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Quick Transmigration: The Second Female Lead is Poisonous

Author: 貓毛儒 Published in: 22m0s
Fantasy Historical Josei Mature Psychological Romance Supernatural Tragedy

Xia Fengguang was forced to transmigrate into several novels. In the CEO novel, the female lead was a young, ordinary university student while the male lead was the devilish king of business. In the Jianghu novel, the.... Show more »


I'm An Interdimensional Login Interface

Author: Zombie Dance Published in: 3h18m

Meng Yang, who traveled through another world, didn't expect that, he just wanted someone to help him. As a result, the door to another world opened, and the players of the fourth natural disaster came!


Picked a Killer as My Wife

Author: Zombie Dance Published in: 6h20m
Urban Life

On a dark and windy night, he picked up a beautiful, charming, sexy and coquettish beauty, so his coquettish ups and downs and magnificent life began...


Back To The Age Of The 80s

Author: 大河自西 Published in: 15h24m
Romance Yaoi

Li Zheng, a former Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory researcher, professor at Huaqing University, and head of the National Drug Research Laboratory, died suddenly after staying up all night and woke up to find himself back in a s.... Show more »


Don't Mess with the Tough Lady

Author: 紫晶水凌 Published in: 18h21m

She used to be an empress, but was set up by someone close to her and ended up dead. Her husband betrayed her, her father framed her and her sister took everything that belonged to her. She died with regrets. When she.... Show more »


The King of PUBG is Coming

Author: Lai Shi Lu Published in: 21h24m

For novice players, eating chicken is a flight simulation game. For ordinary players, eating chicken is a fun collecting game. For advanced players, eating chicken is a game of killing gods and punishing immortals. B.... Show more »