The Vicious Female Supporting Character’s Character Collapsed After Her Voice Was Eavesdropped

Su Nian traveled through the book and became the vicious wife of the second male lead in the novel “Bitch Mary” Faced with a net worth of hundreds of billions, he wakes up in an 800-square-meter villa every day, surrounded by countless servants, but has no love in his.... Baca selengkapnya

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Chapter 1406 season finale Chapter 1405 Lu Jing blocks the door Chapter 1404 Lady, will you marry me?

Chapter 1403 Even if you beat me to death, you won’t even open your eyes. Chapter 1402 The fire in Li Beichen's eyes Chapter 1401 The ending that belongs to them Chapter 1400 Ahem, the problem with anesthetics Chapter 1399 The guilt will eventually run out Chapter 1398 Lu Jing can't feel anything? Chapter 1397 impulsive bad guy Chapter 1396 Everything is settled Chapter 1395 Never fail

Chapter 1394 "Su Nian, go to hell" Chapter 1393 Huo Linyuan is really heartbroken and crazy Chapter 1392 Lu Jing's real man moment

Chapter 1391 Sun Ying'er stepped forward to attract firepower Chapter 1390 What does restoration mean? Chapter 1389 Chapter 1388 Chapter 1387 Chapter 1386 Chapter 1385 Zhou Xu who can’t lie Chapter 1384 threaten Chapter 1383 The hero's halo

Chapter 1382 show off Chapter 1381 Su Nian's operation Chapter 1380 Like a proud little cock Chapter 1379 Why do I feel like a scumbag? Chapter 1378 Li Beichen, you are really crazy Chapter 1377 The most ridiculous thing in the world Chapter 1376 Mo Bao's laughter Chapter 1375 Bet on who will win in our game Chapter 1374 Are you really not afraid of what I will do to your son? Chapter 1373 What did I force you to do? Chapter 1372 The hero's cards Chapter 1371 If you feel unhappy, you should do something fun

Chapter 1370 Lin Na has an idea Chapter 1369 Attitude is OK Chapter 1368 oppression Chapter 1367 Tell the truth, Lin Na Chapter 1366 Huo Linyuan got the shares Chapter 1365 enlarged version of face Chapter 1364 Lu Jing is not single, and God cannot tolerate it Chapter 1363 Men should move forward in stride Chapter 1362 Give me some color and open a dyeing workshop Chapter 1361 The aggrieved Lu Jing Chapter 1360 Huo Linyuan’s confession Chapter 1359 variable

Chapter 1358 negotiation Chapter 1357 Chapter 1356 The old man’s role Chapter 1355 The only advantage of Lu Jing Chapter 1354 Does a seven-foot man have no face? Chapter 1353 Lu Jing’s twists and turns Chapter 1352 He hung up the phone neatly Chapter 1351 The male protagonist is always self-righteous Chapter 1350 The key to super harmony Chapter 1349 Lu Jingduo is smart Chapter 1348 One big and one small feel grievances Chapter 1347 It's really shocking

Chapter 1346 At critical moments, you still have to find someone to take the blame. Chapter 1345 What the **** is this big brother doing? Chapter 1344 If a child learns anything, it will only harm you. Chapter 1343 seriousness of matter Chapter 1342 Mo Bao ran away from home Chapter 1341 Trying to awaken the humanity of being a father Chapter 1340 The routine of being a father Chapter 1339 grumpy old man Chapter 1338 The old man exploded immediately Chapter 1337 My son is still young Chapter 1336 Drama master calligraphy Chapter 1335 When Lu Jing got serious

Chapter 1334 Tangled Chapter 1333 We still have to worry about this little ancestor. Chapter 1332 Why do you have to deal with such a father? Chapter 1331 I can't go, so my son has to stay. Chapter 1330 The changes of the old man Chapter 1329 This game is getting more and more fun Chapter 1328 Play with those brainless men Chapter 1327 Ambition is a good thing Chapter 1326 Really abominable Chapter 1325 Su Nian originally gave Sun Yinger face Chapter 1324 I always feel a little uneasy Chapter 1323 Done in minutes

Chapter 1322 Caution is the boat Chapter 1321 flattered Chapter 1320 Sun Yan, Sun Yan, you really opened my eyes Chapter 1319 Lin Na took action Chapter 1318 Sun Yan still has two brushes Chapter 1317 Su Nian, you pervert Chapter 1316 Yeah, yeah, you're right Chapter 1315 Zhou Xu can’t stand it anymore Chapter 1314 Not important, really not important Chapter 1313 Hope cannot be pinned on others Chapter 1312 The intensity of Lin Na’s output Chapter 1311 Really not human

Chapter 1310 I can only endure it Chapter 1309 Fortunately, men all have the problem of arrogance. Chapter 1308 "You are really smart" Chapter 1307 Modesty or perfunctory Chapter 1306 What a disgusting man Chapter 1305 The world is tough Chapter 1304 You have to be smart when you need to be smart Chapter 1303 Lu Jing's Chapter 1302 Lu Jing's revenge Chapter 1301 Zhou Xu was stunned Chapter 1300 Zhou Xu’s glib tongue Chapter 1299 Very talkative

Chapter 1298 Huo Linyuan’s education Chapter 1297 So disgusting that I forgot my reason Chapter 1296 Vent your anger Chapter 1295 Mr. Qian got angry Chapter 1294 Life is like a play Chapter 1293 Quarrel (2) Chapter 1292 quarrel Chapter 1291 danger signal Chapter 1290 Chapter 1289 Chapter 1288 Accident Chapter 1287 How big is this Lu Jing’s face?

Chapter 1286 Zhou Xu was speechless Chapter 1285 Smart Zhou Xu Chapter 1284 Zhou Xu’s anxiety Chapter 1283 That's right, it's that simple Chapter 1282 We still have to rely on Zhou Xu Chapter 1281 For the first time in his life, Lu Jing felt stupid Chapter 1280 How did you coax people out? Chapter 1279 Did Lu Jing get into trouble? Chapter 1278 Lu Jing’s logic Chapter 1277 Aunt Sun, is my face okay? Chapter 1276 Zhou Xu is like a child Chapter 1275 Zhou Xu’s bad idea

Chapter 1274 The speed of changing faces Chapter 1273 hypocritical man Chapter 1272 Not a good person at all Chapter 1271 Backstabbing is a mistake Chapter 1270 Zhou Xu’s complaints Chapter 1269 sigh Chapter 1268 Su Nian was told by Mo Bao Chapter 1267 Sun Ying'er's complaints Chapter 1266 How can an adult lie to a child? Chapter 1265 Chapter 1264 Chapter 1263

Chapter 1262 Chapter 1261 Chapter 1260 Start operating again Chapter 1259 Not going to the hospital Chapter 1258 Uncle Zhou, what do you mean? Chapter 1257 Zhou Xu was a little dumbfounded Chapter 1256 Zhou Xu’s lies Chapter 1255 Mo Bao is so cute and spicy Chapter 1254 Chapter 1253 Our son is sensible Chapter 1252 When you are unlucky, your teeth will get clogged if you drink cold water. Chapter 1251 This woman is really shameless

Chapter 1250 Lin Na, who has a hard time surviving Chapter 1249 Things are done Chapter 1248 Lin Na's disgust Chapter 1247 tacit agreement Chapter 1246 Why are women restless? Chapter 1245 This drama is really good. Chapter 1244 friendship Chapter 1243 Just closed the network Chapter 1242 Li Jianhong's attitude Chapter 1241 Li Beichen was upset? Chapter 1240 The pain in Sun Ying'er's heart Chapter 1239 I really saw it before

Chapter 1238 Chapter 1237 Trash is not worthy of letting me look back Chapter 1236 Chapter 1235 Mr. Li, it’s bad that Huo Linyuan came to rob me. Chapter 1234 Male protagonist: Ying'er, it's still too late for you to regret it now Chapter 1233 Huo Linyuan's provocation Chapter 1232 Sun Yan fights back Chapter 1231 The feeling of life being worse than death Chapter 1230 Su Nian’s question Chapter 1229 Zhou Xu’s complaints Chapter 1228 evil smile Chapter 1227 blessing

Chapter 1226 Lu Jing's brain suddenly started to work better Chapter 1225 I just like to put gold on my face Chapter 1224 provocative Chapter 1223 A woman’s solution is still a woman Chapter 1222 Is there something wrong with this woman's brain? Chapter 1221 Huo Linyuan's secretary almost broke through Chapter 1220 Chapter 1219 Chapter 1218 "Lin Na, what do you mean?" Chapter 1217 Business cannot be done without benevolence and righteousness Chapter 1216 Huo Linyuan took action Chapter 1215 Must be stable now

