arcs, so it could only be said FL got her karma 😧

  5. Arc 15:🌟🌟🌟 (Prof and student arc) ML is the prof and FL is the student. There's little plot in this arc, there was a subtle hint mentioned by author for the future children possibilities. FL and ML spread dog food everywhere, ML is a black bellied devil with a gentle like jade persona 😂 this was a rare arc where FL took the initiative to confess first.

  6. Arc 14:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Orc World Arc) Black Dragon and a Little White Rabbit. Don't be mistaken, its the opposite of what you think 😂😂 this is the 2nd time I'm giving 5 Stars to an arc, the arc is filled with fluff, dog food and FL molesting ML 😂 ofc she regrets it later 😂 Who says rabbit can get it done in 7 seconds? They should meet Nana. This arc can rank in one of my top 10 fav arcs among all the QT novels i have read.

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