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The World Enters the Era of the Great Flood

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Bumi tiba-tiba dikelilingi oleh tsunami yang tidak diketahui asalnya. Banjir besar menyebabkan gunung-gunung bergetar dalam gelombang, dan tanah mengerang dalam perubahan besar ...

Banjir meraung ke arah daratan dengan kekuatan yang menggelegar, melanda lembah kota dan semua makhluk di bumi.

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Judul Singkat:TWEEGF
Judul Asli:全球进入大洪水时代
Author:Death Angler
Weekly Rank:#656
Monthly Rank:#665
All Time Rank:#1904
Label:Apocalypse, Evolution, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Godly Powers, Level System, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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  1. "and he is eager for companions, although she is a girl who does not seem to be very useful, it is better than being alone. One person is strong. What Suli fears most is the loneliness of being alone. This is the most terrifying. He was scared to be left alone. So seeing this girl at the moment, he is more excited than anyone else." Not my cup of tea. Dropped

  2. Dude I think you shud read the following chapters coz that useless girl you mentioned has saved thier asses sometimes with her eye power.. and it gets gud later.. you shud give it a try bro

  3. Um I know a good urban novel here name:都市前傳....The mc is have a cancer but got a system but don't misunderstand this novel don't have those face slap, arrogant dumb your lords....and yeah the biggest benefits about this novel is boasting your courage and knowing. A method of picking up girls... reading this novel give mo massive courage to confess to a girl....

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