Chapter 1214 Exclusive interview Chapter 1213 Grass and trees are all soldiers Chapter 1212 Flustered Chapter 1211 Just making it up Chapter 1210 Sun Yan is in a dilemma Chapter 1209 "Mrs. Li, are you kidding?" Chapter 1208 "You really want to do something" Chapter 1207 Sun Ying'er cares Chapter 1206 Children, the most important thing is children Chapter 1205 My heart always softens uncontrollably Chapter 1204 If you are happy, I will be happy Chapter 1203 Zhili must have momentum

Chapter 1202 Mo Bao cheats Chapter 1201 The old man is happy Chapter 1200 Do not encourage children to grow up Chapter 1199 Seeing his father in pain, of course Mo Bao was happy Chapter 1198 Li Beichen is so heartbroken and crazy Chapter 1197 Destiny is determined inadvertently Chapter 1196 Lu Jing's decision Chapter 1195 Zhou Xu admires Lu Jing Chapter 1194 Lu Jing’s true words Chapter 1193 Lu Jing: Zhou Xu, I’m going too Chapter 1192 It's a beautiful thought Chapter 1191

Chapter 1190 Sunzhuang is looking for trouble again Chapter 1189 Lu Jing’s self-knowledge Chapter 1188 Nothing is too much, just a lot of money Chapter 1187 Sun Yan’s wishful thinking Chapter 1186 I hate being so high above Sun Ying'er Chapter 1185 In order to win, I will use any means Chapter 1184 This night was really full of twists and turns. Chapter 1183 My son plotted against me again Chapter 1182 Mom, do you like this gift? Chapter 1181 Business of the evening Chapter 1180 Chapter 1179 Really good at editing

Chapter 1178 Huo Linyuan's patience reached its limit Chapter 1177 It's a game Chapter 1176 Lu Jing would really add glory to his face Chapter 1175 Keep making trouble Chapter 1174 make trouble Chapter 1173 Lu Jing quickly ran away Chapter 1172 Fairness and taking advantage of others are not the same thing Chapter 1171 Sun Zhuang agreed Chapter 1170 Sun Yinger is really cool Chapter 1169 Su Nian is so calm Chapter 1168 Su Nian: We are here to watch a joke, do you have any objections? Chapter 1167 You can't even protect yourself

Chapter 1166 Do you think Su Nian will let us go easily? Chapter 1165 The Madness of the Sun Family (4) Chapter 1164 The Madness of the Sun Family (3) Chapter 1163 The Madness of the Sun Family (2) Chapter 1162 Sun family's madness Chapter 1161 Some things just should be done by any means Chapter 1160 Very interesting play Chapter 1159 The Sun family has become a drowned dog. Chapter 1158 Lu Jing: Aunt Sun, what you said is really perfunctory. Chapter 1157 Dog bites in a hurry Chapter 1156 Let’s see who can protect the Sun family Chapter 1155 Mr. Sun, what you said makes sense.

Chapter 1154 Sun Ying'er: Fortunately, she is never alone Chapter 1153 It must be Su Nian who is great Chapter 1152 Lu Jing’s hug Chapter 1151 What is Mr. Lu afraid of? Chapter 1150 Ridiculous Sun family Chapter 1149 Old ladies can make many arrangements Chapter 1148 This scene is really beautiful Chapter 1147 The man my sister used has been used by my sister, will she use it again? Chapter 1146 The old lady who can’t pretend anymore Chapter 1145 Huo Linyuan is a fool? Chapter 1144 Hospital drama Chapter 1143 The air is filled with embarrassment

Chapter 1142 Sun Zhuang’s Ridiculous Ambition Chapter 1141 Dog-legged Sunzhuang Chapter 1140 Seriousness lasts only three seconds Chapter 1139 Mr. Lu is also capable of attacking people. Chapter 1138 It's like she was the one who broke up the marriage in the first place Chapter 1137 Lu Jing: What do you mean? ! ! Chapter 1136 Lu Jing’s careful plan Chapter 1135 Su Nian made a move towards Sun Ying'er Chapter 1134 Fight against the male protagonist Chapter 1133 Continue to pester Chapter 1132 There is no such thing as coincidence in this world Chapter 1131 Kill Cheng Yaojin halfway

Chapter 1130 Huo Linyuan pretending to be a savior Chapter 1129 Sun Ying'er's speculation became reality Chapter 1128 I didn’t let go, what can you do to me? Chapter 1127 Sometimes strangers are more reliable than relatives Chapter 1126 It's useless to give an explanation Chapter 1125 Chapter 1124 toss Chapter 1123 There are no coincidences in this world Chapter 1122 The chairman also hates going to work Chapter 1121 Mo Bao agrees? ? ? Chapter 1120 You'll be lucky if you don't tire Mo Bao to death Chapter 1119 It seems that I know what this dad wants to do

Chapter 1118 Chapter 1117 Why does this guy feel like he's looking down on others? Chapter 1116 A loving mother has many failed children Chapter 1115 Women just want to be messy Chapter 1114 Except for robbing my mother from me, this father has nothing else Chapter 1113 Why is that brat like this? Chapter 1112 How old is he? Chapter 1111 You don't have to worry about face in front of me. Chapter 1110 Mo Bao: If dad and I fall into the water, what do you choose? Chapter 1109 Calligraphy is salvation Chapter 1108 There is God's will in everything Chapter 1107 Lan Min was actually sentenced

Chapter 1106 casual pressure Chapter 1105 Just to gloat Chapter 1104 What Huo Linyuan means Chapter 1103 What Luo Qian means Chapter 1102 Zhou Xu who silently lowers his sense of presence Chapter 1101 sober Chapter 1100 Dad, what do you think of me? Chapter 1099 No pity at all Chapter 1098 Mr. Lu, I didn’t expect you to be so serious. Chapter 1097 Okay, I believe you one last time Chapter 1096 Lu Jing wants to express Chapter 1095 The heroine Lan Min is really blind.

Chapter 1094 Su Nian is really a little unhappy Chapter 1093 It’s not unfair for Lan Min to lose to you Chapter 1092 Being eloquent does not necessarily stir up the storm Chapter 1091 Lu Jing’s brain Chapter 1090 fishing law enforcement Chapter 1089 Don't interrupt. Do you think I will be led astray by you? Chapter 1088 Aunt Sun, this is not the first day you have known about my sex. Chapter 1087 Punish whatever you want Chapter 1086 Why do I feel like this atmosphere is getting worse and worse? Chapter 1085 The art of talking is also kung fu Chapter 1084 This guy doesn't cooperate with his aunt grandson. Chapter 1083 This little star is really good at pretending

Chapter 1082 Lu Jing’s reminder Chapter 1081 Use your brain when you should use it Chapter 1080 I hope you can ignore me Chapter 1079 the right choice Chapter 1078 The male protagonist is good at everything, but his mental quality is not good. Chapter 1077 Sisters working together can cut through metal Chapter 1076 Men shouldn't be like this, right? Chapter 1075 We're obviously quarreling, right? Chapter 1074 Mo Bao is really too sensible. Chapter 1073 You're back, you're finally back Chapter 1072 Out Chapter 1071 But her character is that of a vicious supporting actress.

Chapter 1070 If you don’t understand the law, don’t talk nonsense. Chapter 1069 I feel like it's lowering my level. Chapter 1068 Lan Min: Linyuan, I will prove it to you Chapter 1067 Lan Min looks bad Chapter 1066 The show is about to take place Chapter 1065 Huo Linyuan: Just because she is my woman Chapter 1064 Lanmin's satisfaction Chapter 1063 I understand your mood of success as a villain. Chapter 1062 Lan Min’s character design has no surprises Chapter 1061 If the Huo family is finished, what will Huo Linyuan do? Chapter 1060 Lan Min's ambitions began to grow. Chapter 1059 Lan Min, do you love me?

