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This Kryptonian is Too Steady

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Cybertransmigration menjadi Kryptonian, dan akhirnya melarikan diri ke Bumi sebelum Krypton meledak.

Ternyata tidak ada Gotham atau Metropolis, melainkan Gedung Teknologi Stark dan Akademi X.

Dia benar-benar datang ke dunia Marvel! ?

Lihatlah penyihir berkepala botak di Kuil New York, burung phoenix yang menyala-nyala, lelaki tua bermata satu dengan singgasana yang ditinggikan, dan dewa agung yang tersembunyi di balik layar.

Cyberspace memutuskan untuk menstabilkan terlebih dahulu!

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Judul Singkat:TKTS
Judul Asli:这个氪星人实在太稳健了
Author:eat fries without sauce
Weekly Rank:#1327
Monthly Rank:#683
All Time Rank:#2067
Label:Artificial Intelligence, Cunning Protagonist, Evil Gods, Fanfiction, Genius Protagonist, Gods, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Ruthless Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, Superpowers, Transmigration,
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34 komentar pada “This Kryptonian is Too Steady
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  1. Mysterious ancient country of the East ? . I'm really tired of you. I hated China for your shameless bragging There are also many civilizations older than China, and I have not seen racism or nationalism in them like China Sorry if it's bad because it's google translate

  2. One of the things that shouldn't have happened in this story is that Mc allows Ultron to hack anti-Avenger information. Mc knows Ultron is going to happen and Mc even helps build Ultron, but keeps important data in the network. Mc crazy or stupid?

  3. Mysterious ancient country of the East ? . Onlything that so mysterious about them is what really happened at tiananmen square and real victim number of red guard incident.

  4. "ancient country" like the dumbasses didn't destroy their own cultural artifacts for a leader that killed 60 million due to his ineptitude. Chinese people must be the most idiotic people in the world

  5. Do you know this type of novel is for Chinese not for international, here we reading the translation. Actually little nationalism not that bad. And you know the mist racist people is Europe and USA, Asian people is better than them.

  6. LoL learn history lmao self righteous americans make me laugh USA = Indians Genocide Vietnam war to steal ressources Korea Panama Afganistan Irak Segregation laws Attempt to massive kill afroamericans And u talk about tianamen rolf USA is the greatest evildoer of the last 150 years even hitler is far behind

  7. Yes but the point is America set a genocide to other people country not their own . The feast that happend in china is 100% more terrify than any shit on earth . Imagine you sit in your house peacefully then someone break in beat you kill you and your whole family just because they "suspect" that you are a "traitor" and the worse is this shit is Legally for whole 10 years , 10 years of genocide because someone point at the other one that they are a trator they dont suck MAO dick and BOOM you are legally to kill that person . That shit is fricking terrify as fuck .

  8. Bro dulu itu ga ada yg namanya china, hanya kerajaan jadi apa yg dilakukan orang china dulu sama kaya amerika, cuma beda negara/kerajaan

  9. So, as long as you are an american, it doesn't matter if america does mass genicides to other countries? Lmao, get ur facts straight. Downplaying 1 bad thing with another bad thing doesn't make it good.

  10. The novel summary sounds really weird. It's like he thought he was in the safe DC universe but found out it was actually the dangerous MCU.

  11. I managed to make it to chapter 25 but the whole Kamen Rider transformation thing made me stop. That stuff was fine when I was a kid but as I got older it just got to annoying.

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