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The Vicious Female Supporting Character’s Character Collapsed After Her Voice Was Eavesdropped

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Su Nian menelusuri buku tersebut dan menjadi istri kejam dari pemeran utama pria kedua dalam novel "Bitch Mary"

Dihadapkan dengan kekayaan bersih ratusan miliar, dia bangun di vila seluas 800 meter persegi setiap hari, dikelilingi oleh pelayan yang tak terhitung jumlahnya, tetapi tidak memiliki cinta dalam hidupnya.

Su Nian yang telah melakukan perjalanan melintasi waktu langsung bersujud sebanyak tiga kali kepada Tuhan.

Sejak saat itu, dia menjalani kehidupan yang “menyedihkan” bagi pemilik aslinya.

Hanya saja anak jenius yang dia besarkan secara tidak sengaja membunuh pahlawan wanita dan pahlawan wanita aslinya.

Tepat ketika Su Nian mengira dia akan menjalani kehidupan yang “sengsara” seperti ini, dia tiba-tiba terlahir kembali ke titik awal.

Pahlawan wanita Teratai Putih tampak menyedihkan.

Su Nian menghela nafas, tidak apa-apa, selama Zazai dilahirkan kembali, dia bisa menang lagi.

Kemudian untuk melahirkan anak yang jenius, dia mulai berusaha semaksimal mungkin untuk menyenangkan suaminya yang murahan.

Tetapi Su Nian tidak pernah bermimpi bahwa suaminya yang murah hati, Li Beichen, benar-benar bisa membaca pikiran.

Saat dia memeluk Zaizai, dia menyadari ada yang tidak beres. Mengapa tidak terjadi sesuatu pada suaminya yang murahan yang sudah lama meninggal di kehidupan sebelumnya?



Ketika Li Beichen jatuh sakit, Su Nianyi merawatnya tanpa ragu-ragu.

Sebelum Li Beichen sempat tergerak, dia mendengar kata-kata tulus Su Nian [Oh, Li Beicheng adalah penjilat yang tidak adil, saya baru saja memberi tahu pahlawan wanita itu bahwa penyakitnya menular, dan pahlawan wanita itu melarikan diri]

Ketika Su Nian membuat pernyataan cinta yang panjang di depan sang pahlawan wanita dan membuat semua orang di sekitarnya tersentuh

Li Beichen mendengar suara Su Nian: “Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk menyelesaikan plot ini? Jangan tunda waktuku untuk pergi ke 857!” 】

Saat Su Nian dan pahlawan wanita itu menangis bersama

Apa yang didengar Li Beichen adalah “Untungnya, saya mengecat mata saya dengan bawang sebelum datang ke sini. Siapa yang bisa menangis bersamaku?” Aku akan membunuhmu! 】

Li Beichen:……

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Judul Asli:恶毒女配被偷听心声后人设崩了
Author:Rong Jiangzi
Weekly Rank:#46
Monthly Rank:#22
All Time Rank:#3811
Label:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Rebirth,
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  1. Does anyone know of a bloody palace fight novel in which FL transmigrates/reborn to ancient time as a daughter of marquis family but forced to enter Emperor's harem as stepping stone for her cousin to used but the plan's backfire coz FL doted by Emperor a lot. Behind the scene she's intelligent, cunning and calculating though her persona in harem is arrogant and overbearing even dare to oppose Emperor but she always respectful to Empress (Empress is a neighboring country princess/she's kind and wise). She gives birth to 5th(?) prince later becomes crown prince. She dies young (around 30+ y.o) cos of poisoning by other jealous concubine, Emperor become depressed after that and also dies few years later. Her title is Jing Guifei, her family name's Shen(?). In the extra chapter/modern time, she reincarnates as an actress without her past life memory meanwhile Emperor reincarnates with his memory and pursues her.

  2. Help me find the novella. The main character is kidnapped as a child and becomes a killer in some organization, which she later disbands. She is first in the list of killers. I remember wearing something like a watch on my hand, but there was a fishing line with which it kills. Constantly drank milkshakes after murders. It seems that the novella begins with the main character finding her and returning her to her family.

  3. At first I was a bit annoyed with the story because the Male MC(Li Beichen) is being controlled by the plot. The so called 'Female(Lan Min) and male(Huo Linyuan) protagonist' of that book is sooo disgusting,irritating and annoying. They must have problem with their brains when they always tried to get the female(Su Nian) MC's kidney. It is good and funny but it's not something I would read again. There's also alot of filler chapters, I think.

  4. Does anyone know the title of the novel where the female main character is Gu Qinglan, she is reborn using the 001 system, with a female antagonist named Yun Lanlan who transmigrates or is reborn. Gu Qinglan had 9 male seniors. The theme of cultivation, rebirth with the system.

  5. Too bad, I thought she would discover early on that ML can read her mind and use that to benefit herself, but after another 200ch, she's still as stupid and brainless as she was at the beginning. Even though she has lived three lives, she has not acquired common sense or an ounce of self-preservation. And when she doesn't spend all her time acting like a shrew, she is cursing in her thoughts that she only needs ML's seed and that after ML's death she will find another man. The author tries to create a comical vibe in all of this, and because ML hears her thoughts he treats her like a monkey in the circus, encouraging her to act hypocritically, but it becomes irritating and goes beyond the level of acceptable when he starts to despise her without even knowing. her reasons for acting like this. ML is the most irritating type, because he knows that she has lived twice and hates him with a passion, he knows that she lies to him with her eyes open whenever she can, but instead of him trying to find out what reasons make her like this, he he just irritates her more by acting like a spoiled dandy, disrespecting her to shut her up when in fact she just thought and giving her cold looks after she thinks something negative about him. Then comes the cliché of dreams from the past life, he needs to have more than four dreams to be sure it was a vision from the past life. Then he discovers that the first time he destroyed her life with all the worst things you can imagine, from physical to mental, and then he starts acting like a good guy, finally treating her like a wife and showing consideration to her, as if this were something admirable, but in my opinion this is the least he could do as her husband. But the worst thing is that it is clear that he thinks that only this abrupt change can erase everything bad that he did even though he was conscious the second time, if the traumas were resolved with a simple change in the aggressor's attitude... no comments.

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