Chapter 1058 Plunged into Lan Min's heart Chapter 1057 There's no point in staying here Chapter 1056 Scumbag man gets scumbag Chapter 1055 Lin Na pretended to be deaf and dumb Chapter 1054 Lin Na, do you have any ideas? Chapter 1053 What did Su Nian do this time? Chapter 1052 They were all born to parents, why should I let you go? Chapter 1051 Thoroughly realize the power of capital Chapter 1050 Men can’t have double standards Chapter 1049 Women are deceiving creatures Chapter 1048 Fortunately it's okay Chapter 1047 Sometimes rules are meant to be broken

Chapter 1046 Come and fight, come and fight Chapter 1045 Lu Jing really regarded Su Nian as his aunt Chapter 1044 Lu Jing is out Chapter 1043 Got caught Chapter 1042 You actually still Chapter 1041 Can't get on the stage Chapter 1040 You won't be able to take it out, right? Chapter 1039 The benefits are huge, how can it be easy? Chapter 1038 The difference between adults and children Chapter 1037 When speaking, you should take into account the clever Mo Bao Chapter 1036 What laws do you care about? Chapter 1035 Stealing public property

Chapter 1034 Lu Jing is humorous enough, right? Chapter 1033 Aunt Sun, are you paying special attention to me? Chapter 1032 I was so stupid Chapter 1031 must hold back Chapter 1030 Linyuan, me Chapter 1029 Li Beichen: How old is he? How could he know? Chapter 1028 What kind of tiger and wolf words is this? Chapter 1027 It would be nice if you could look at me like this Chapter 1026 Lin Na's changes Chapter 1025 I know Su Nian is serious Chapter 1024 Dealing with a person who has no right to life Chapter 1023 Mo Bao is his weakness

Chapter 1022 It's disgusting no matter in that time and space Chapter 1021 Why did this guy suddenly become so coquettish? Chapter 1020 But I still hope you can be smarter Chapter 1019 Sun Ying'er's anger comes out Chapter 1018 What's the ink? Chapter 1017 Lu Jing is very depressed Chapter 1016 I found the reason for my discomfort Chapter 1015 Flattery and being a licker Chapter 1014 Zhou Xu wanted to give himself a slap in the face Chapter 1013 Lan Min has become smarter Chapter 1012 Burial literature comes out again Chapter 1011 I admit that I am ambitious

Chapter 1010 Lin Na's danger Chapter 1009 The reason why Su Nian didn’t show up Chapter 1008 Wait for me to kill everyone Chapter 1007 Talking too much in bed will cause jealousy Chapter 1006 You can be immoral in this matter Chapter 1005 Lu Jing is not qualified to offer opinions Chapter 1004 You shouldn't be Chapter 1003 Luo Qian is frustrated Chapter 1002 Sun Ying'er: Don't ask, asking will make you regret it Chapter 1001 Men also have a sixth sense Chapter 1000 What's the difference between this and pooping in the street? Chapter 999 Speechless

Chapter 998 What's there to pay attention to? Chapter 997 Lin Na who can't be seen through by Huo Linyuan Chapter 996 What do you think the answer is? Chapter 995 Mrs. Li, you are so funny Chapter 994 Always misses the mark at critical moments Chapter 993 Guess Chapter 992 When it's time to give up, you should give up Chapter 991 Chapter 990 Lin Na cursed Chapter 989 Withdrawn for you Chapter 988 It’s really Lan Min Chapter 987 Su Nian's pity

Chapter 986 Come on, come on, I'll arrange a script for you Chapter 985 Lu Jing: God is jealous of my perfection Chapter 984 Pretend to be a couple Chapter 983 Sun Ying'er explodes Chapter 982 Don't you feel uncomfortable when you speak against your conscience? Chapter 981 The bottom line is meant to be broken Chapter 980 Leave in despair Chapter 979 Luo Qian was so angry that he was about to smoke. Chapter 978 A breaking news Chapter 977 Lu Jing’s little thoughts Chapter 976 Su Nian and Sun Yinger both gave thumbs up at the same time Chapter 975 This Lin Na is really interesting

Chapter 974 Zhou Xu: Solve the problem from the source Chapter 973 Some things about my mother are not reliable either. Chapter 972 Mr. Li is not as obedient as Mo Bao Chapter 971 Li Beichen doesn’t need to speak if he can’t speak. Chapter 970 Lu Jing's attitude Chapter 969 Huo Linyuan, who couldn't find any news Chapter 968 Unpredictable Chapter 967 Luo Qian's thoughts Chapter 966 Sun Ying'er: What can you and I have? Don't mess around Chapter 965 It’s not that a family doesn’t enter the same door Chapter 964 Lu Jing is mine, I protect him Chapter 963 It is human nature to watch the excitement

Chapter 962 I didn’t expect Lu Jing’s body to be so promising. Chapter 961 Just so heartbroken Chapter 960 Lu Jing’s CPU burned out Chapter 959 What defeated her was not innocence, but innocence Chapter 958 Auntie, can you treat illnesses? Chapter 957 Lu Jing: Aunt Sun, you! Chapter 956 Anyway, that’s it Chapter 955 Lu Jing thinks he is very smart Chapter 954 Lu Jing is actually so good at insulting people Chapter 953 Lu Jing: I’m afraid my two aunts will misunderstand Chapter 952 The mean-mouthed Lu Jing Chapter 951 Lu Jing's reputation

Chapter 950 Lu Jing, who can't hold a woman's heart warm Chapter 949 Why are you saying this again? Chapter 948 Chapter 947 Chapter 946 Chapter 945 Chapter 944 Su Nian finally appeared Chapter 943 smart person Chapter 942 Huo Linyuan discovered Lin Na Chapter 941 You can not have it both ways Chapter 940 Su Nian's purpose Chapter 939 Lan Min's speechlessness

Chapter 938 I never said I had qualities Chapter 937 Waiting for Su Nian, the main wife's method Chapter 936 Lan Min's plan Chapter 935 Lan Min successfully entered the office Chapter 934 That's right, Lin Na just wants to coax Lan Min again Chapter 933 The usefulness of Lan Min in the company Chapter 932 There are too many variables in this life Chapter 931 Su Nian's little tsundere Chapter 930 The main character is a childish Yan Wuji Chapter 929 Shocked, Li Beichen actually taught children to lie Chapter 928 Chapter 927 Sure enough, this son came to defeat him.

Chapter 926 Mo Bao: Who made me lack father's love in my previous life? Chapter 925 Encounter on a narrow road Chapter 924 Aren't you tasting the consequences now? Chapter 923 The person who mixes everything up Chapter 922 Uncle Li, what do you mean? Chapter 921 Got the trick Chapter 920 What on earth are this woman’s brain cells thinking? Chapter 919 threaten? ? Chapter 918 The male protagonist comes to correct his remarks Chapter 917 A very hard-hearted little woman Chapter 916 Gifts carefully selected by Li Beichen Chapter 915 Why don't you go home so late?

Chapter 914 Don't worry, I don't think I'll give him a chance to feel sorry for you. Chapter 913 Ranma must catch the child Chapter 912 Explode the hero's lungs Chapter 911 I didn't expect Mr. Huo that you have a hobby of cuckolding. Chapter 910 It seems that Mr. Huo has many rules. Chapter 909 The male protagonist who takes advantage of the situation Chapter 908 atmosphere terminator Chapter 907 Is God really that merciful? Chapter 906 public opinion Chapter 905 Because I can't bear it Chapter 904 The heartbeat is beating like crazy Chapter 903 Then why did you wake up in front of me?

Chapter 902 Chapter 901 street of destiny Chapter 900 Zhou Xu really doesn’t know Chapter 899 Your husband is the most powerful man in the world Chapter 898 can you give it today Chapter 897 This little scene is normal Chapter 896 Getting up every day is like fighting a war Chapter 895 Li Beichen who is often late Chapter 894 The person who knows you best in the world Chapter 893 Li Beichen is very dangerous Chapter 892 Lu Jing's clever mind started to work Chapter 891 Drag it on, I don't want to see him

Chapter 890 Lu Jing: Is this why I have just arrived? Chapter 889 Lu Jing can be solved Chapter 888 Sisters fighting Chapter 887 Sun Ying'er who wants a chance to repent Chapter 886 A scene I had shamefully fantasized about Chapter 885 It would be nice if I could escape the sea of ​​suffering Chapter 884 Sun Ying'er's confusion Chapter 883 Sincerity is the key to everything Chapter 882 Sun Yinger is going crazy Chapter 881 Lan Min is enlightened Chapter 880 No one cares about Lan Min’s feelings Chapter 879 Lan's thoughts

Chapter 878 Thank you Lan Min, thank you for your unwavering love Chapter 877 Lin Na's request Chapter 876 Mo Bao: This dad is too much Chapter 875 I love how messed up she is. Chapter 874 What should I do if three of them bully me? Chapter 873 The vibrato in the old man’s voice Chapter 872 Mo Bao will leave Chapter 871 Do you really want to hear your husband get scolded so badly? Chapter 870 The old man’s heart knot Chapter 869 Draw a pie for the old man Chapter 868 It’s getting colder, the Lin family should go bankrupt Chapter 867 The old man is in good spirits

