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Putri satu-satunya dari keluarga Wang kaya Jiangdong bersumpah bahwa dia lebih suka menikahi seorang pengemis daripada membiarkan orang tuanya mengatur pernikahan, dan menikahi seorang pengemis muda di pinggir jalan dengan marah. Dia tidak menyangka bahwa menantu yang dia jemput ternyata adalah satu-satunya pewaris miliarder!

Untuk melindungi istrinya, Jiang Shengling akhirnya menyelesaikan kecurigaannya dengan kakeknya dan menjadi penerus kerajaan bisnis, melangkah maju dan mengalahkan konspirasi empat keluarga besar di Jiangdong.

Saat ini, bahaya yang lebih besar secara bertahap mendekat…

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Judul Singkat:USS
Judul Asli:都市至尊豪婿
Weekly Rank:#2371
Monthly Rank:#3424
All Time Rank:#3698
Label:Handsome Male Lead, Protagonist Strong from the Start,
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  1. Fornew readers, I guess it's worth it, for old drivers, you will only feel annoyed... Actually in this son in law novels series, there is a theme where the mc is some supreme soldier with supreme organization under his command but somehow left one day and marry a childhood friend bcz of some blsht promise, later, bcz he doesn't know anything other than killing, he become a waste, and could only raise his daughter... The crazy part is that his wife is belittling him, and even slapped him for insulting her suitor (her boss in work/young master)... Mc took this humiliation with a smile, while bowing his head for someone according to his inner thoughts wouldn't dare to stand before him four years ago... The story continue as mc kept being taunted and humiliated, and somehow kept licking his wife ass. Later, after his identity exposed, everyone scream and shout that it's impossible, and he somehow desperately hide his identity from his wife... He said that he doesn't want his wife to know his past... Anyway, a novel full of tragic breath and helplessness... So this novel is ok...

  2. The new readers need to read something good starting out once the start to like these Chinese Novels then they should jump into this pile of mtlnovel to find what they like

  3. thankfully Coiling Dragon was my first novel and thankfully fully translated loved the english names wished this was more common all these chinese names tend to blend for me specially when many from the same clan or families

  4. I read some chapters and it is somewhat good (althought it seem illogical) but This genre(most recent novels which has 1000+chapters) is just like the Taoist Symbol☯ Has Ying And Yang : A very good Start will continue with WaterFilling Middle part And then a "Perfect" Ending. So can any kind soul tell me is it worth the read ???

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