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This Group of Players Are All Slimes

4.9 (32 reviews)
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Lu Fan telah menyeberang!

Masih setan peningkatan yang sangat lambat!

Untungnya, dia memiliki sistem pemanggilan yang dapat memanggil pemain untuk bertindak sebagai penduduk di wilayah tersebut.

Tapi pertanyaannya adalah, mengapa semua pemain ini slime!

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:TGPAAS
Judul Asli:这群玩家都是史莱姆啊
Author:Mou Mou A
Weekly Rank:#939
Monthly Rank:#963
All Time Rank:#2910
Label:Action, Comedic Undertone, Cunning Protagonist, Dungeon Master, Evolution, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Gamers, Hell, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Overpowered Protagonist, Stockholm Syndrome,
32 vote(s)

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43 komentar pada “This Group of Players Are All Slimes
  1. Ahh remindsd me of gamers of the underworld somehow this kind of novel always make me laught xD can u guys can recommend me another novel like this??

  2. From reading 29 chapters I have yet to see why people think that the novel is great. Also the power system is confusing for me, the slimes can't get attributes by leveling and can only get them by devouring corpses (I can understand that), and from what was written I infer that others gain attributes by leveleling, but here is where it gets confusing, it is said that since different demons have different strengths at the same level so they are further divided into: cannon fodder, elite, general, monarch, demi-god, god. But from what I've seen so far the titles such as general, monarch, etc, are actually based on the total amount of attributes and has no actual correlation to the level.

  3. While I do like the mc's attitude towards cliché harem women I think that the author is trying a bit too hard to make the novel funny.

  4. Are u kidding? This novel really good, full comedy, refreshing genre and content. After demon king first development arc in vol 1 & 2 it get better. They will come to human world, fighting god, etc. It will get better, i believe! And the funny chicken play the slime used would never make things boring! When are novel update come, i want moare!

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