Chapter 866 Lin Pingzhi, did I give you face? Chapter 865 Separation of man and machine Chapter 864 Mo Bao who knows everything Chapter 863 A father who disobeys his mother is a bad father Chapter 862 I wrote my anger on my forehead Chapter 861 Su Nian left angrily Chapter 860 Need to be a good example Chapter 859 This dad is really too much Chapter 858 Apologizing to the wrong person Chapter 857 This dad is really stingy Chapter 856 Mo Bao starts to learn to walk Chapter 855 Lu Jing's toughness

Chapter 854 Sun Ying'er's good intentions Chapter 853 I hope Lu Jing can do something serious. Chapter 852 Lu's father's hope Chapter 851 Face is a thing that you have to lose to yourself and others, it feels like Chapter 850 After all, I collected so many things from Father Lu. Chapter 849 This Lu Jing is really awesome, very awesome Chapter 848 Can't have sympathy for Lu Jing Chapter 847 Like son, like father Chapter 846 Can't keep up with thinking Chapter 845 Lu Jing: No, no, no, I will never regret it for you Chapter 844 Lu Jing suddenly felt useless Chapter 843 Aunt Sun, here I come

Chapter 842 Lu Jing couldn't help but praise himself in his heart Chapter 841 Lan Min called Lu Jing Chapter 840 Lan's treatment Chapter 839 Destiny Chapter 838 This is the first time I use greasy to describe a woman. Chapter 837 Hang around with smart people Chapter 836 fairy days Chapter 835 Since we are brothers, why not sacrifice a little bit? Chapter 834 Why do you feel that Lu Jing is looking for someone to take advantage of? Chapter 833 Could it be that this guy really couldn't hear his own ridicule? Chapter 832 Zhou Xu’s statement Chapter 831 Don't like me

Chapter 830 Zhou Xu feels that his brain is really useful Chapter 829 Is there really such a funny show? Chapter 828 Lu Jing: He seems to have remembered this Li Beichen. Chapter 827 You can't meet amazing people when you are young Chapter 826 Sun Ying'er: She really didn't come here to eat dog food Chapter 825 Men are not good things Chapter 824 No one has as good a brain as Lu Jing Chapter 823 Sun Ying'er regrets Chapter 822 Zhou Xu who won’t make stupid mistakes Chapter 821 Zhou Xu really wants to kneel down Chapter 820 Lu Jing is very scary when he uses his brain. Chapter 819 Lu Jing vomits blood

Chapter 818 Lu Jing was injured? Chapter 817 Zhou Xu agreed Chapter 816 Whatever you have trouble with, don’t have trouble with money. Chapter 815 No one who was beaten complained. Chapter 814 Lan Min's regret Chapter 813 We can’t learn it in vain Chapter 812 Learn to love people by stumbling Chapter 811 Li Beichen must be embarrassed today Chapter 810 Is he feeling guilty? Chapter 809 Discovered the reason why Li Beichen is greasy Chapter 808 Is there any humanity left for a one-year-old child? Chapter 807 Calligraphy without cards

Chapter 806 Can't you do this? Chapter 805 educate children Chapter 804 I feel that some things still need to be cultivated from an early age. Chapter 803 Mo Bao takes the credit Chapter 802 Take an unusual step Chapter 801 Su Nian: Why do I feel like my sister is lying? Chapter 800 Mr. Lu went on a blind date, and his daughters fled in all directions. Chapter 799 Lu Jing: It’s great to have a son. Chapter 798 Sun Ying'er understood why Su Nian was hesitating just now. Chapter 797 What if I am spoiled and become Lu Jing? Chapter 796 Why do you think Li Beichen did it on purpose? Chapter 795 Mo Bao: Why did I expect this thing in my previous life?

Chapter 794 Think about what love is Chapter 793 How can you talk to a child like this? Chapter 792 It will lead to bad things for children. Chapter 791 Isn't it bad to express your disdain clearly? Chapter 790 There is no grass anywhere in the world Chapter 789 Lu Jing's call came again Chapter 788 IQ is not exposed Chapter 787 Lu Jing is getting more and more silly and sweet Chapter 786 Feng Shui turns Chapter 785 Huo opened another clothing company Chapter 784 He shouted "Dad" in a daze. Chapter 783 Asleep?

Chapter 782 Good boy, it turned out that I was waiting for him here. Chapter 781 I just can't learn to call "Dad" Chapter 780 Mo Bao can talk now Chapter 779 Mo Bao is angry Chapter 778 Is there really no need to send Lu Jing to a mental hospital? Chapter 777 Sun Ying'er's murderous eyes Chapter 776 Is Lu Jing set up to be a domineering president? Chapter 775 Lu Jing: Aunt, where is my son? Chapter 774 Don't let the overbearing president take the exam for the teacher qualification certificate. Chapter 773 There is no stability on the water Chapter 772 Your husband's profiteer Chapter 771 Li Beichen's method

Chapter 770 Can children listen to this? Chapter 769 Zhou Xu’s helplessness Chapter 768 Real men never look back Chapter 767 He must let Lan Zhen know that he, Lu Jing, is unavailable to her Chapter 766 Lu Jing: Our relationship can’t be described as abandonment. Chapter 765 Do you still need to pay attention to the concept of time when beating someone? Chapter 764 The cigarettes that this young master smokes are all customized. Chapter 763 Lu Jing: Auntie, don’t mess around Chapter 762 It's not good for people to be too honest Chapter 761 Can you tell me more carefully? Chapter 760 I'm not angry, I'm not angry at all Chapter 759 reason

Chapter 758 Mo Bao was taken away again Chapter 757 You can't have a son without a husband Chapter 756 Beautiful and delicious explanation Chapter 755 What does it mean that he has never seen the world? Chapter 754 A seven-month-old child can't do calligraphy until he's three years old. Chapter 753 Why did you suddenly learn to crawl? Chapter 752 Mo Bao was taken to work Chapter 751 Li Beichen: How did I offend this little kid? Chapter 750 What, Mo Bao learned to stand up? Chapter 749 My dear, take your time and choose, I'm not in a hurry Chapter 748 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Chapter 747 You can't be lazy as a dad

Chapter 746 Sun Yinger: Haha, come on then Chapter 745 The worst case scenario is that Lu Jingzai will have to take a trip. Chapter 744 I can’t imagine the picture Chapter 743 What's the point of kissing between two old men? Chapter 742 Sun Ying'er: "Nian Nian, if I kill this person now, Chapter 741 Lu Jing: Coincidence, it must be a coincidence Chapter 740 He, Lu Jing, is a man, so being embarrassed is nothing. Chapter 739 Lu Jing’s sister Lu Xiaojing Chapter 738 If you continue to be sensational, get out of here Chapter 737 It’s really like being pregnant for three years. Chapter 736 Mo Bao is not calm. Chapter 735 That world was really cold and lonely

Chapter 734 Mo Bao: Didn’t he die before I was born? Chapter 733 Mo Bao is reborn (isn’t this my short-lived father) Chapter 732 worry Chapter 731 Wife, thank you Chapter 730 Isn’t this cheating my son? Chapter 729 Start preparing for full moon wine Chapter 728 The old man couldn't hide his disgust Chapter 727 For more than 20 days, I started to fight with my father. Chapter 726 If you behave well, I will reward you with a candy. Chapter 725 Li Beichen's new hobby Chapter 724 If you really can’t speak with your mouth, you can donate it Chapter 723 The word "female hero" does not fit here

Chapter 722 I almost thought Mo Bao was reborn too Chapter 721 Please coax your mother first, okay if you are crying? Chapter 720 Confinement is really a long time Chapter 719 Sun Ying'er's gift Chapter 718 It feels good to be a rich man Chapter 717 It’s postpartum period Chapter 716 I will never let you down in this life Chapter 715 changing diapers Chapter 714 You are responsible for giving birth and I am responsible for raising children. Chapter 713 mobo's name Chapter 712 Mo Bao was born Chapter 711 Memories deep in the soul

Chapter 710 Production starts Chapter 709 No but Chapter 708 "He moved" Chapter 707 "In no mood" Chapter 706 nightmare over Chapter 705 The twelfth dream (9) Chapter 704 The twelfth dream (8) Chapter 703 The twelfth dream (7) Chapter 702 The twelfth dream (6) Chapter 701 The twelfth dream (5) Chapter 700 The twelfth dream (4) Chapter 699 The twelfth dream (3)

Chapter 698 The twelfth dream (2) Chapter 697 The twelfth dream (1) Chapter 696 We still have a lifetime, don't rush, take your time Chapter 695 The reason why Li Beichen got up early Chapter 694 Destroy the old man's stage Chapter 693 The old man is very happy Chapter 692 Fortunately this time Chapter 691 It’s really different when my husband is alive Chapter 690 Feeling like Lu Jing Chapter 689 Lu Jing: Shouldn’t it be for humanitarian comfort? Chapter 688 Sun Ying'er: I don't have the hobby of petting dogs Chapter 687 Confession and cheat sheet!

