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Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince

Author: 凉音小荷 Published in: 2h53m
Action Drama Historical Josei Martial Arts Romance

She was a secret agent that had transmigrated from the 21st century, the “Living Queen of Hell” Zisu. She could defeat her scheming bit*h of a stepmother, pretend to be a pitiful white lotus, and play around with playboys. It.... Show more »


Technician's Manual

Author: Listen to the day Published in: 5h53m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

In 1668, my city was rated as the best public security area in the country. I have made an indelible contribution to this. because I got caught.


Sword Three + Douluo, the Fortune-Telling God, the Second Part Sequel

Author: Langego Published in: 8h52m
Fan-Fiction Yaoi

The protagonist travels to the Douluo Continent with the Sword Three System. Yan Le: System, do you know who the protagonist is? System: This...I don't know, but at least they are names like Long Aotian and Ye Liangchen! Ta.... Show more »