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There Are Always Teachers Asking Parents

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Malam itu, Qi Yan menculik seorang wanita dewasa di bar, dan dia bersenang-senang dengannya, tetapi dia tidak menyangka bahwa pihak lain adalah ibu dari siswa di kelas.

Pada pertemuan orang tua, mereka saling memandang.

“Guru Qi, kebetulan sekali.”


Suatu hari, Qi Yan menyerahkan ponsel seorang gadis, dan gadis itu menangis di kantor setelah kelas.

“Ny. Qi, bisakah kamu mengembalikan telepon itu kepadaku?”

“Telepon ibumu.”

CP: Burung Lembut|Binatang x Pantang
-Jam tangan harian, jangan masuk ke Pesta Shuangjie, dia
-Ibunya lajang dan anak tidak biologis
-Teks non-profesional, akan mencoba memeriksa informasinya

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:TATAP
Judul Asli:总有老师要请家长
Weekly Rank:#750
Monthly Rank:#1000
All Time Rank:#6107
Label:Modern Day,
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  1. The novel is great and has happy ending, however only minor issue is with using for female characters HE/HIM pronoun instead of HER/HERS/SHE its confusing, other than that both Lu Zi and QiYan are lovely characters, I did enjoy very much....

  2. Had to check this out since there's news this is going to get adapted to Manhua Nice cute story, though the author really dragged it for a 108+ chapters with all the push and pull and teasing but I guess it is the usual for Chinese novels, I haven't get used to it since this is just my fifth Baihe novel. I super love the extra stories especially Jang Yu's, I wished it was a stajd alone story

  3. pls help I forgot the title of the novel, but it was about the MC who was FROM earth that's after years of struggling is alr ending bc of monsters appearance basically a survival-type world suddenly woke up to a parallel-but-advanced-modern world where galactic transportation (but no fantasy-like powers involved) is possible. So, the MC woke up to a room on fire and full of smoke bc the original body was actually committing suicide but thankfully MC is super strong so she literally broke the wall partition between 2 apartments and the FL was in that room and saved her from carbon monoxide poisoning. Both of them are in the entertainment industry. FL is a big movie star while the original body of MC is basically nothing, the only hype about her was when she confessed to FL in order to rub heat but that also failed. MC don't have choice but to work in the industry and got casted to do a live survival reality show in a small planet that's very similar to normal Earth. MC is breezing through that bc she still retains her power from her prev world but a star burst happened near that planet and cut off all communication except the live broadcast (which the casts didn't know) and so the story revolves on how they'll try to survive in that place all on their own with limited supplies and also conflicting interests between the casts before rescue comes, if it even will. It's really interesting and I've finished it before and I wanna reread but I totally forgot the title and can't find it. FL is a cold-type restrained beauty while MC is always serious but kind to everyone especially to FL.

  4. I found it omg - There Is A Wall Behind The Shadows,, it's a long read but very interesting

  5. Bueno dejo mi comentario por aquí, espero que esto me avise si alguien da la respuesta está súper interesante

  6. hey guys can you help me, i was looking for a story about rebirth where mc married a man who loved his sister, then when she was kidnapped she called her husband but her husband was accompanying her sister giving birth, finally she died pregnant in the hands of the kidnappers

  7. I guess this is the novel you are looking for "I refuse to be a supporting character"

  8. What is the name of this novel in which female lead twin sister was killed by adoptive parents also later female lead is also killed by them for heart and after rebirth female lead gets married to main lead and her sister also wakes up from coma

  9. I think this novel is what you are looking for “ Abused Female Lead And Beautiful Villainess (Quick Transmigration)”

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