Chapter 686 Li Beichen's tenderness Chapter 685 Why did this guy suddenly become smarter? Chapter 684 Su Nian: Sister, I really want to kill this now Chapter 683 Come on, come on, don't do it because I'm a delicate flower, Chapter 682 Lu Jing, you want to know why no woman wants to seduce you? Chapter 681 Thinking about it day by day and dreaming about it at night Chapter 680 The reaction during pregnancy is gone Chapter 679 Do you know what it feels like to want to kill someone? Chapter 678 Mr. Lu is drunk Chapter 677 Sun Ying'er finally understood that this Lu Jing was here Chapter 676 Lu Jing’s money making ability Chapter 675 Sun Yinger: What evil have I done?

Chapter 674 Lu Jing's wit disease recurred again Chapter 673 Mr. Huo, I just received one Chapter 672 Uncle Shen: The young lady is right Chapter 671 heroine halo Chapter 670 influence, very influence Chapter 669 Danger is coming Chapter 668 maid's strangeness Chapter 667 There is a problem with the maid Chapter 666 how did you get in Chapter 665 The sudden appearance of Lan Min Chapter 664 Sun Ying'er's circle of friends Chapter 663 The brain circuit is really amazing

Chapter 662 Zhou Xu who runs away fast Chapter 661 Lu Jing: Even someone with a rank like Li Beichen still wants to fight with me? Chapter 660 Good guy, logic is not that powerful Chapter 659 Lu Jing’s advice Chapter 658 Li Beichen: Why do you suddenly want to kill this guy Lu Jing? Chapter 657 Suddenly I felt a little envious Chapter 656 Need to think about how to develop the company Chapter 655 Mr. Lin, you are indeed not a simple person. Chapter 654 Lin Na is not simple Chapter 653 Concern leads to chaos Chapter 652 The old man’s way of catching the thief is to capture the king first Chapter 651 Why did my husband become stupid after getting pregnant?

Chapter 650 Time will tell everything Chapter 649 Did the Lin family lose like this? Chapter 648 counterattack Chapter 647 Think of a way Chapter 646 Li Jianhong: Don’t talk to Beichen if you miss the child in your belly Chapter 645 Habits are developed slowly Chapter 644 Can't say it Chapter 643 Just the tip of the iceberg Chapter 642 The excellent traditions of the Li family are cheating Chapter 641 award Chapter 640 Could this woman be more of a bitch? Chapter 639 The reason why Lan Min couldn't fall in love with Lu Jing

Chapter 638 Admire Lu Jing Chapter 637 This company is alive Chapter 636 Lu Jing, why do you always refresh my understanding of you? Chapter 635 Sun Ying'er: I'm a little tired of aesthetics of that face now Chapter 634 rich man's happiness Chapter 633 Very fun thing Chapter 632 Use the spear of the son to attack the shield of the son Chapter 631 Don't feel bad for the person who will make you crazy, it will make you unhappy Chapter 630 Chapter 629 Cool or not, handsome or not Chapter 628 Heaven is so easy to reincarnate, who will be spared by Heaven? Chapter 627 Lu Jing’s big gold tooth

Chapter 626 Sun Ying'er's complaints Chapter 625 Sun Ying'er: Do single dogs have no human rights? Chapter 624 What did you tell dad? Chapter 623 The old man was right Chapter 622 A different old man from his previous life Chapter 621 He is indeed a genius baby Chapter 620 That’s it? Chapter 619 Li Beichen: Let’s have a baby Chapter 618 Teacher Liu’s information is the same as in the dream Chapter 617 I just want to be with you Chapter 616 Lu Jing's brain suddenly became enlightened. Chapter 615 Aunt Sun, you really can't do this to me

Chapter 614 Aunt Sun, why are you so worried? Chapter 613 I'm fine, I'm really fine Chapter 612 The eleventh dream (9) Chapter 611 Dreaming for the Eleventh Time (10) Chapter 610 Dreaming for the Eleventh Time (9) Chapter 609 The eleventh dream (8) Chapter 608 The eleventh dream (7) Chapter 607 The eleventh dream (6) Chapter 606 The eleventh dream (5) Chapter 605 The Eleventh Dream (4) Chapter 604 The eleventh dream (3) Chapter 603 The eleventh dream (2)

Chapter 602 Dreaming for the eleventh time Chapter 601 Forced into a dream? Chapter 600 Madam, please don't worry, Mr. Li will be here soon Chapter 599 Madam, do you think this is Mr. Lu’s handiwork? Chapter 598 Lu Jing’s tooth fell off? ? Chapter 597 Want her to make a fool of herself and dream Chapter 596 Lu Jing, what is it about me that makes you think I am Chapter 595 Inspiring Lan Min's ambition Chapter 594 You want me to betray Linyuan, are you dreaming? Chapter 593 It turns out that Lu Jing knew everything Chapter 592 The fisherman doesn’t need to do much Chapter 591 The heroine Mary Sue is certain of the hero's heart

Chapter 590 In my previous life, I shouldn’t have been afraid, I should have gone straight to Chapter 589 Something went wrong again Chapter 588 Be careful of overturning the jealous jar Chapter 587 Chance? Chapter 586 The mean-mouthed Lu Jing Chapter 585 The tenth dream (8) Chapter 584 The tenth dream (7) Chapter 583 The tenth dream (6) Chapter 582 The tenth dream (5) Chapter 581 The tenth dream (4) Chapter 580 The tenth dream (3) Chapter 579 The tenth dream (2)

Chapter 578 Dreaming for the tenth time Chapter 577 The courage to face dreams Chapter 576 In this world, we are the only two with a negative distance Chapter 575 The ninth dream (5) Chapter 574 The ninth dream (4) Chapter 573 The ninth dream (3) Chapter 572 The ninth dream (2) Chapter 571 The ninth time to dream Chapter 570 There is no **** in this world Chapter 569 Lu Jing’s three views are super correct Chapter 568 Zhou Xu lying flat Chapter 567 The eighth dream (3)

Chapter 566 The eighth dream (2) Chapter 565 The eighth dream Chapter 564 Zhou Xu said the wrong thing Chapter 563 Sorry, my wife has only been interested in me in this life Chapter 562 Su Nian, the caring aunt Chapter 561 Lu Jing: I want to embarrass Su Nian’s face Chapter 560 The seventh dream (2) Chapter 559 The seventh dream (1) Chapter 558 Su Nian was disappointed Chapter 557 What if something slips through the net? Chapter 556 If you can't afford it, don't play Chapter 555 Su Nian's design

Chapter 554 Blame me for being sentimental Chapter 553 Why, isn’t my sister a human? Chapter 552 Just because I am the wife of the president of Li Group Chapter 551 Mr. Lu's witty disease recurred again Chapter 550 Sun Ying'er couldn't bear it anymore Chapter 549 i like honest people Chapter 548 Chapter 547 Mentioned by Li Beichen Chapter 546 A slight error can lead to a thousand miles Chapter 545 Smash photos Chapter 544 Be careful with unknown people Chapter 543 I took my family with me to the last class

Chapter 542 Master of moral kidnapping Chapter 541 The heroine is awesome Chapter 540 A little awkward Chapter 539 Didn't get inside Chapter 538 important, you are important Chapter 537 Okay, she admits it Chapter 536 Lu Jing, are you determined not to let me go? Chapter 535 Li Beichen shot himself in the foot Chapter 534 The world is so big, why are such strange flowers born? Chapter 533 Come on, come on, slap my nephew in the face Chapter 532 Chapter 531 What Father Lu means

Chapter 530 Lu Jing's gift Chapter 529 Lu Jing, who is pure and unpretentious Chapter 528 Bracelet Chapter 527 It's okay, I'll practice more in the future Chapter 526 Cooperate Chapter 525 It’s not too much for a junior to kowtow to an elder, right? Chapter 524 pattern Chapter 523 The heroine’s magic attacks are widely praised Chapter 522 Why does it feel like Li Beichen was touched by porcelain? Chapter 521 tool man Chapter 520 throw it out Chapter 519 Sun Ying'er's Illusion

Chapter 518 Don't you want to live a world of two with me? Chapter 517 mmp, was prostituted for nothing Chapter 516 Li Beichen: I am yours now, so you Chapter 515 Chapter 514 birthday wish Chapter 513 How about you give me another chance and let me try? Chapter 512 Birthday Cake? Chapter 511 Birthday warm-up Chapter 510 Why are you still here today? Chapter 509 Lan Min, why does this Lu Jing treat Su Nian like this? Chapter 508 Sun Ying'er's madness Chapter 507 Lu Jing has no merits

Chapter 506 The back wave was photographed on the beach again Chapter 505 Sure enough, hard work pays off Chapter 504 Su Nian's sigh Chapter 503 Ji'er, did you cover the wrong place? Chapter 502 Ji'er, how about I make an appointment with a brain doctor for you? Chapter 501 Lu Jing’s Three Views Chapter 500 Who is more moral kidnapping? Chapter 499 I have to endure humiliation for the sake of love Chapter 498 What is this operation? Chapter 497 Lu Jing’s complaint Chapter 496 What, Mr. Lu, you can’t even get 10 million? Chapter 495 Let this guy have a good drink

Chapter 494 fair Chapter 493 Isn't this guy here to crawl into bed? Chapter 492 Chapter 491 Isn't this guy relying on her? Chapter 490 Su Nian's happiness Chapter 489 Things are ahead of schedule again Chapter 488 Lu Jing, the grudge, has made progress Chapter 487 Lan Min, when did you become so greedy? Chapter 486 Lan Min, it’s not a good feeling to be a stepmother, right? Chapter 485 Let Li Beichen know what it means to come and go but not to come back Chapter 484 Am I so impatient? Chapter 483 Is Mr. Lu going to stand up?

