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The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Author: Early October Published in: 2h32m
Drama Romance Urban Life

People say that the fifth gentleman of the Xie family is handsome and elegant, and all the women in the city want to know him! Mo Yanyang: Bah, a beast in clothing! Thinking that he was terminally ill, Mo Yanyang decide.... Show more »


Peerless Immortal

Author: Mantao Published in: 6h31m
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Wuxia Xianxia

"Why do people live? To live is to see!" "Take more roads and see more wonderful things, and I don't regret it if I die!" Ding Hao, a young boy from the earth, took his original intention and embarked on a avenue to the.... Show more »


Mr Qi, You Are Blocked

Author: Wen Qianye Published in: 10h35m
Drama Romance

"I like money, food, and handsome ratio." The next day, a young man knocked on her door. "Hundreds of millions of fortunes, advanced cooking skills, perfect beauty, one pack of three, you earn it." Bai Chuxiao's scum.... Show more »


Prince Charming Upgrade System [BABELNOVEL]

Author: Po Kong Published in: 14h33m
Urban Life

Miss sister in love? It's the kind of kidney but not heart! Beauty appointment? Can't give you happiness, at least give you comfort! I have hundreds of millions of dollars in business and want to talk to two pretty girl.... Show more »


Being His Little Fox

Author: Happy Day and Night Published in: 18h30m
Drama Romance

At the first meeting, she was arrested by him and became a suspect on his list, but that face was too good. As the CEO of an entertainment company, she has a guilty heart. Must dig back! Be a cash cow! But the boss is n.... Show more »


Robust Mage in One Piece

Author: Avoidance decline Published in: 22h31m
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction

"Boss, the Pirate Ship was found in the distance..." "Don't worry, Alrita, everything is under control." "Boss, the Pirate Ship found us..." "Don't panic, wait for me to button the magic robe." "Boss, the Pirate S.... Show more »


The Darling of Heaven Owns a Rip-off Shop

Author: Bai Tian Published in: 1d2h
Drama Fantasy Romance

As a daughter of Heaven, she opened a magical shop. This store can jump space and time, and travel through many worlds. At night, the dragon and phoenix glazed lanterns will guide the people who are predestined to enter th.... Show more »


Super Skill System

Author: Hua Feng 0 Published in: 1d6h
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Originally, I only wanted to play a game with an immortal, but accidentally passed through, and then took control of the heavens and fisted out the prehistoric. Monkey King: "Master unlocks that spell and I can go out!" .... Show more »


I Took Home a Mummy

Author: 美人无霜 Published in: 1d10h
Comedy Romance Supernatural

Ning Mitang never thought that she would get involved with a mummy. Before he became her boyfriend: The mummy held on to the end of Ning Mi Tang’s shirt and his slender and pale fingers slowly tightened. Ning Mi Ta.... Show more »


Green Ace Marshal

Author: Every day Published in: 1d14h

Shankly once said: Football has nothing to do with life and death, football is higher than life and death. Situ Yunbing: I will really die if I don't win! ...... The left foot is less lustful, and the right foot is e.... Show more »


Forging The Path To Godliness

Author: King Demigod Published in: 1d18h
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Travel through another world and become an ordinary blacksmith in the forge, and the master forging system will be activated. "Ding! Congratulations to the host for forging a low-grade weapon [West Wind Sword], which has i.... Show more »


After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Author: 明桂载酒 Published in: 1d22h
Comedy Drama Romance School Life

When she woke up, Zhong Youyou had become the vicious supporting female lead in an old, stereotypical romance story. The supporting female lead was unpleasant; her parents, brother and fiance were actually partial to the d.... Show more »