Upcoming Novels


After the Divorce, I Was Entangled By the Sick and Charming Fifth Master

Author: magic star Published in: 2h31m

[Shuangqiang, sweet pet, 1v1] A very distinguished person has come to the west city. The mysterious man Rong Wuye is ascetic and dignified, ruthless and crazy, unparalleled in power and wealth, but he is also a well-known a.... Show more »


My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

Author: Sword Immortals Don't Eat Onions Published in: 5h30m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Qin Huai has traveled to a fantasy world where demons are rampant, and heroes coexist. He has no background and no qualifications for cultivation. Until that day he became an apprentice in a pharmacy and began to practice wit.... Show more »


The Dragon Princess Who Traveled Through Another World

Author: Afternoon Tea in Paradise Published in: 8h29m
Fantasy Gender Bender Romance

[The new book "I was forced to become a princess after time travel" seeks collection and investment, the new book has already been listed on the Qingyun list, old readers are welcome to join in] Jiang Mianmian crossed over, .... Show more »


Technological Empire Starts From Shanzhai System

Author: silent cold gray Published in: 11h31m

Reborn in 2004, facing the age where pigs can be blown up, Lin Xuan, carrying the "Strongest Cottage King System", started galloping...