Chapter 482 Lu Jing's smooth sailing Chapter 481 Lan Min, you saw it, I started to take it away slowly Chapter 480 How did you get this guy excited? Chapter 479 Not boring, really not boring Chapter 478 coffee plan failed Chapter 477 Take revenge for all the pigeons that were let go before Chapter 476 Is Li Beichen the only one who knows how to do Tai Chi? Chapter 475 wear a tie Chapter 474 Know yourself and the enemy Chapter 473 This plot is different from what he thought Chapter 472 Sister, you are a little dirty Chapter 471 Su Nian, it seems that your achievements are not small.

Chapter 470 Beichen, be good Chapter 469 Hands are cheap, hands are cheap Chapter 468 A man’s heart is like a needle in the sea Chapter 467 The most touching way Chapter 466 I'll help you care about people you don't care about Chapter 465 The heroine is indeed here! Chapter 464 Why does it feel like blackmail? Chapter 463 Lu Jing: Suddenly I really want to hit a woman Chapter 462 I seriously doubt this guy is playing with me Chapter 461 Rich theoretical knowledge Chapter 460 It’s better to go out and play at home Chapter 459 Frank Lu Jing

Chapter 458 Why do I feel like you are plotting against me? Chapter 457 Lu Jing: Can’t you just show off a little bit? Chapter 456 Don't like to force others to make things difficult for them Chapter 455 Lu Jing, you really don’t need to do this for me. Chapter 454 Mr. Lu, you can’t afford it, can you? Chapter 453 You are quibbling Chapter 452 I couldn't give birth to a son as weird as you Chapter 451 Thank you Lan for your contribution to my private money. Chapter 450 retribution Chapter 449 We are not good people, why should we pursue morality? Chapter 448 Is the boss still feudal and superstitious? Chapter 447 clumsy touch

Chapter 446 Who gave him the courage to compare with my Mo Bao? Chapter 445 Lost something Chapter 444 Help quarrel Chapter 443 Mr. Lu comforts people with injuries Chapter 442 We common people don’t understand the greatness of love Chapter 441 Damn it, the male protagonist can’t do it? Chapter 440 The sixth dream Chapter 439 Made it up Chapter 438 Lan Min feels uncomfortable, but she is happier than anyone else Chapter 437 Lan Min, you haven’t seen Beichen for a long time, right? Chapter 436 provocative Chapter 435 Lan Min looked like there was something wrong with his brain.

Chapter 434 The old man laughed angrily Chapter 433 Give me a chance to coax you Chapter 432 Nian Nian, you are really full of bad ideas. Chapter 431 Sun Ying'er's troubles Chapter 430 The old man’s fishing experience Chapter 429 Zhou Xu, do you want to double the bonus? Chapter 428 Li Beichen is really sick Chapter 427 How can you act like a beast at this time? Chapter 426 Coincidence opens the door for Coincidence, Coincidence is home Chapter 425 Master, I have been waiting for you for a long time Chapter 424 The best father-in-law Chapter 423 Li Beichen is sick

Chapter 422 He is not a beast enough to attack a patient. Chapter 421 Su Nian's equipment has arrived Chapter 420 Lu Jing's anxiety Chapter 419 The domineering Sun Yinger Chapter 418 I can't lie down any longer. Chapter 417 It seems to have changed Sun Ying'er's fate Chapter 416 Sun Ying'er's pity Chapter 415 Huo Linyuan, you lost this game Chapter 414 Is this game Su Nian fun? Chapter 413 Never lose this step Chapter 412 The hero's sarcasm Chapter 411 Huo Linyuan never acknowledged her identity!

Chapter 410 You have to maintain the image of a little white flower. Chapter 409 What kind of property do you value in the Huo family? I'll take it for you. Chapter 408 You didn’t even cry at the grave, Lan Min, you are really good enough. Chapter 407 stupid Chapter 406 The most important part of Huo Linyuan's plan Chapter 405 Then will you act rogue? Chapter 404 Li Beichen's back-up plan Chapter 403 Is the police car a Mercedes-Benz? Chapter 402 Justice is at home in people's hearts Chapter 401 Is this a crime? Chapter 400 Is the clothing industry about to rise? Chapter 399 May all the scumbags in the world die

Chapter 398 Turn-based is the biggest insult to me, and to you Chapter 397 Does the Mary Sue heroine want revenge? Want to eat shit Chapter 396 Su Nian has seen the big world Chapter 395 Okay, I forgot about this guy's speed Chapter 394 With all this equipment, I don’t believe I can’t get one Chapter 393 Commit violence in the street and break the law Chapter 392 Li Beichen: Fortunately, I have never been immoral Chapter 391 Sponsors blocked Chapter 390 Su Nian: Is there such a good thing? Chapter 389 Does milk tea have the effect of repelling cold? Chapter 388 Lan Min, what are you making a fuss about? Chapter 387 Is it really so beautiful?

Chapter 386 Why is the reporter interviewing a man? Chapter 385 Well, I miss you Chapter 384 Li Beichen's true purpose Chapter 383 The doctor who bribed Huo Linyuan? Chapter 382 Li Beichen's little moves Chapter 381 It is human nature to understand Chapter 380 md, if you can't say it, just turn on the air conditioner, what kind of hero can you think of it? Chapter 379 Blackmail the hero Chapter 378 Afraid of a der Chapter 377 Liuwei Dihuang Pills to treat kidney deficiency, sugar-free Chapter 376 Directly snatched the glory that originally belonged to the Huo family Chapter 375 The male protagonist is awesome

Chapter 374 Huo Linyuan's psychological quality is too poor Chapter 373 Is it because Lan Min can't afford it or Huo Linyuan can't afford it? Chapter 372 Su Nian: My eldest sister-in-law is like my mother. Rounding it all off, she is your mother. Chapter 371 Su Nian's concern Chapter 370 Use loudspeakers to express concern for Lan Min Chapter 369 Covering one's ears and stealing the bell? Chapter 368 Nian Nian’s loyal dog Chapter 367 Su Nian's worries Chapter 366 Forgot about the alcohol issue Chapter 365 You don’t think I knocked you out, do you? Chapter 364 Drink it all in one gulp Chapter 363 Wedding night? ? ?

Chapter 362 scheming man Chapter 361 It's as if I started dating him Chapter 360 The old man is going to deduct Li Beichen’s salary. Chapter 359 I hope the two of us will last as long as possible Chapter 358 This monk is definitely not a serious monk Chapter 357 It’s just a supplementary certificate. As for such a big battle? Chapter 356 Leave the dog behind Chapter 355 Erha’s nature Chapter 354 It seems like I've been looped in again. Chapter 353 Brain circuits that can’t keep up Chapter 352 sweetheart Chapter 351 Brother-in-law, do you have any objections?

Chapter 350 From then on I had a sister Chapter 349 Zhou Xu’s grievance Chapter 348 As expected, don’t mess with women Chapter 347 As expected of father and son Chapter 346 The gift of coaxing Chapter 345 Li Beichen is serious and studious Chapter 344 Li Beichen is emo Chapter 343 Carry the "gift" given by the old man with you Chapter 342 Su Nian’s strange desire to win and lose Chapter 341 It would be nice to have a domineering son Chapter 340 Li Beichen said the wrong thing again Chapter 339 If you attack me personally, attack me personally. How do you attack me?

