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Versi yang diperkecil: Seseorang di masa depan mengalahkan monster kecil dengan sekelompok pemain patung pasir dalam waktu yang terhuyung-huyung.

Pengantar tradisional: Seseorang yang sedang memainkan permainan kuno, sedang bermain, tiba-tiba menemukan bahwa kunci akselerator hilang.

Perlahan saya menemukan bahwa ada masalah dengan patung pasir di sekitar saya, dan menyadari bahwa game tersebut telah mengalami perubahan ruang dan waktu yang tidak diketahui.

Pada saat yang sama, dunia pemain ruang waktu lain sedang diserang oleh makhluk tak dikenal di dunia.

Mungkin informasi gamenya bisa dijadikan referensi?

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:TDS
Judul Asli:塔防战略
Author:The fat man in a wine glass
Weekly Rank:#4262
Monthly Rank:#4109
All Time Rank:#6169
Label:Army, Army Building, Future Civilization, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Tower Defense,
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  1. Read up to ch 180, no romance/ harem. Quite a lot of info dumps with rather bland storytelling. **Spoilers Ahead** MC comes from advanced civilization, plays "outdated games", game somehow bleeds over into our universe, we see it as incredibly advanced, MC thinks he is just interacting with "old ai" created by the game. Around ch 150, monsters from the game come into our world, everyone other than "Country C" is useless. ch 150 - 180 less and less focus on MC, and more focus on our world and various people/ countries trying to deal with the monster threat. If you enjoyed the beginning of the novel, the novel changes quite a bit towards the middle. I haven't finished it so I cannot comment on that.

  2. too many info dump and needlessly long pages about each unit abilities and research. very bland and boring description about how he is building and developing base and how others are helpless doing the same thing. reading something from web like how to build a house or chicken farm will probably more interesting than this "novel". will update later after reading more.

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