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Dao Fa mengarah ke roh, dan terapi medis mengarah ke hantu.

Seorang lulusan universitas kelas tiga yang seharusnya berkeliaran dalam kekacauan untuk mata pencahariannya, tetapi karena tembakan yang tidak disengaja untuk menyelamatkan orang, apakah itu sangat damai dan bermanfaat bagi orang-orang baiknya, ia telah memperoleh warisan legendaris seni misterius dan metode medis para ahli di bidang kultivasi diri. Dunia baru dan aneh lainnya!

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Judul Singkat:UCMS
Judul Asli:都市修真医圣
Author:floating balloon 2
Weekly Rank:#70
Monthly Rank:#27
All Time Rank:#3230
Label:Complex Family Relationships, Cultivation, Doctors, Family Conflict, Inheritance, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Modern Day, Poisons,
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27 komentar pada “Urban Cultivation Medical Saint
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  1. It is the typical beginning of every history of saints of medicine, very repetitive and simple, nothing new pleases, the same cardiac arrest and saves the old man and the girl falls in love, they are arrogant with Western medicine and Chinese medicine is the best, all typical

  2. story is ok to pass the time but there are jumps between chapters that SUCK!!! like chapter 84 to 85 there is a jump and you miss possibly important info....

  3. A simple rule of thumb for any novice readers: If you find a novel with a similar setting like this novel (urban modern life, medical, cultivator), then there is close to 100% probability that said novel will contain: 1. Faceslap, 2. Arrogant Young Master/Lady, 3. "Junior you dare!" Trope, 4. HAREM, 5. CHINANUMBAWAN and CCP propaganda, 6. TCM is da best, Western medicine is trash.

  4. This type of novels are on the highest padestal of my top trash type novels list Urban face slapping troupe + Chinese medicine troupe. (i specifically wrote Chinese medicine as i remember reading a few CNs which are like Chinese version of house,m.d Chicago med etc with mc+cheat were quite good and no i don't remember their names)

  5. rubish novel,reader: It's an exhausting faceslap-fest, the MC can't swing a cat without hitting someone in need of help or a beating of course they never believe him capable until way too much back and forth. It's also another Chinese medicine fanboy author, if Chinese medicine were any more effective than any other folk remedies the rest of the world would have long since adapted it. Granted some of those remedies are doubtlessly somewhat effective- everyone knows some herbs have medicinal properties for instance but come on- it's not a miracle cure for everything or there simply wouldn't be Western medicine at all; in the very words of the author "Chinese medicine is not recognized internationally at all, it is a superstition".

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