Chapter 338 Lu Jing redefines loyal dogs Chapter 337 Eat all over the world with one trick Chapter 336 Who would be happy to be played by fate for the second time? Chapter 335 They both closed their eyes at the same time Chapter 334 Make up for the regrets of the previous life Chapter 333 Lan Min: I just want to meet you once Chapter 332 The old man has a good plan, doesn’t Li Beichen have any? Chapter 331 The grumpy old man Chapter 330 happy old man Chapter 329 Li Beichen actually has a sweater Chapter 328 Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of what happens. Chapter 327 Let’s finish it first, let’s talk about the consequences

Chapter 326 Su Nian, if you apologize now, you can still redeem yourself. Chapter 325 Su Nian: Who said our plans are exactly the same? Chapter 324 The heroine is not the finale Chapter 323 Tender Chapter 322 Why does Li Beichen feel like an old man? Chapter 321 Blow on your fingertips Chapter 320 Lan Min's discomfort Chapter 319 Huo Linyuan has completely turned into a joke Chapter 318 Miss Sun, my boss Li said that as long as my wife opens Chapter 317 Li Beichen, who can't even compare to wool Chapter 316 Depressed Li Beichen Chapter 315 You see clearly, I am Li Jianhong and I am Li Beichen

Chapter 314 Domineering old man Chapter 313 Insincere heroine Chapter 312 This is really what the heroine said. Chapter 311 The great goal of Su Nian and Sun Yinger Chapter 310 Is there any talent for being a domineering president? Chapter 309 Because I wanted to do it, I did it Chapter 308 Pull out the nails planted by Huo Linyuan Chapter 307 Will being Huo Linyuan's dog end so badly? Chapter 306 Isn't it a bit too casual? Chapter 305 Beichen, you hit me Chapter 304 Don't move. If you move again, it will catch fire. Chapter 303 don't like rainy days

Chapter 302 tacit understanding Chapter 301 Eat secretly Chapter 300 I found this orchid has no brains Chapter 299 Let me give you an example to prove why I am so evil. Chapter 298 Miss Sun, you are also known as a blocker to other people’s love. Chapter 297 The heroine recognized the wrong person again Chapter 296 Can you still play like this? Chapter 295 Something about singing conquest Chapter 294 The enemy's pig teammates are your good teammates Chapter 293 That's right, Mr. Lu is so clean and self-possessed Chapter 292 Why doesn't this guy leave? He's disturbing someone else's beauty salon. Chapter 291 Damn, if I didn’t tell you earlier, all my work would have been in vain.

Chapter 290 The fish is hooked? Chapter 289 Li Beichen: Have fun? Chapter 288 Men are a necessity of life Chapter 287 The heroine actually called the wrong name Chapter 286 This Lan Min is really one of a kind and can be eaten all over the world. Chapter 285 temperamental person Chapter 284 The enemy of my enemy is my friend Chapter 283 Not shy, really not shy Chapter 282 The mean-mouthed Lu Jing Chapter 281 The hero is angry Chapter 280 It really feels like watching an idol drama Chapter 279 Li Beichen, you go too far.

Chapter 278 Just let Zhou Xu come Chapter 277 As a vicious female supporting character, it’s fair to hit the heroine a few times. Chapter 276 Please keep your voice down and don't rest on my wife. Chapter 275 The male protagonist has a strong relationship Chapter 274 Although the child is not yours, the wife is yours Chapter 273 Awesome Mrs. Zhang Chapter 272 Saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda Chapter 271 Su Nian, do you have any good ideas? Chapter 270 As expected, the male protagonist is a cowhide Chapter 269 Find more navy companies Chapter 268 Double standards are okay Chapter 267 Social death is also a way to die

Chapter 266 A little too considerate Chapter 265 This heroine is a bit too arrogant Chapter 264 It's good enough now Chapter 263 I, Su Nian, just want to live an upright life Chapter 262 There is no shortcut to love Chapter 261 Everything I say is true. Chapter 260 The mute can't tell the pain of eating Coptis chinensis. Chapter 259 It's too late, old man Chapter 258 First step to power Chapter 257 The difference between noun and verb Chapter 256 No. 256 Chapter 255 Su Nian with severe kidney fire

Chapter 254 Bare legs artifact Chapter 253 I finally have a relative who is connected by blood Chapter 252 My lung capacity is not as strong as yours, but I can practice Chapter 251 Damn it, is this all? Chapter 250 As long as I'm not embarrassed, others will be embarrassed Chapter 249 She even said she likes me, hehe, man Chapter 248 Speak slowly, don't choke Chapter 247 Rounding it off is your mother. Chapter 246 Li Beichen: I'm afraid your sister-in-law will misunderstand Chapter 245 I believe that love lasts for a long time Chapter 244 This guy Li Beichen is really a bit cunning. Chapter 243 Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity and take advantage of the situation?

Chapter 242 Li Beichen seems to have run away from home Chapter 241 Since Lan Min can participate, why would Su Nian Chapter 240 Su Nian who is allergic to romance Chapter 239 You go to a meeting with me, I go shopping with you Chapter 238 Li Beichen is depressed Chapter 237 The flattering and thief Zhou Xu Chapter 236 The old man’s WeChat account has been blocked Chapter 235 I am the most beautiful in the world Chapter 234 The source of her pain in her previous life came from him Chapter 233 Sure enough, men understand men better Chapter 232 Old man: You, little girl, are so uncontestable Chapter 231 Isn’t it the persona of a good husband?

Chapter 230 md, does this guy want to kill me? Chapter 229 However, she is uneducated and can only leave with "fuck" Chapter 228 Bystanders are clear, authorities are confused Chapter 227 Disband the medical team prepared for Lan Min Chapter 226 Why does it feel like I'm drawing a cake? Chapter 225 Lan Min fainted again Chapter 224 Without him, I won’t watch the movie that moved the whole country Chapter 223 Good home Chapter 222 Li Beichen: Then just go and die. Chapter 221 You scream, you scream, even if your throat is broken by screaming, Chapter 220 Li Beichen, are you trying to trick me? Chapter 219 He even thinks now that they can have children in the future

Chapter 218 Mr. Lu: Don’t worry, Min’er, as long as I’m here, Chapter 217 Mr. Lu has a lot of scenes Chapter 216 All property is transferred to Su Nian Chapter 215 Return all the old man's cards Chapter 214 Li Beichen: What can you do to me? Chapter 213 This planet is no longer suitable for her to live in Chapter 212 Su Nian is ruined Chapter 211 Sorry, your phone number is currently on the phone. Please wait a moment. Chapter 210 The old man has brought something Chapter 209 Su Nian, will you make the same mistake again? Chapter 208 Did she just hit that guy Li Beichen? Chapter 207 The fourth dream (Part 2)

Chapter 206 fourth time dreaming Chapter 205 What's the point of purity? Chapter 204 Isn't this a waste of money? Chapter 203 Su Nian, do you want to cuckold me? Chapter 202 The old man is serious Chapter 201 Su Nian, your chips are too low, right? Chapter 200 Mr. Lu, please stay. Chapter 199 There's something wrong with why this guy is so cheerful Chapter 198 I had a nightmare last night Chapter 197 Su Nian, you can guarantee that the child in your belly Chapter 196 Since they are all acting, let me take advantage, no? Chapter 195 Li Beichen, do you know what you are talking about?

Chapter 194 Habit is really a terrible thing Chapter 193 Old man: Nian Nian, it doesn’t have to be in a tree Chapter 192 It's a pity that this guy Li Beichen is destined to die early. Chapter 191 Was he trying to correct my mistake? Chapter 190 it's just an accident Chapter 189 Damn it, what happened to this guy’s eyes? He was Chapter 188 Get some sleep and everything will pass Chapter 187 I, the King of Heaven, don’t even think about taking Su Nian away. Chapter 186 In this case, Huo Linyuan would not say anything Chapter 185 That power appears again Chapter 184 You are not qualified to negotiate terms with me Chapter 183 He wants to make his own decisions about his life

Chapter 182 nightmare Chapter 181 Is this okay? Chapter 180 Lu Jing is not short of money Chapter 179 perfect chess piece Chapter 178 Old man: Men are vile creatures Chapter 177 I want you to prove it, not to take advantage of me Chapter 176 The old man who caught the traitor Chapter 175 Is it the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality? Chapter 174 What attitude do you want from me? Chapter 173 Didn't this guy sneak in through the window? Chapter 172 Don't scream, it's me Chapter 171 Not seeing each other for one day is like three autumns apart

