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Valkyrie of the Marvel Universe

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Saya tidak tahu cara menulis pengantar. Beberapa kali saya menulisnya sebelumnya, semakin saya menulisnya, semakin jelek jadinya. Sederhana saja:

Ini adalah novel penggemar Marvel, dengan sedikit tambahan elemen manga Hong Kong, jika Anda belum membaca manga Hong Kong, itu tidak akan memengaruhi pengalaman membaca.

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Judul Singkat:VMU
Judul Asli:漫威世界的武神
Author:don't take an umbrella when it rains
Weekly Rank:#8084
Monthly Rank:#8274
All Time Rank:#7673
Label:Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Reincarnated in Another World,
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  1. Total score: 5.5   Category: Marvel Valkyrie   Lovely magnetic field epilepsy article.   In short, it is the story of a magnetic field maniac who creates a bunch of magnetic field maniacs in the Marvel world.   It's over with energy, and you don't need to read this kind of article with your brain.   Speaking of the sudden emergence of the number of magnetic field epilepsy articles recently, the Buddha Bead God of War must have contributed a lot!   Settings: 6   Plot: 5   Writing style: 5

  2. Mc after to other world where had martial art where you can optimized cell to induce electricity, and after will became magnetize and other. But after he traveled to marvel world where avenger + X-man. Mc got gold finger where he must produce 10 top god martial for him to breaktrhougt realm. But the story was to chaos. Where the power of mc streght same or less than capt marvel, but he will never care other who never bother him. And he care about got student. He will got attack from millitary etc. And just kill all. But not to kill the root of the problem. Is so f*cking frustation the author to keep this story all the time, from shield, to military etc. But never give warning or attack the leader. But just kill the creep the enemy send. And thats all. So if you want to read this novel, you must had will to frustation. Good luck.

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