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Author: final eternity Published in: 2m41s

These are desperate times. The universe is broken, the sun disappears, the earth is at stake, and the remaining human beings are fighting frantically for a small number of survival places. "They fled! They fled with all the.... Show more »


Transmigrated to become the Tyrant's Male Concubine

Author: Sweet And Greasy Millet Porridge Published in: 3h1m
Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Yaoi

When he woke up, Wen Chi transmigrated into a book. In the book, the protagonist accidentally obtained a system, and with the help of the system, he pretended to be sick and escaped his engagement with the disabled Crown Pri.... Show more »


Online Games: One Piece World

Author: rainy cold moon Published in: 6h2m
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Game

This is a virtual reality online game with One Piece as the world background. The daily adventure (pretend) story of the protagonist Zhao Yu who has obtained the "clone fruit" (which can clone other people's everything except.... Show more »


New Times Inn

Author: Laqi Xiaoxue Published in: 9h1m
Fantasy Martial Arts

After graduation, Feng Qing worked as the proprietress of an inn open to tourists in Hengdian. One day, when she opened the door and was about to go to work, she suddenly found that she had passed through. ... Of course, he.... Show more »


Pet Simulator

Author: Summer Harp Published in: 12h3m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Wang Ye traveled to the world of beasts and signed a pet contract with an ordinary little green sparrow, but he awakened the talent pet simulator. The final evolution pet can be set for simulation. [At the age of 0, Xiao Qi.... Show more »


Interstellar First Group Pet

Author: Fonsi Published in: 15h2m
Gender Bender Romance Sci-fi

A hundred causes must bear fruit, your retribution is mine ——A Si once used this sentence to help 9999 hosts reach the peak of life, but at the end it fell on herself. The high-level system, who has never been a human being.... Show more »


Hinata, Stop Pretending

Author: Yuluo, Qianhua Published in: 18h1m
Fan-Fiction Fantasy

With a dignified demeanor, a calm and quiet personality, and a bland work, this is the self-cultivation of a single dog after transmigrating to the Naruto world to become Hinata. A certain narrator: "Hina don't pretend, we'v.... Show more »


Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Author: 木今安 Published in: 21h1m
Adult Comedy Romance

Qi Huan and Qu Jianshen grew up together since childhood, and even though Qu Jianshen had a face more handsome than any male star in the entertainment industry, she never had any other thoughts about him. She didn’t until sh.... Show more »