Chapter 170 You're not mocking the old man, okay? Chapter 169 Although there is not a word about love, every word is there Chapter 168 Did I hold the wrong child? Chapter 167 Don't dare to think about it Chapter 166 The old man is angry Chapter 165 He is so quick-eyed and quick-handed Chapter 164 If you have a sore throat, remember to take Golden Throat Lozenges Chapter 163 Mr. Li, my wife seems to have gone to the White Horse Club. Chapter 162 I can finally take a break. Chapter 161 Now I really agree with it Chapter 160 How sick does this author have to be to be able to think about it? Chapter 159 For the sake of that future child, restrain yourself

Chapter 158 Damn it, why are the legs of this licking dog so long? Chapter 157 What should I do if I suddenly have an ominous feeling? Chapter 156 The first sentence is a lie Chapter 155 Beichen, can you give me a child? Chapter 154 Isn't it just a seed? So stingy, actually Chapter 153 Do you think the gift you gave me can sing? Chapter 152 I'm sorry, I still feel like I won't let your dream come true Chapter 151 For the rest of my life, the wind and snow will be you, and the plainness will be you Chapter 150 You must choose a gift that moves Li Beichen to tears Chapter 149 Stories always spread the fastest Chapter 148 Damn it, this woman went to find the old man again instead of Chapter 147 Lu Jing and I are not at the same level of IQ

Chapter 146 This woman really dares to think Chapter 145 The top spot for dog licking Chapter 144 The heroine is amazing, so awesome Chapter 143 As a vicious female supporting character, she is unfortunately waiting for more misfortune at this moment. Chapter 142 Double standard dog licking is more disgusting than Li Beichen Chapter 141 affection Chapter 140 What about you? If you don’t get the certificate with Huo Linyuan, will you? Chapter 139 Su Nian is angry Chapter 138 The heroine is messing around here. Chapter 137 I really don’t dare to think about it Chapter 136 I haven’t hugged the pillow yet and felt comfortable. Chapter 135 Is it so easy for him, Li Beichen, to take advantage of him?

Chapter 134 Can Boss Ba taste the taste of 99% instant coffee? Chapter 133 lounge Chapter 132 Forget it if you can’t watch dramas, the house is still in ruins Chapter 131 If you don't mind it, come and have a rest on my bed. Chapter 130 This woman's aesthetics are really bad Chapter 129 Am I your biological child, or is Su Nian your biological child? Chapter 128 I am indeed a clever little clever guy Chapter 127 Why could Su Nian see him so easily? Chapter 126 kissing in front of reporters Chapter 125 He was still standing in front of her, and she actually begged him Chapter 124 Show affection? ? ? Chapter 123 It's not too late now

Chapter 122 It feels like I took the heroine's script Chapter 121 Mom sells it, does the vicious female supporting role have no human rights? Chapter 120 Why can this matter be blamed on me? Chapter 119 This time the plot kept embarrassing me Chapter 118 Fortunately, this Li Beichen still has some morals Chapter 117 Eating melon is a hobby engraved in her DNA Chapter 116 "Su Nian, sometimes I am thinking about a question. Chapter 115 third time dreaming Chapter 114 Plan failed Chapter 113 He overestimated his determination Chapter 112 Why did you get involved again? Chapter 111 My feet slipped

Chapter 110 dream again Chapter 109 Fortunately I'm not someone who cares about reputation Chapter 108 Glad I made the right choice Chapter 107 Target person appears Chapter 106 Is this the difference between me and the heroine? Chapter 105 There's nothing wrong with his body at all Chapter 104 Steal the credit from the heroine Chapter 103 Mr. Li, the executive information you want Chapter 102 Use your money to insult me ​​as much as you want Chapter 101 Dogs who are stubborn lickers just like to bite their noses on their faces Chapter 100 It turns out that the overbearing president really gets diarrhea Chapter 99 "In your dreams"

Chapter 98 Is it appropriate to help others here? Chapter 97 I fell for this woman again Chapter 96 Looks like a dog seeing shit Chapter 95 Not bad, something new Chapter 94 Fortunately, this **** won't kiss me Chapter 93 If a professional vicious female supporting actor becomes vicious, even she herself Chapter 92 Li Beichen: No need to Chapter 91 Hold on, don't laugh out loud Chapter 90 swear Chapter 89 You have a long life, you have a long life Chapter 88 It's okay, I have a long life, I don't care about these days Chapter 87 No sense of ethics at all

Chapter 86 Author, please give me the script! Chapter 85 Walking through iron shoes and finding nowhere Chapter 84 Nothing good except that face Chapter 83 Insulting and strong Chapter 82 You should find a spiritual expert! Chapter 81 What kind of plane are you doing? I'm injured and you won't let me go. Chapter 80 Is this the difference between the male protagonist and the male supporting actor? Chapter 79 Mr. Li, we have arranged a movie for you Chapter 78 Declare your sovereignty over dog licking? Chapter 77 The fish pond was stolen, I'm worried Chapter 76 Just bear with it Chapter 75 I don’t believe he took screenshots

Chapter 74 Why does it feel like it's a trap? Chapter 73 This guy is mocking me Chapter 72 [Your friend "Li Beichen" gave you a like] Chapter 71 I don't want to be your brother Chapter 70 I'm not pregnant with Mo Bao yet. This guy definitely isn't. Chapter 69 Beichen, be careful Chapter 68 How do you know I haven't tasted this twisted melon? Chapter 67 The bones feel broken Chapter 66 Beichen, can you teach me something? Chapter 65 Completely satisfied Su Nian’s vanity Chapter 64 Dance Chapter 63 Damn it, there's no way this woman really has a crush on someone else.

Chapter 62 Have you done anything wrong? Chapter 61 Damn, is this guy still a human? Chapter 60 He seems to have been tricked by this woman again Chapter 59 What is this guy doing? Chapter 58 He's a man after all Chapter 57 What is this woman thinking about? Chapter 56 The standard for male partners is to maintain their innocence Chapter 55 Don't you mean you have a headache? Chapter 54 Let’s see who can beat who in the end Chapter 53 Are you willing to pay any price? Chapter 52 Do you really think I'm in good health? Chapter 51 How can this guy tell lies with his eyes open?

Chapter 50 Don't laugh, don't laugh Chapter 49 So touching, but it’s a pity that it’s a dog licking Chapter 48 I was so angry with this hateful woman that I vomited blood. Chapter 47 The hero won't say come, just come. Chapter 46 Why not take this opportunity to let Li Beichen make a will? Chapter 45 This woman can never be serious for three seconds Chapter 44 He took all the advantages Chapter 43 Your heart is the heart, isn’t the heart of Nian Nian not the heart? Chapter 42 You seem to know me very well Chapter 41 Dogs will never change from eating shit Chapter 40 She is indeed my daughter-in-law, but she has a poisonous eye Chapter 39 Pour me a cup of milk tea, please add sugar

Chapter 38 Is it the butterfly effect? Chapter 37 You ran so fast on your own, don't blame me Chapter 36 Li Beichen, I give you one last chance Chapter 35 His tone suddenly changed Chapter 34 Quotations from the two CEOs going crazy Chapter 33 The hero is here Chapter 32 If you delay people’s pursuit of the drama, the sky will strike like lightning! Chapter 31 Your behavior like this Chapter 30 At this moment, he really hated himself for not having wings and just flew away. Chapter 29 Why do I think I can lick better than this guy Li Beichen? Chapter 28 I am a professional when it comes to pouring dirty water on the heroine. Chapter 27 Really like a dog

Chapter 26 But he, Li Beichen, refused to accept his fate Chapter 25 Su Nian is about to exert his strength Chapter 24 Laws of Fiction Chapter 23 true love buf Chapter 22 You've taken off your pants, what about this? Chapter 21 You can't even trust me on this? Chapter 20 I feel like my past thirty years have been in vain. Chapter 19 Good, woman, very good, very good Chapter 18 The cooked duck flew away Chapter 17 At least you can see some green vegetable leaves Chapter 16 I'm going to lose my face today. Chapter 15 Don’t worry, young lady, we are professionals

Chapter 14 This heroine still wants to be brave, which is good Chapter 13 This is definitely the highlight moment Chapter 12 Terrible meal Chapter 11 Look, how considerate is this heroine, Lan Min? Chapter 10 This plot is crazy Chapter 9 I'm so young, the old man actually let me Chapter 8 Lan Min, this is our Li family’s business. Chapter 7 Sure enough, **** is still spicier when old. Chapter 6 Miss Su just lost a kidney Chapter 5 The vicious female supporting character starts working Chapter 4 Wow, the supporting actor Li Beichen is really dedicated. Chapter 3 The only way to die is if I give birth to Mo Bao and then die.

Chapter 2 He seemed to hear Su Nian's thoughts Chapter 1 Madam, your operation to donate a kidney to Ms. Lan Min has been completed.

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